Ultimatums from the Peanut Gallery

Fascinating who insists on climbing into the story.

  • An ràmh is fhaisg air laimh, iomair leis.  [The oar that’s nearest at hand, row with it.]

On July 20th 2014, an email conversation commenced about Preston James latest post on Veteran’s Today. The conversation intruded as pieces of expolitical paradigm usually do, seeping into the conversation about something else.  In this case it was MH17 and the Globals more than obvious rabid attack upon Putin, apparently in the hopes of starting another war…

Now it is the Dracos making ultimatums…

Alien Agenda V: World Zionists Play Russian Roulette With Alien ETs

Alien Agenda V: World Zionists Play Russian Roulette Wit…
Note: This article is written for retired military and Intel with advanced knowledge of Space War matters and Alien ET visitors.
View on http://www.veteranstoday.com
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Not sure how true that is. Not very “advanced” of them. But I suppose every idiotic mouth who can’t rub two sticks together to make fire, is wanting in on this story of Earths modern-day Badon Hill. Sigh. Lizard tastes like Chicken and slinky-underhanded reptiles like that are no Celtic Dragons.


Me neither, but It’s always been the dragons, dude! Lol…

So, now, somebody is throwing more fuel on the fire and the lizards are making demands. I vant to trink your blood, all of it!

We must be more valuable than we think with all these ET’s pressing in on us. So, if the lizards want a total reset, how does that square with their fatal addiction of liking to scare the crap out of people to feed on all that negative energy. I do not see the lizzies populating a peaceful earth. From where are they gonna feed, unless they cage a couple of billion of us as food and carve off a haunch to make hamburger?

Hey, you ugly lizard, I did not give my consent for you to come down here and have your way with us! And if those Zio bios did, they lied to you!

My sense is that Preston James is speaking code and obfuscating at the same time. All that talk about a huge patriot army in the making. Like we are the linchpin to make things happen, and things won’t happen if we don’t wanna. I kinda got the drift, that maybe it is us that is now sending back ultimatums, like leave now with what you got, or be toast!

I am soooo Konfused and out of kontrol. Let’s assume that we are the nerds and s-heads of the cosmos. Why would anyone above us in that capability want anything to do with us? Unless, we had something they wanted or were destined to fulfill some important future event at odds with certain entities. Preston sure likes to heave monkey wrenches…



Well, for starters, I’m not yet convinced 100% of Preston’s information is accurate. It’s not unusual for deep staters to mix their info or portray some it in ways that carry dual interpretations. Until I have cooberation 7 ways to Sunday, it’s just another pattern overlay. Alot of his info I’ve heard elsewhere for over a decade. He could just be regurgitating it for all I know. None of my contacts give his stuff the direct nod and remain very non-committal on all of the other available overlays; give only confirmation to their contribution mostly.

If we humans fulfill the assessment of our potential, I think it would indeed put us at odds with some of the other species. I don’t think the TWs would be on the list, at this point. But the Greys and Reptilians of the variety he’s discussing I would say absolutely, we’d be at odds against. So them stirring the pot before the pot is done cooking, makes sense. And it is compounded by the fact Eisenhower and who knows who else gave them the nod to do so, because they didn’t know any better or didn’t know they could have said no. You might think of it like a greenhorn criminal who’s had an epiphany. He knows he’s mixed up in the wrong crowd and needs to extricate himself from them and the situation…but he’s so inexperienced the best method of doing so which is in his best interest is not clear. Now if this greenhorn can get clear of the situation he’s in, then his potential which has been assessed by an non-involved party as tremendous and perhaps history changing, could hit the ground running.

My understanding is this is where we’re at. We’re the greenhorn. And this greenhorn is supposidly destined to do great things in the universe if it can extricate itself from the combined destructive influence of the universe’s black market mafia and its own arch-criminals.

Tall order for a bunch of greenhorns without a substantial intervention.


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