I See Fire Hollowing Souls

oh should my people fold and
surely I’ll do the same
come find in mountain holes we
got too close to the flame
calling out father, oh,
hold fast and we will
watch the flames watch the flames burn over and on
the mountain side
desolation comes upon the sky

and if the night is burning i will cover my eyes
for if the dark returns then my brothers will die
and as the sky is falling down it crashed into this lonely town
and with that shadow on the ground I hear my people screaming out

Manipulation and manufacture of our current events are deeply tied to a subculture that strongly believes the world is over-populated and grown beyond the control of the few who manage the plantation.  Many tools are utilized in culling the herd, including the revolving door of wars, social attrition, political conscription, pitting racial groups against one another, non-lethal weapons applied in obscure lethal ways, lesser known weapons of mass destruction (bio-warfare, socio-political stress, external invasion), and restriction on intellectual acumen via control of academia, media and media tools.

Currently the halls of power are populated with hollow souls producing every effort toward manufacturing a global cataclysm.

What you don’t know CAN kill you.

Fire on the mountain, must find the harp of gold, played to wake the Sleepers, oldest of the old.  In the shadow of America’s founding has lived one of the oldest cultures in the world….the Celtic Mind.  Wake, for you have been called.

Celtic Virtues

Gaelic conception of Honor

Celtic Values

It is not enough to listen.  It is not enough to see.  It is only through the hand of action that you can be part of the paradigm sufficiently enough to have a say in the outcome.  There is no surviving this level of tyranny through hiding or silence.

There are those who wished to know at what point prior to the horrors of WWII, Stalin, Mao, and others was the time they could have averted what occurred.

Well this is your time.  Choose wisely.

We be of one blood, thou and I ~ Rudyard Kipling


Read more at http://www.songlyrics.com/ed-sheeran/i-see-fire-lyrics/#bIi6fG1HGFDAmr7s.99

One thought on “I See Fire Hollowing Souls”

  1. King of Ireland Cormac’s wisdom and political acumen is desperately needed today or we are faced with grinding steel.


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