The Yankee Sails Tonight

The Yankee Sails Tonight – John O’Connor

Down from the Carolina shore
The Yankee sails tonight
Carrying soldiers, guns and more
Down below, the Yankee sails tonight
The order’s in and the trading’s done
The Yankee sails tonight
To put an end to the revolut-i-on
Down below, the Yankee sails tonight
Oh, she blows with the wind
It’s a bloody end
That she has for the rebels’ fight
When there’s money in the banks
There’s hoodlums in the ranks
Down below, down below, the Yankee sails tonight

The Yankee once was a ship so bold
She sailed for freedom not for gold
But tyrants stole away the ship
Now she robs from the poor for the greedy rich

Where do your hard-earned taxes go?
Down below the borders of Mexico
And where are the tyrants’ orders from?
From Wall Street and from Washington

Do you think it’s for democracy
When they practice common butchery
So sing a song for the FSLN
And bring the Yankee home again

Back in the land of liberty
That’s where you’d like your home to be
But where did you get your freedom from?
You fought your own revolut-i-on


Europe says, ‘a good accurate article on the Ukraine’

Europe has forwarded the following article from reporting it as a good article for our readers about the Ukraine:

My Apologies to Dieter and the German Soldiers

In his latest book, Savage Continent, Keith Lowe takes a look at Europe in the years directly following World War II. (Picador). Source:

From Email:  Quintus Dias to Group, Friday August 1 year of 2014.  Reprint by Permission.

It was 1968.  The war in Vietnam had erupted into awesome fury with the dramatic film coverage of NVA and Viet Cong attacks on the symbol of American power in Vietnam, a stunning assault on the US Embassy in Saigon and attacks on American bases all over Vietnam.  I was on the Orient Express on my way from Germany to Spain.  I had just left Munich very much inebriated after an all night drinking session with former German soldiers who had fought the Russians and Americans during the World War Two, twenty-three years previously.
I was on a European tour after having left the military, visiting friends and family in Germany and in Spain.
I had decided to tour Bavaria once again, after fondly remembering all the wonderful people and places, when I had been there as a very young boy.  Back in those days I was fluent in German, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese and had a great time talking with Europeans as I made my way from Denmark through Europe by bus, and by train.
Europeans, especially Germans were very upset about America’s involvement in the Vietnamese war.  They were polite, but very critical of America.  They felt it was not a just war and that we were acting like Nazis or communists.  Germany and Europe retained very grim memories of both political groups and for very good reasons…everybody in Europe during the Russian or German wartime occupation of Europe lost relatives to brutal occupiers.
I decided that to avoid trouble it would be better to conceal my identity from inquirers.  Thus, I was an Argentinian one moment, Portuguese the next, and Canadian the next.
That worked until hungry and at loose ends in Munich, I walked into a bierkeller and ordered up.  As the night progressed, and after having polished off my sausages and several beers, I was invited to join a group of older Germans, who were drinking and enjoying the local fare.
We soon hit it off, speaking English and German as the mood struck.  I learned that all of my new friends had served as German soldiers during WWII and had fought both the Russians and the Americans.  They were now civilians and although cooks, electricians, and machinists, they still retained deep and very bitter memories of the war.
They asked me about the Vietnamese war, why America was in it, and if I had been in the military.  Well, that started things.  They all told me what they had seen in the war and had done.  They did not hold back and the conversation got grim and dramatic.  A couple of them had tears rolling down their faces over memories of those lost in the war…Kameraden.
I told them about half my high school class and my best friend getting wiped out in Vietnam.  They nodded, and then it got very quiet as we reflected on the blast of war.  After a moment, I told them I had seen Germany as a child and recalled Germany blasted to bits.  I remember the women stacking bricks and badly dressed people with baskets rushing here and there, and never looking up from the ground.  I told them that I had seen the scores of night dead from starvation on the streets, and the police carrying them to trucks to be driven away.
They ordered more beer.  The Germans treated me like a wayward son and began to counsel me, until we discussed specifics of the war.  I reproached them over their conduct in Russia and Poland.  That got a reaction.
Dieter, the older man, nice looking, in his mid-forties wagged his finger at me and then proceeded to inform me that they were German soldiers not Nazi sonsabitches that shot women and children out of hand.  The group eyed me warily, obviously wondering if I knew the difference.  Then Dieter added that they had arrested SS men for atrocities, tried them on the spot and then shot them all down for war crimes.  They despised the SS and Nazis and prosecuted them for atrocities when they could.  It caused a lot of mutual hatred and deep divisions between ordinary soldiers and the SS.  Dieter mentioned the Gestapo had arrested their CO and he was never seen again.
I got a blistering for what US soldiers did to German towns and civilians when on the attack in Germany.  One of the men informed me that a US battalion had given the defenders of his own town five minutes to surrender and if not in compliance or if any holdouts fired on them they would level the town.  He said they had tried, however some SS men opened fire on the Americans.  The Americans immediately responded by ringing the town with assault guns and then leveled the entire town, and then attacked and shot everyone and everything left alive, including dogs and cats.
I was pretty drunk by that time.  The story reminded me of what my bros had told me about combat in Vietnam, firefights that dragged on for days, women with baskets heaving grenades at them, as they marched up to a village and the enemy mingling with civilians and refusing to surrender.
So, like an idiot, I smarted off and told the guy from the German village “tough shit, so sue me.”  The silence and the glares emanating from the group spoke volumes.  Dieter grimly countered by throwing in my face MY LAI and said that American troops who had massacred the villagers at My Lai were no different then their own SS killers.
That made me hot.  I said Americans were not Nazis.  Dieter waved me quiet, ordered another round and then let me have it, real good.  He said in effect, as I tried to cool off that the Germans had not seen the reality of the Nazis at first.  Nobody had imagined the brutality of the Nazi regime until war broke out in Europe.  Dieter said the Germans, desperate and hungry after the Great Depression had ravaged Germany were eager, perhaps too eager to believe Adolf Hitler and the Nazis.  He then underscored that the Germans had given much to the world, were for the most part honorable people and nobody’s fools.  And yet, arrogantly,  I smarted off quipping that the Nazis and what they had done in Europe could never happen in America.
The Germans offended, stiffly stood.  The pleasantries were over.  Dieter paid my bill, shook my hand and wished me well with a short little bow.  He strode off with his friends, then turned back and took me by the shoulders.  I could feel his stout fingers dig in.  He said in a low voice that Germans like him were proud of Germany, but ashamed they had allowed themselves to be deceived by Hitler.  “Ami, what happened in Deutschland can happen anywhere… And it will happen one day in Amerika, when your own Nazis come singing promises.  Do not let that happen.”  And then, Dieter was gone.
I wanly realized that I had been an asshole.  I did not realize how much of an asshole until I began to pay attention to what was happening in America with the advent of the Bush I regime and the successors.  Ruefully, I knew that our own Nazis had come to America, and were singing songs that I had been warned about.  Dieter had been right, it was happening in America, and I had been too goddamn stupid to know it.
I am sorry Dieter… I should have listened better.
Quintus Dias

Population Reduction Measures in India via GMO…The Food and Water Agenda

Farmers committing suicide in India is right in alignment with Kissenger’s NSSM 200, which delineates using food as one means to commit genocide.  There is an inference in the literature related to population studies that starvation was one of the most viable methods for the dark knights to use to kill off the numbers of people they wanted gone.  Moreover, there were inferences that the world’s food supply and distribution was to accomplished through a monopolistic network centralizing food in just a few global corporations.  Cargill, Lever Bros, Monsanto, Nestle,  Archer Daniels Midland, and a handful of other megacorporations control all of the world’s food supply.  The CEO of Nestle just announced that you have no rights to WATER, but they do.
Over the past several years, the United States appears to be criminalizing private farms, gardeners, small scale farmers and ranchers.
The UN is attempting to criminalize possession of non-GMO seeds.  GMO seeds and crops is an intrinsic part of our foreign policy.  Either you use Monsanto seeds and products or there is no aid or trade credits.
Nearly 300,000 suicides in India so far from GMO crop fa…

The Western media is steeped in denial about the true damage being caused by genetically modified (GM) crops, especially in the developing Third World. But despite …
Preview by Yahoo
I have seen malnutrition and pervasive hunger and starvation cases here on Indian reservations, in Mexico, El Salvador, in Italy and in Germany, when I was a child right after WWII.  In Germany and in Italy, we always saw the night dead… people who had died during the night, usually of starvation or from severe cold.  It is an ugly and wrenching sight.  The dead from starvation always had swollen bellies, rickety bird like legs, and appeared listless.

And these rotten sonsofbitches have no problems in killing people through any means possible, because their god demands it.

Keep in mind that in the event of a major crisis here in the United States, I have been aware through my work in emergency services that domestic food chains only have between a 3-5 day of food stocks on hand.  Once that is gone, that is it.  Resupply will be problematic if there is any resupply at all.  Draw your own conclusions as to the outcome.

Our forefathers always seemed to have a three to six month stock of food supplies on hand.  You read about it from journals, diaries, and in the literature of the day.  They stored food in root cellars and had means for long-term preservation.  Of course, back then most Americans had land patents and could grow their own food.  However, America, although a land of plenty was subject to extremes of weather, and I have read of New Mexican ranchers feeding their cattle and themselves in bad harvest years CACTUS roots mashed to a pulp to survive.

Today, the federal government has published criteria identifying possible terrorist suspects.  Under that criteria, anyone making bulk food purchases is a possible terrorist and there is legislation to criminalize anyone with 7 days of food or more.

I know from my sources that in event of martial law or a major crisis that Obummer from the power given to himself through illegal executive orders will seek to confiscate all private sources of food, water, medicine, radios, SUVs and of course weapons.

My sources have told me that survivors from disasters living in FEMA camps run by the Red Cross were reduced to one meal a day and sometimes that was stale bread and boiled potatoes or rotten food served up by government contractors.  People complaining about the situation were kicked out.  Let’s not forget that many Indian tribe revolts were caused by government contractors serving up no food or rotten rations, causing starvation or sickness among the tribes.  That situation was one of the reasons the Apache chief Victorio went on the warpath and conducted a masterful campaign against the US Army for over a year.  Contractors were starving his people for profit.

So, what to do?  You still have the ability to store organic seeds, provisions and water to provide a cushion in the event  of a food or water emergency.  Just do it quietly.  The rule of threes applies to life in this scenario.

1.  Three minutes without oxygen
2.  Three days without water
3.  Three weeks without food

Finally, you do not want to become a refugee or to go to a camp, if you can help it.

Schiller Institute- Kissinger’s 1974 Genocide Plan- NSSM…

Schiller Institute Food for PEace Movement– Kissinger coimmits r Genocide Using Food as a Weapon -NSSM200- 1974 plan for population reduction exposed.
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Criminalizing Nature’s Most Perfect Food: FDA’s war on p…

By Rady Ananda In his latest book, The Raw  Milk Revolution: Behind America’s Emerging Battle over Food Rights, David Gumpert details several cases of malicious…
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BREAKING: European Commission to criminalize nearly all seeds and plants not registered with go…

BREAKING: European Commission to criminalize nearly all seeds and plants not registered with government
Preview by Yahoo
The Privatization of Water: Nestlé Denies that Water is …

The current Chairman and former CEO of Nestlé, the largest producer of food products in the world, believes that the answer to global water issues is privatization….
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Feds Label Bulk Buying of Food a Potential Terrorist Act…

Paul Joseph Watson | Despite the fact that FEMA itself spent $1 billion dollars on storable food last year alone.
Preview by Yahoo
Government Denied Water to New Orleans Residents Du…

“I’m sick to death of hearing things from uptight narrow-minded pigheaded politicians. All I want is the truth. Just give me some truth.” – John Lennon
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Henderson: bin laden the 9-11 illusion pt iii secret societies masterminds

Also note that OBL was never wanted by the feebees for 9/11.  He was wanted as a suspect for the embassy attacks in Africa circa 1996.  So how does he become prime for 9/11? Did he actually go rogue or was it setup to take him out cuz he knew too much?  I heard he kicked the bucket back in 2002 or so from kidney failure. I also knew a female attorney that said she had met him on a train in Holland back in 1996.  He was on his way to Dhubai.
I knew about the remote control pilot command system, as Ryan aircraft drones were flown remotely over Vietnam by RB66 Skywarrior command ships.  As a pilot, I thought the notion that pilots with little heavy equipment time could fly precisely into the Twin Towers was bullshit.
From Email:  N to Cyrellys July 28 2014

Fw: Secrecy News — 07/28/14

Secrecy News — 07/28/14
Inbox (from email)

Steven Aftergood
Jul 28 (4 days ago)

to me
from the FAS Project on Government Secrecy
Volume 2014, Issue No. 49
July 28, 2014

Secrecy News Blog:

In preparing its recent report on the Section 702 surveillance program,
the Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board (PCLOB) demonstrated an
unusual mode of declassification, in which one executive branch agency asks
another agency to declassify information.

In this case, the process was remarkably productive, and it may offer a
precedent for future declassification efforts.

“During the process of preparing this report we sought and obtained
declassification of facts about this still highly classified [Section 702]
program in order to allow us to put in context how the program operates and
clarify some public misconceptions,” said PCLOB Chairman David Medine at a
July 2 public meeting.

“As a result, over one hundred new facts were declassified by the
government to provide needed context for the program’s operation,” he said.

In what the PCLOB staff termed a “lateral declassification” model, it was
an executive branch agency (i.e., the PCLOB itself) — rather than Congress
or members of the public — that pressed another government agency (ODNI,
NSA, CIA, FBI or Justice) to declassify specific information.

Such an interagency request for declassification differs from the
“referrals” that agencies routinely direct to one another. In those cases,
the receiving agency is simply asked to review records to identify its own
classified information (or “equities”) and then to advise the originating
agency what must be withheld and what may be disclosed.

Here, the PCLOB didn’t merely ask agencies to screen for classified
information under existing classification standards. It urged them to
actually change those standards. And in more than 100 specific cases, the
agencies did so.

Most of the declassified facts in the PCLOB Section 702 report are not
specifically flagged as having been declassified at the Board’s request,
and they may therefore be easily overlooked. A partial compilation of such
newly declassified facts, prepared by a participant in the process and
obtained by Secrecy News, is available here:

Several features appear to have contributed to the efficacy of the lateral
declassification approach.

For one thing, the requesting agency (the PCLOB) already possessed the
requested information in classified form. So it knew exactly what it was
asking for, and why it was asking for it to be declassified.

And then the fact that the declassification requests originated within the
executive branch itself (the PCLOB is an independent executive branch
agency) made it harder for the recipient agencies to ignore the request and
easier for them to fulfill it.

By contrast, public requests through the Freedom of Information Act often
seem to decline into an adversarial contest, in which the agency adopts a
defensive posture and offers only minimal, grudging compliance with
disclosure requirements. (At CIA, one gets the impression that asking for
a record to be declassified can make it less likely to be disclosed.)
Requests from Congress also inevitably have a political overlay, and may be
seen to serve an agenda that does not coincide with the Administration’s

But as part of the Administration, the PCLOB’s many declassification
requests did not trigger the sort of immune response that any outside
request would have done.

Of course, the PCLOB’s work, including its declassification proposals, did
not take place in a vacuum.

“A lot of political wind was at our back,” said Peter Winn, acting general
counsel for the Board.

Not only had related classified details entered the public domain through
the Snowden disclosures, but calls for declassification of more information
regarding current surveillance programs had been explicitly endorsed by the
Director of National Intelligence and other senior officials.

Because of these competing factors, the role played by the Board’s
“lateral declassification” approach cannot be precisely delineated or
clearly distinguished from them.

But its apparent effectiveness is consistent with the productive
declassification work performed by another executive branch body, the
Interagency Security Classification Appeals Panel (ISCAP), which has
declassified information in a large majority of the mandatory
declassification review appeals presented to it.
Perhaps most important, the Board’s experience with declassification in
the Section 702 report may serve as a precedent for similar initiatives in
the future.

“For us, it’s a model,” said Sharon Bradford Franklin, executive director
of the PCLOB.

She noted that more than 90% of the Board’s requests for declassification
had been granted, and that they preceded completion of the Board’s report.
(That is, the declassification actions were not predicated on any agency’s
review of the Board’s conclusions or recommendations.)

Enough information about the 702 program was declassified that a
classified annex — which had earlier been assumed to be necessary —
turned out to be unnecessary, Ms. Franklin said.

She also credited the intelligence agencies for their diligent engagement
and cooperation in the declassification process, as did the published PCLOB

“In the preparation of this Report, the Board worked with the Intelligence
Community to seek further declassification of information related to the
Section 702 program,” the report noted (at p. 3).

“Specifically, the Board requested declassification of additional facts
for use in this Report. Consistent with the Board’s goal of seeking greater
transparency where appropriate, the request for declassification of
additional facts to be used in this Report was made in order to provide
further clarity and education to the public about the Section 702 program.”

“The Intelligence Community carefully considered the Board’s requests and
has engaged in a productive dialogue with PCLOB staff. The Board greatly
appreciates the diligent efforts of the Intelligence Community to work
through the declassification process, and as a result of the process, many
facts that were previously classified are now available to the public.”

The final PCLOB report on the Section 702 program included several
recommendations concerning transparency, including proposals for further
specific declassification actions. Those proposals remain pending.

New or newly updated publications from the Congressional Research Service
that Congress has withheld from online public distribution include the

Free Exercise of Religion by Closely Held Corporations: Implications of
Burwell v. Hobby Lobby Stores, Inc., July 23, 2014:

What Is the Farm Bill?, July 23, 2014:

Deploying 5G (Fifth Generation) Wireless Technology: Is the United States
on Track?, CRS Insights, July 23, 2014:

Federal Student Loan Forgiveness and Loan Repayment Programs, July 22,

State CO2 Emission Rate Goals in EPA’s Proposed Rule for Existing Power
Plants, July 21, 2014:

Measuring the Loss of Manufacturing Jobs, CRS Insights, July 21, 2014:

Shipping U.S. Crude Oil by Water: Vessel Flag Requirements and Safety
Issues, July 21, 2014:

Mountaintop Mining: Background on Current Controversies, July 21, 2014:

Defense Surplus Equipment Disposal: Background Information, July 22, 2014:

Secrecy News is written by Steven Aftergood and published by the
Federation of American Scientists.

The Secrecy News Blog is at:

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Hitler’s Children in the Ukraine…Documentary of Right Sector Nazi Atrocities-GRAPHIC

Poor people, sad…
Grad rockets are an area fire weapon and they are using them on towns, and it appears on civilian targets…
You can feel nothing but intense anger and hatred.
This is coming here if we are not very careful.
>>> From email:  Quintas Dias to Group, July 28 2014
REPLY via Email:  Cyrellys to QD July 28 2014
I think the world’s apathy toward what is happening there should drive home how much help there will be found when the globals turn their fresh blooded machine around upon our own people.

Our spectre’s power is bathed in truth it hasn’t faced, by choice!  The illusory self of man whereby mankind has lied to itself; maintained a false self-image.  It has taken hold of our lives and decimated our essential humanity.  How many self-educate on our paradigm today?  Not nearly enough!  The soul-mirror has no reach in the lives of most American’s.  If it did, there would be a real reaction to what is happening in Ukraine, in DC, and on our border, among so many other things.
Each man is in his spectre’s power
Until the arrival of that hour
When his humanity awake
And cast his own spectre into the lake.
~ William Blake, “Each Man Is His Spectre’s Power”
When the fresh blooded machine descends upon their own heads, they will scream and cry for help from their brothers, their neighbors, and from observers abroad.  But there will be no more assistance to be found than there was reaction when they themselves were called.  America needs to remember who she is.  She is not the criminals in DC.  That is not authentic America.
“Who is this Singer that sends his voice through the dark forest, and inhabits us with ageless and immortal music, and sets the long echoes rolling for evermore?” ~ Mary Webb, Gone to Earth.
Authentic America has forgotten how to sing.  It has forgotten it has a potent voice that sounds from the very depth of mankind’s being.
“It is the voice of the soul itself, which has its wavelength tuned exactly to our personal pitch.  In our society, which validates only that which is seen, ‘hearing voices’ is associated with serious mental disturbance.  Our society’s inability to recognize the unseen as real in turn causes us to distrust our deepest beliefs and instincts.  Instead of listening to the voice that surges passionately into every aspect of our understanding, we attempt to blot it out, expunge its presence, substituting our rational explanations as being more authoritative.”  ~ Voice of the Soul
How does our memory; our self-inscribed identity at any given point in time along with our unrecognized beliefs color reality?  When we lose the original inscription and make no effort to regain it, what else do we lose?  What sudden impotency do we experience?
Hard my eyes staring back at the trance state of people’s soul from the twilight depths of the dew drenched forest, my voice but one soft whisper roars into the night.  For I am Earth Sovereign.  In the mythic present everything that lives is holy.