Hitler’s Children in the Ukraine…Documentary of Right Sector Nazi Atrocities-GRAPHIC

Poor people, sad…
Grad rockets are an area fire weapon and they are using them on towns, and it appears on civilian targets…
You can feel nothing but intense anger and hatred.
This is coming here if we are not very careful.
>>> From email:  Quintas Dias to Group, July 28 2014
REPLY via Email:  Cyrellys to QD July 28 2014
I think the world’s apathy toward what is happening there should drive home how much help there will be found when the globals turn their fresh blooded machine around upon our own people.

Our spectre’s power is bathed in truth it hasn’t faced, by choice!  The illusory self of man whereby mankind has lied to itself; maintained a false self-image.  It has taken hold of our lives and decimated our essential humanity.  How many self-educate on our paradigm today?  Not nearly enough!  The soul-mirror has no reach in the lives of most American’s.  If it did, there would be a real reaction to what is happening in Ukraine, in DC, and on our border, among so many other things.
Each man is in his spectre’s power
Until the arrival of that hour
When his humanity awake
And cast his own spectre into the lake.
~ William Blake, “Each Man Is His Spectre’s Power”
When the fresh blooded machine descends upon their own heads, they will scream and cry for help from their brothers, their neighbors, and from observers abroad.  But there will be no more assistance to be found than there was reaction when they themselves were called.  America needs to remember who she is.  She is not the criminals in DC.  That is not authentic America.
“Who is this Singer that sends his voice through the dark forest, and inhabits us with ageless and immortal music, and sets the long echoes rolling for evermore?” ~ Mary Webb, Gone to Earth.
Authentic America has forgotten how to sing.  It has forgotten it has a potent voice that sounds from the very depth of mankind’s being.
“It is the voice of the soul itself, which has its wavelength tuned exactly to our personal pitch.  In our society, which validates only that which is seen, ‘hearing voices’ is associated with serious mental disturbance.  Our society’s inability to recognize the unseen as real in turn causes us to distrust our deepest beliefs and instincts.  Instead of listening to the voice that surges passionately into every aspect of our understanding, we attempt to blot it out, expunge its presence, substituting our rational explanations as being more authoritative.”  ~ Voice of the Soul
How does our memory; our self-inscribed identity at any given point in time along with our unrecognized beliefs color reality?  When we lose the original inscription and make no effort to regain it, what else do we lose?  What sudden impotency do we experience?
Hard my eyes staring back at the trance state of people’s soul from the twilight depths of the dew drenched forest, my voice but one soft whisper roars into the night.  For I am Earth Sovereign.  In the mythic present everything that lives is holy.

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