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By 113:  This is sensitive.  I met former FBI SAC Ted Gunderson in a Spokane Hotel before I left to meet with a former LAPD intelligence officer regarding the SLA.
We spoke for hours.  Gunderson appeared to be sincere.  There were certain things we discussed like former Fidel Castro’s GF, Marita and her documents and whose material it was that actually was used in the glassmaker that did Hiroshima (it was German used in the reactor found at Strasbourg University).   We also discussed the 4Th Reich and its apparent deep penetration into the USA. He was really worried about that and the links to the neo Nazi movement inside the US, such as The Order and the Skinheads, and the movement of German neo-Nazi figures in and out of the USA.  Gunderson was kind of a stoop on that or he was being disingenuous.  We knew that The Order was a front, and that Turner (Turner Diaries) was a front and so was that Butler goofy (expletive snip) running the Aryan Nations up in Idaho. What really concerned us was Butler’s contacts with real Nazi (expletive snip) from Germany.   Never ceases to amaze me how these dudes always use Christ to legitimize their murderous work.  The real crazies out there are, IMO the dudes inside the MI6 run Christian Identity movement.  We have plenty of them here.
My task was to brief Gunderson on the hidden Nazi element.  He was not up to speed on that.  His background on WWII and certain issues was quite poor.
We discussed the militia movement.  He stressed he had no real concerns about most of the militias, except for Norm Olsen.  Olsen concerned him as apparently Olsen had openly called for the shooting and killing of lawmen.
He briefed me on the all ready famous MacDonald murder case and spoke about his findings and his real concern about the penetration of Satanic cults and their influence and their spread.  He mentioned there was more to the Jon Benet case than met the eye.  He admitted that there were some really bad apples inside the FBI but that there were some deeply patriotic agents, too.  Hoover never came up and I avoided the issue.  Apparently, the few remaining good guys in the FBI provided Gunderson with information about where it was going.  Gunderson gave me copies of his files on the Molochians that proved valuable in other research.  They were lost along with other certain docs when my home got burgled.
Gunderson said a lot of the remaining agents hated Louie Freeh and said that Freeh was a statist sell out.  Gunderson was really worried about the Clintonistas and their ties to the cabal’s worst elements like the Molochians as he called them.
When we were done on the WWII stuff, Gunderson was really angry and admitted that he and others had been lied to and deceived.  My thoughts centered on how was it that a top level feeb allowed himself to be deceived.  To be fair, it is rather easy when somebody feeds you shit designed to coincide with what you want to believe, not what you should believe.
I never saw Gunderson again.  But then he did something that had me really, really wondering if he wasn’t certifiable. He married head Molochian Anton la Vey’s ex-wife.  The marriage was annulled after a couple of months and Gunderson fled.  Gunderson believed Partin was right regarding OKC and that the Nazi clique were running part of the op regarding OKC.
The SLA brief blew me away.  The SLA was a joint CIA/LAPD op used to prove out mind control theory re: MK Ultra and to blackmail the Hearst family.  The CIA had penetrated the LAPD and had  a ninja wet work cell inside the department.  That proved out when a book was published exposing some of the LAPD assassins.  The author missed the CIA connection.  Moreover, the LAPD ran Donald DeFreeze who surfaced later as CINQUE of SLA fame.  My briefer also discussed at length the black ops related to the coming wave of school and public place mass shootings.  This was before the real wave burst on the scene.  He was right on about that.  Alex Constantine did a lot of good work exposing the more lurid stuff.
For a deeper understanding of all of this one must look into the relationship of the LAPD with Vacaville State Prison and the MK op…
“…The CIA, FBI and coordinated military intelligence groups (Office of Naval Intelligence and Army Intelligence in particular) and engaged in several operational initiatives of murder, sabotage and destruction. Jonathan Jackson and his brother George were set up and murdered, prison race gangs (Black Guerilla Family, Aryan Brotherhood, Mexican Mafia, La Nuestra Familia, etc.) were encouraged, assisted and fostered to target and kill political prisoners, and progressive groups(read communist or radical socialist) within the prisons. These elements were funded and used to spread death, drugs and criminal mayhem as a move to destroy the gains of the Prisoner’s Movement. Snitches and all manner of provocateurs were cultivated, trained and inserted amongst the revolutionary prisoners and groups. Division Five (FBI) in concert with other departments of the FBI, specifically set-up and bad-jacketed/snitch-jacketed targeted prisoners for inmate incited hostilities and murder. Later, in the case of the revolutionary Attica uprising, the Prisoner’s Movement was violently suppressed on personal orders from Nelson Rockefeller, with scores of prisoners brutally beaten, tortured and murdered as examples to others in and out of the penal system…”

“…The strength of the Prisoner’s Rights Movement was born out of imprisoned Afrikans consciously transforming themselves into revolutionary Afrikan warriors to serve the people. Their successes were noted and the CIA, in concert with Division Five of the FBI, the Stanford Research Institute, the California Bureau of Prisons, and the LAPD’s CCS (Criminal Conspiracy Section, organized a project known as The Black Cultural Association (BCA). The BCA was a specific behavior modification and psychological experimentation unit housed within the California State Prison and Medical Facility at Vacaville. Funding and direction for the BCA came from the CIA via the Stanford Research Institute (SRI) as well as the LEAA (Law Enforcement Assistance Administration of the U.S. Department of Justice). The cover story was “the development of black pride” for the Afrikan prisoners. Heading up this department was a psychotic house **** by the name of Colton Westbrook. Westbrook came from a U.S. Army background as a specialist in Psychological Warfare and Terror Ops for the CIA’s Phoenix Project in Southeast Asia. Westbrook provided logistical support for CIA’s Phoenix Program and his particular job was the indoctrination of assassination and terrorist cadres also known as synthetic terror groups or pseudo-gangs. The Phoenix Project was a sustained policy of political assassinations, rigged elections, outright terror campaigns against civilians, political imprisonment in American-made tiger cages, torture and Psy Ops propaganda by CIA agents. CIA Director William Colby promised at his Senate confirmation hearings in July 1973 that he would curb the CIA’s activities at home and abroad. Instead, he has imported the Phoenix Program directly into the United States…”  We suspected that but never confirmed it as Constantine alleges (See

Yeah, well, Cinque was killed, Colby was killed, whole bunch of black Gees got waxed and gunfire abounded 24/7 in America.  To us the whole op went major FUBAR when some of the people inside the op went rogue.  Maybe it was designed to go that way.  I don’t know, but I did have a very near fatal brush with John Sherman of the George Jackson Brigade.  Instead of firing on us he shot and killed a King County deputy after he skirted our road block set up to intercept him.
My briefer fled the USA and I lost contact with him.
Gunderson dropped dead.  Maybe the CIA gave him cancer.
My mind is still open on the MK stuff.  I sense that it works but not reliably enough to depend on.  An icepick thrust into the neck or the brain by a pro always works.
— 113 —
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A New Mexican Views on Bundy and Government acting like Bandidos

Article by Quintas Dias:  I wrote this several months ago during the height of the tense standoff between Nevada Rancher Cliven Bundy and federal agents.
New Mexico is a strange place full of extreme contrasts.  It is full of awesomely beautiful country intermixed with sprawling range lands and hard rocky desert.  The land in some places is so broken that it looks like an angry giant had picked it up, and then in fury had dashed it hard into the ground.  The cataclysmic impact rendered the land into torturous deep chasms, spires, weird-looking hooligans, narrow cuts, featuring towering mesas back dropped by deep blue skies and snow-capped mountains.
The people who live in this land denoted by extremes of topography that sees daytime temperatures soaring to over 110F in the daytime and then plunging down into a bone-chilling freeze at night are an ornery lot.  They are very tough and self-reliant, soft-spoken and polite.
Many of them are descendants of American Natives, who claim that their ancestors were star people.  Apache, Comanche, Kiowa, and Navajo warriors roamed, raided, and hunted all over New Mexico.  The Spaniards built marvelous frontier communities in some of the harshest lands possible, giving their names to many striking waypoints, such as the malpais or bad country lands around the Trinity site and the White Sands, and the bleak Jornada del Muerto (Dead man’s Journey) trail that saw many tragic deaths from exposure, Indian attacks, and murders.  Some are descendants of Spanish explorers, hardy soldiers, and very tough Spanish and Mexican vaqueros (cowboys).  Yet, others are descendants of long riding American outlaws of Irish and Scottish descent.
Sure, they have their differences, but by far and large they have learned to look past language, custom, and tradition and get along very well.  Anglos do not go to the Mex dances to sit and drink, they get up and dance with the senoritas.  They have many commonalities.  The first is the tradition that everybody goes about armed.  The second is that you never insult a man, his family, or his woman.  The third is you never mistreat a horse, dog, or a man’s woman.  Finally, it does not matter who starts something, what matters is why, and how it ended.
There have been more range wars, shootings, murders, and instances of sheer barbarism in New Mexico than anywhere else in the United States.  New Mexicans will not allow themselves to be abused.  They are slow speaking, thoughtful, and very considerate, but God help you if you start to “prod” them.
I went to see my rancher friend, Isaac “Gabe” Montano for his opinion on the gripping Bundy incident over in Nevada.  Gabe originates from Spanish stockmen and looks it.  He has black eyes, curly black hair, is of medium height, and is fine featured.  Gabe, a handsome man is a “chick” magnet.  His pretty wife, Nata said so.  Gabe runs about 500 head of cattle north in the Vermejo country, near the Colorado line adjacent to Raton, NM.  So, we got to toodling (drinking shots of Jose Cuervo alternating with Jim Beam and strong cowboy coffee).
I asked him about Bundy.  Gabe shoved his sweat-stained punchbowl shaped Stetson back off of his forehead and frowned.  After a moment, and several sips of Joe Crow (Jose Cuervo) Gabe, spoke his piece.  “Es una faena de mala fortuna para todos demas (It’s a show with bad fortune for everybody).”  He did not comment on who started it, as I knew he would.  What mattered was who did what and how it would end.  Gabe considered that Bundy might have ancestral rights to the land, especially if his land was part of the Spanish Land Grants, which the Americans had acknowledged to preserve by signing the 1848 Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo.  Nevada is Spanish for snowbound.  Nevada was Spanish territory.
“There is bad and good for every person.  Nobody does right all the time.”  Gabe said, adding that he pays his grazing fees although it rankles him to do so.  When I asked him how he would feel if he had evidence of the Grazing Commission using fees to benefit other ranchers or to drive him out of business.  He did not hesitate to say that was a matter for the quarenta-y-cinco or the Tejana as Hispanics call Colt .45s. Gabe took a sip and shot a hand out at me.  He said back in the old days ranchers doing a cattle deal or cowboys playing poker or dominoes would pull their irons and slap assorted .45s and .44s on top of a table to discuss a deal or to play a hand.  That kept the dealings more or less honest.
He said he did not like it that Bundy was grazing cattle without paying his fees like everyone else in New Mexico.  He offered that the matter should be looked at by the courts, as long as the courts were playing fair.  He stroked his mustache.  “Si, es como asi, las cortes–mejor antes que las armas.  (Yes, it’s like this, the courts before the gun).”
I was curious to know if he thought Bundy was a bad man or if he could get justice for his claim.  Gabe took another sip and then shook his head.  His dark eyes flashed.  He remarked that no, Bundy was not bad, but hard and proud.  After a moment, he added that as for justice, maybe.  I asked him to explain.  Justice he said was in the heart of men.  Good men gave justice.  Bad men did not, and it was as simple as that.
He refilled his glass, then mine, and then shot me a hard glance.  The government he said had done Bundy bad, they had killed and had mistreated his animals, had injured his people and women without justification.  That he said made him favor Bundy’s cause regardless who had started it.  Finally, I asked him how he would handle and end it.  Gabe reached down to a badly scarred saddlebag, opened it and retrieved a worn but mechanically perfect old Colt Bisley Model with a five and a half inch barrel.  The shooter had belonged to his grandfather, Eulegio.
He slapped the Colt down rather hard on top of the mesquite table and said in a soft voice that for insulting him, mistreating and killing his animals, and assaulting his women, the government men were acting like bandidos.  There was only one-way to deal with bandits…the way of the gun.  Then he put the old shooter away, nodded at me, and said goodnight leaving me to consider that maybe the old ways were still good ones to use when the government acts like bandits.
Quintus Dias
NB:  Like with many New Mexicans, there is no pretense with Gabe.  He tells it as he sees it and if you don’t like it, then you can go dance with the devil.
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Posted with permission.