Major Water Crisis: impacts on Life, Culture, Politics and People

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By Quintas Dias:  Several days ago, a major life-threatening water crisis suddenly erupted in Northern Ohio and in SE Michigan.  The water is unfit to drink due to toxic algae blooms in Lake Erie.  The steady pace of water crisis’ in America appears to be spreading quickly as a quality of life issue.  We have seen just months ago potable water issues spring up in three northeastern states (WVA, VA, PA) due to fracking and chemical spills.  My sources in ND report extensive ground water contamination due to fracking, and population pressures from “boomers” moving in with the oil industry, that are straining drinking water supplies in the state.

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Spook circle comment: understanding American culture is like…

Europe writes:  Just heard this in an exchange with a spook circle……

“understanding American culture is like watching three John Wayne movies”.   One of the best descriptions I’ve heard.

Cy laughing, replies:  Or game of thrones, dad says to daughter “you know how to use that?”  Daughter replies, “yeah, stick ’em with the pointy end.”

Dad goes and hires a foreign sword master to teach her properly.

Mil Gear Update: certain mil equip items are becoming scarce or escalating in price

By Naconah:   Here is another trend.  Certain mil equip items are becoming scarce or escalating in price.

a.  Bunny boots
b.  Rain Ponchos, tripled in price
c.  Mil sleeping bags, MSS combo are getting hard to find and are going up
d.  Mil back packs
e.  Tactical gear, vests and load bearing equipment going up
f.  Poncho liners, doubled in price
g.  Mil gauntlets, doubled
h.  MREs
i.  Esbit stoves and fuel tabs, tripled in price
j.  Canteens and mess kits
k. Camo BDUS, doubled in price!
l.  Cold WX goretex parkas and pants…getting hard to find and price is going up

Best price points are on Amazon and evil bay.

Best winter mil clothing for the money is German and Swedish…The Swede M90 insulated parka and insulated pants are exceptional (Centerfire systems has them).

The only good thing I have to say about mil gear is that it is much more rugged than equivalent civilian gear and cheaper, but bulkier and a lot heavier


BLACK SWAN: Conventional, Chemical and Biological Warfare Scenarios–Improvised Decontamination Solution

By Quintas Dias:  For release via Manticore Group, other venues.

We live in a beautiful world.  Unfortunately, humans make it ugly and it is getting uglier.  In my opinion, we are heading for some type of BLACK SWAN event.  And I don’t say this lightly.
In 1987 I took part in a covert terrorist training drill, the largest of its kind ever, and it went on for months…day and night and featured attacks on military bases by SEALS, Army Rangers and foreign anti-terrorist teams posing as bad guys.  Special assault teams, explosives, automatic weapons, dump trucks, boats, helicopters and airplanes were used.  The drills featured the massacre of hostages and high value military personnel and the destruction of high grade infrastructure.

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Tom cautions: watch your trained response

As Clif High over at HalfPastHuman eloquently puts it ….

( )

(Clif is a crazy old fart who I have followed for years, but despite his weird style,he is VERY smart and awakened, and well informed…. his views are not always right (whose are?) but this comment below in past days rings true and bolsters what I had written….. Be well. Tom

A whole lot of negative language about USA out-and-about these days. Much of the worst of it coming from USA residents. It is kind of irritating. ALL of the negative language about gov’mint is deserved, and we should heap more on it, but, the citizens have to watch their *trained* response of identifying with the officialdom.

It is not ‘we’ that have caused wars, ever. It is the frack’n gov’t. Officialdom here in these united States of America has been seized by criminals and is running batshit out of control. So, please watch your language, you are NOT the gov’mint. And the gov’mint is NOT the USA. It is merely the criminal cabal TEMPORARILY in charge. Also note that focusing on getting rid of the predatory criminal class here in these united States is NOT isolationism.

If you let them control your language, they will control your view of world and make you their slaves (again).


Our recent deluge

By N in New Mexico: Have you noticed that we are being deluged with life threatening events…Ukraine, illegals pouring over the border here, US deepening drought, Nuke accident in NM, toxic spills in NE USA, chemtrails, possible WWIII, and now, EBOLA.

Makes you want to bury your head in the sand.

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