About that Fw: Must see NEW CLIMATE FILM now on DVD

A conversation about the forwarded alert to the new climate film.  From email, August 3 of 2014.

On Friday, June 27, 2014 4:25 PM, SkyderALERT <info@skyderalert.com> wrote:
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Dear B.Widaman,

“Look Up!” Climate Engineering Happening Now is the 110 minute newest version of the William Baldwin Film about the largest threat our planet faces today Climate Engineering.
Drought, extreme weather, white skies, respiratory issues, vitamin D deficiency and increased risks of cancer are all stated side effects caused by Climate Engineering.
This film is a MUST SEE – MUST SHARE movie. Get your copy NOW- and get some others to pass out!

Skyder is a 501(c)4 Not-For-Profit organization, All Proceeds are use to help shine the light on the unregulated science of GeoEngineering (Climate Engineering)
Get the word out to your local and national press, and everyone in your social network. Alert them to the urgency of the issue.
Press and Media inquiries can simply reply to this email for more information.
The most important issue of the CLIMATE CHANGE debate is, without question GeoEngineering a/k/a (Climate Engineering).
Skyder Inc is a Not for profit 501c(4) Corporation. 
Contributions to the organization are not deductible for federal income tax purposes as charitable contributions

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I just ordered this DVD, and I already own both of the Michael Murphy-G. Edward Griffin DVDs of “What/Why Are They Spraying.”  Climate Engineering needs to be brought out in to the open, analyzed, and then do the right thing !  Former Congressman, Dennis Kucinich (D-OH 10th District) tried twice to introduce legislation exposing all of this, but couldn’t get either Bill out of Committee !  Wouldn’t that make you suspicious ?

From Cy to Bob
Indeed it does make me suspicious.  I remember when he did that.  I have helped in the past to forward information to representatives, including pictures of the spraying apparatus inside the planes and information about Evergreen.  But it never makes any difference.  This is precisely why so many people have lost total confidence in governance in DC and in many states.  The social and intellectual engineering is fully in place and you can’t get anyone to even look at information because it might smack of conspiracy theory, omg!  This is how everything from chem spraying to the presence of ET to weaponization of viruses like AIDS and Ebola and the various FLUs has been done, right out in the open under everyone’s gaze, nothing to see here, move along!


MOST of our government at all levels and all branches is part of the evil scam to take this country down and come back up as a socialist-communist tyranny run by the banksters under the UN.  When you try to fight it or expose it, they either attack you or humiliate you into silence.  Like I told a neighbor in California about ten years ago, “I would rather die fighting for my liberty, than to live one minute as a slave to their evil regime.”  i.e. I will be a slave for no one !

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