Analysis Request

by Quintas Dias:   Need you help.
We need input on events developing here and abroad as seen through European lenses, especially from the Slavic, Scandinavian, German and Spanish people.  We analyze things in Europe through our lenses.
I am being asked by my associates for any pertinent analyses from our European brothers regarding the United States and what they think is possible to happen here.  America is one foundation of the NWO crowd’s tripod of interests (global control of finance, communications, and security), sad to say.

We need to know how the Europeans see us and if they realize what they see is NOT THE REAL AMERICA and real Americans.  America is under terrific assault by a foreign power (the global cabal).  We also need to know what they feel we must do to regain the respect, honor and trust Europeans used to have for us (not to mention ourselves).
This critical…we are dying and the world cannot have us leave the world in perpetual gloom.  Europeans knew that America was their lifeline and last hope to realize their dreams if they were courageous enough to come here.
If America dies, where are they going to go or do?

Thank you,


>>> From Email:  August 1 of 2014
From JA in Georgia USA  – email August 1 of 2014
Let me know what happens with this.  I’ve often thought about doing this same thing myself.  I think including people in the Middle East is also important, specifically Iran.  70% of Iranians hate their government.  We’re at about 45% based on all polling data.
This whole thing with Israel vs Hamas is crazy.  I know that Israel created Hamas back in the 70s, but I am in the corner of Israel.  From my personal experience, living in Malaysia in the mid 80s and having Muslim friends throughout the yrs…including a Palestinians, they’ve never convinced me why Israel was bad.
I even made friends with the communication officer at the Saudi embassy in NYC shortly after 9/11.  He did not convince me nor make a good argument as to why the Israelis were bad.
I stand with Israel in this current matter.  I am sending this email to you in order to convince me otherwise.
The real alliance in the Middle East is the US, Israel, Saudi triumvirate.  These are the groups that created ISIS and directly armed them, including chems.
But, this current situation surpasses that because the pro Hamas thing is just an excuse on the left to kill more Jews.
That’s my view within the larger perspective of my personal experiences.
I am going to say this one thing to you because I need to vent.  Yes I am and have been friends with Muslims but in my current view this is how I now feel about them, and pardon my language….they are now (expletive snip)!
Glad I got that off my chest.
I ccd M——.
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>>> From Email Aug 2 of 2014
Author:  Europe

I have given a deep mental review in regards to the request for a sitrep and eval on a European view of America. My problem is that of time to put it all on paper. I could easily write a 50,000 words white paper or even a book on this subject, as its both easy to answer yet complex, but not for the “obvious” reasons one may expect.

So forgive me if this is short, but let me to apply a very simplistic Occums Razor approach and give a response in bullet points as opposed to a detailed analysis paper. I would be happy to answer specific questions, and from a Q&A exchange the USA team could formulate a guide document or whatever they feel may spread the message of how to fix the problem.

The PTB/Globies/NWO/Illuminaties/bad guys (whatever label one applies) are very good at what they have planned, and they have been playing ahead their strategy game for a long time.

Put simply there are two enemies of America.

The obvious external enemies as generated by a deliberate sociopolitical  “Divide and Conquer” strategy (including economical by haves and have nots divide). The UK are the experts in this strategy!

The internal enemy is a total deliberate erosion of the US Constitution and the moral structure of the USA, on every level. the enemies soldiers are the misinformed and secret society driven “elitists”: and corrupt greedy business and political sectors and of course the inherent opiate effect of big government and its arrogant police state power.

N——— refers to the greatness of the America of the past in WW1 and WW2 etc. In both these wars it was the European PTB (e.g. UK Royals) that created False Flags to drag the USA into war, this was exacerbated/driven by the US (and Euro) banking and military-industrial complex wanting to get more war profits and to be supplying both sides of the wars. They used the US industrial capacity to manufacture as much materiel as possible, whilst blowing it all up in Europe. Simple supply/demand and repeat orders.

This whole thing is not new, history has plenty of America-like empires that have emulated this same cycle (Romans, Greeks, Ottoman, etc.).

In making a realistic evaluation, we cannot live in the past, nor can we compare past “greatness”. America’s prosperity had been manipluted in the post WW2 era by the creation of artificial market conditions. Germany/Europe/Japan wiped up (i.e. needed to be rebuilt from ground up). By having the soviet Union and WARPAC nations trapped in communist non-free market conditions, they were able to capitalise on the USA not being damaged by war or invasion, and hence modern factories ready to now manufacture for export the latest domestic appliances etc. The Russians could not make the quality appliances and it was in vogue to buy USA. The western Europeans had no choice but to buy USA as they had no factories left for anything. It became a suppliers market. But it was not a free trade situation.

The huge amount of money earned from export to the world of American goods and services made it wealthy hence the great quality of life/standard of living in the 50’s and 60’s. that was great for the baby boomers, but as the world caught up and political aspirations of the newer generations (who forgot the hardships of war/s or rationing), the erosion of the education system started with liberalism and all sorts of diluting freedom to do things movements.

Democracy is a misnomer. It really cannot exist. The original and logical rights and other important contact of the founding fathers Constitution was well written and if allowed to work as intended then the society of the USA would be well managed and stable.However, the reality is when life is good, a fat cat syndrome starts and people forget the founding principles of hard and honest work makes for the prosperity.

If you over-Government and over-tax a nation and the majority of the population is living on hand-outs you have a nation of dumbed down dependents that drain the Treasury. That leads to bankruptcy and unsustainable everything. Add to that deliberate destabilization and weakening of the social fabric structure, via: Big Religion (just as bad as big Gov), drugs, loose moral, dumbed down education, poor or no health care etc .. you have a society that has no motivation anymore and is like a rudderless boat in a storm.

The European view of the USA is that is it finished. Most people do not respect Americans as they have lost their image of who exactly is an America. Why ?

When YouTube is full of American Darwin Award genetically retarded people (of all colors) emulating Jackass etc. or criminal gangs and rappers, and engaging in every form or sordid sexual innuendo behavior (like twerking) and saying its only “having fun”, then you know things are bad.

Further, the deliberate destroying of sound and intelligent leadership of the military results in farcical performance wherever the USA is engaged in any form of manufactured conflict usually to steal resources for the Mil-Ind complex. Then when these kids are brought back the are not cared for by the VA and the suicide rates are astronomical. There is not family or other support for any veterans. Sooner or later these kids will realize the system uses them and throws them away and its spreading to every sector not only military.

Now add to all this, the invasion strategy to further dilute the “old” USA with every form of illegal immigrant, who gets benefits paid by taxes on working Americans and supported by the FED created debt of hundreds of trillions.

I know you all know this, but Europe is not respecting the USA anymore, and the erosion tactics are applied to every European nation as well. Each country has lost its sovereignty and is a vassal to the EU.

I do not want to criticize for the sake of criticizing. this is a simple series of observations and facts.

IMHO, the time has past to worry about whatever external groups (including Europeans) think of the Americans, past or present. We need to focus on the near future (this generation) and that will roll into the mid-future (Generations 2 and 3).

There is a great saying .. one person is intelligent, a mob/group is stupid and dangerous.

The time to rely on “others'” to fix our problems is well past. Each person HAS to take his/her OWN responsibility and make decisions. Time will tell how informed or suitable that decision was, but sitting on the fence or relying on others is not working anymore.

Europe has no moral or ethical right to impose or advise the Americans how to do something and its a vice-verse situation. Why preach nation-building when after Hurricane Katrina New Orleans is STILL not rebuilt. What sort of superpower cant rebuild a city, or repair is decaying crumbling national infrastructure of roads and bridges. over 10,000 major bridges need to be replaced, they are all unsafe, decaying and outdated.

The only role for a smaller Govt. would be to fund programs to rebuild the infrastructure. (Europe should do the same BTW).

The Housing crisis is also fully manufactured by banks. Look at all the huge areas of unused old derelict areas Detroit etc. If a concerted effort on a community level took back these old properties and made community garden farms etc. there would be adequate food shelter and community spirit and not crime and homeless problems.

These are the elements missing everywhere. They find mummified bodies of neighbors and when asked didn’t anyone notice the old lady not coming out after 2 years? Neighbors say no.

There will always be greedy or criminal elements but if a grass roots community level there is contentment and cohesive spirit those undesirables will leave or change or die.

Now having said all this, the real observation of the causes that I alluded to at the start is that this has been going on for all of recorded history. Humans have become tired of all this stress and killing and destruction on every level. Hence my view is that above these elitists is a non-human group that has been on earth for who knows how long and they are the true cause of all our ills. If the billions of people finally awake and change, I feel that controlling group will leave finally (albeit forcefully and their minions eradicated at the same time, whether we are helped by a friendly ET is debatable, but we remain hopeful they too see our incarceration in a manufactured “matrix”. I am not so naive to tihink this would happen with violence, but change has to occur as this system is unsustainable on so many levels.

I “advise” that the primary solution is for everyone to take responsibility and do it how you see fit, not as others in far away ivory towers say so. There are billions more of us that the PTB controller elitist troops and they know it. the awakening and removal the fear blockage is the key to victory. But it is not a victory over “them” its a victory over ourselves.

It starts and ends with us, whether we are Americans or Europeans. Forget what others think of us, just fix our resepctive own houses and as more and more do the same, a critical mass of order and change apears and eventually a tipping point is reached that will be positive.

Hope its not too much of a rant, but its hard to be succinct in such a total FUBAR.

Regards to all,


Published by permission.
UPDATE:  From Email  Cy to Group August 2 of 2014
Thanks guys!  JA you are welcome to vent ANYTIME!

I have never had any Muslim friends or close enough proximity to any muslims to have the opportunity to consider having any.  I have only looked at their living culture, and found it distasteful and at total odds with my own celtic culture.  I have zero toleration for sharia.  I think like any people there are likely good and bad among them, but their belief hold no interest of value to me, and I don’t like what I am seeing going on over in Iraq and other places beneath their banner.  I can easily say the same of Israel.  It’s not my cup of tea per se’ but if their conduct is civilized then I can live side by side with it as long as it’s not in my own backyard…when it is not civilized then I see it in the same light as sharia.  I have noted the Israel method is a shadow style whereas the muslims are bold in the daylight.  Two halves of a similar coin?  Again I think like any people there are good and bad among them…it is not so much the general population as(it is) the cat herders running rough-shod over the whole among them.  Bad things happen when cat herders rule roosts.
I like even less that it is the globalist construct of the triumvirate (US, Israel, Saudi) that has made it possible for the absolute worst among their cultures and religions to act in the manner they have and take root to the degree that they have and continue to have the capacity to do those things and worse.  I recognize the events and atrocities are a result of the vacuum left by the American people’s apathy, unconcern, and disconnect which as become so extensive it now blocks them from controlling and influencing the globals we’ve allowed into our midst by the front door to become the head of that triumvirate.  In this sense all these things are essentially done in our name, from the perspective of external observers that criticism is deserved.  We are the root of the problem for we alone have the roar capable of stripping the globals of their position, power, and ability to act the way they do.  The situation we find ourselves in was a situation our founders felt was preventable via an awake, aware, and involved populous.  
It is my contention that the solution to our problem is the same as the preventative:  awake, aware, and involved.  And the affirmation of this is how hard the globals are trying to exclude everyone.

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