BLACK SWAN: Conventional, Chemical and Biological Warfare Scenarios–Improvised Decontamination Solution

By Quintas Dias:  For release via Manticore Group, other venues.

We live in a beautiful world.  Unfortunately, humans make it ugly and it is getting uglier.  In my opinion, we are heading for some type of BLACK SWAN event.  And I don’t say this lightly.
In 1987 I took part in a covert terrorist training drill, the largest of its kind ever, and it went on for months…day and night and featured attacks on military bases by SEALS, Army Rangers and foreign anti-terrorist teams posing as bad guys.  Special assault teams, explosives, automatic weapons, dump trucks, boats, helicopters and airplanes were used.  The drills featured the massacre of hostages and high value military personnel and the destruction of high grade infrastructure.

Guess what?  The outcome was bad, but not as bad as it could have been, when we had brave and determined civilians show up, and who were willing to help us out.  Yeah, they showed up with weapons, CB radios, flashlights, generators, food and water, first aid supplies and manned roadblocks, communications centers, checkpoints and first aid stations, leaving us free to go after the bad guys.  These people took out a terrorist assault team with explosives breaching security fencing and immensely helped in the outcome.
Note:  During the 1970s and 1980s, Spain, France, Germany, Ireland, England and Italy were under constant terrorist assault.  Thus, their anti-terror police units are among the best of their kind in the world.  I have played war games against American, French, German and Australian anti-terror units.  On par they were all good.  The Germans were very good.  People seem to forget all about Carlos the Jackal, the Red Brigades, the Japanese Liberation Army, the Weathermen, and the Baader Meinhoff gang and the Aun terrorist cult in Japan.  I never forgot them and what they did.
I do not get too concerned about stories hyping mayhem that you see on a daily basis in the media.  That is until I notice a series of tell tales followed by significant events and intelligence signifiers either here or overseas.
The mainstream media (MSM) has been hyping lethal chemical weapon attacks in the Mid-East.  The MSM is now hyping lethal biological (bio) attacks as an eventuality in America.  The feds are implementing huge terrorist and CBRN type drill scenarios.  The MSM is in full hue and cry over lethal bio agents and how unprepared we are to deal with a bio or chemical war attack.  The feds are allowing massive numbers of illegals to pour over the border.  Border agents and personnel are coming down sick.  Illegals are being dumped all over the country without a medical or security check.  A person with infectious TB was allowed to wander around, triggering an all out response to detain that person.  RED FLAG 1.
A survey of news sites shows the MSM in hysteria mode over Ebola and contagious diseases being brought in by illegals.  RED FLAG 2.
Expect a chem/biowar or conventional terrorist assault.  Avoid as much as possible shopping malls, public buildings, and public transit.  This also helps avoid a Kenya mall or Mumbai type of terrorist attack.  I am expecting a series of jihadist terrorist attacks in America.  We created ISIS and Al Qaeda and their derivatives.  If they are wreaking havoc overseas, why not here?  It’s hard to tell Mid-Eastern types from Mexicans, thus they can easily infiltrate unnoticed over the border.
The bummer just signed a little known executive order allowing for the immediate detention of anyone suspected of carrying or exposure to a contagious respiratory disease.  No more Constitutional rights and due process.  RED FLAG 3
The bummer and his bully boys and the CDC just announced protocols giving extraordinary powers to governors in case of national emergencies.  RED FLAG 4.
Keep in mind that the USA is at war.  The government for the last 50 years has said so…
Consequently, we have lived through the war on drugs, the war on crime, and now the war on terror.  We were fortunate in many instances that the foreign component of these wars were kept out of our country.  It pains me to say that now the war is about to come home.
Also keep in mind that this war involves many different domains and silent weapons (crime, drugs, psychological, political, immigration, commerce, subversive, etc.).  Just because you don’t see evidence of a war or think that you are not in a war, that does not mean that you are not in a war.
Model State Emergency Health Powers Act

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Amendment comes in wake of Ebola scare.
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Those four flags are cause for serious concern.  Obummer, the feds, and the media are already making capital on the Ebola scare.  For those that are awake that should tell you something… You can dismiss my concerns as BS, that is fine.  But I don’t like to waste my time in trying to warn people based on my experience and professional training.  Every time we did that back in the day, somebody wound up dying.  Moreover, we expected that the most devastating attack of all would be for the bad guys to attack during a drill.  We war gamed that scenario out several times and it was the most effective attack pattern of them all.  We are now seeing this in domestic incidents in the USA…
These are some of the symptoms that may indicate the use of chemical weapons
“…Exposure to chemical weapons can be extremely harmful and some of the symptoms include suffocation, bleeding from orifices, red rashes followed by yellow boils (blister agents), extreme coughing, suffocation from coughing, bloody foaming of the mouth, convulsions, gastritis, extreme diarrhea mixed with blood, etc., these are comparable to symptoms that patients were experiencing in field hospitals close to known attacks…”  Also look for extreme pupil dilation (blood agents), pinpoint pupils (nerve agents) and zombie like states.  The unaccounted presence of dead animals, especially birds littering the ground suggests that chemical weapons have been used.
Note the use of chlorinated water as a decontamination (decon) agent… You can store a source of chlorine indefinitely in the form of POOL SHOCK, which can be found in most ranch or hardware stores.  There are vids on the Tube showing you how to make chlorine from the crystals.  Bleach in liquid form loses its potency after a couple of months, so Pool Shock is far better.  But bleach is cheap and is good for about six months and then it should be replaced (only use unscented).  A one time supply of Pool Shock can be had for about 10.00 and it lasts forever.
We were taught to use 1 part  bleach to 9 parts water in spray bottles as decon for humans in chem and biowar scenarios.  Then follow with soap and water, and then follow with water.  Skin decon for chemical agents (chems) must be done within a minute of exposure to corrosive chems, or to nerve agents, or to blister agents.  Runoff water must be flushed or diluted.  This solution can be used for skin and soft tissue wounds but avoid the eyes, or on penetrating abdominal or penetrating head or chest wounds.  Here saline solutions work well.
The solution also works for nuclear radical (nuke rad) contamination on humans.  If the person removes their clothes and the body and hair are treated with the decon solution then followed with water, 95-98% of the nuke rad contaminates are removed.  All outer clothing, shoes should be contained in plastic bags (never remove clothing over your head).  If you must expose yourself in a nuke environment tyvek overalls, military protective clothing, a rain poncho, rubber boots and gloves, and a chem gas mask with hood covering the head and face work well. If you don’t have military issue protective clothing, rubber kitchen gloves, rubber boots, a civilian rain poncho with a hood worn over rubber or nylon pants inserted into rubber boots or tyvek overalls worn with a N95 mask can work in CBRN environments.  You can buy this stuff at your nearest sproting goods, grocery and hardware store.
On arrival at home, have somebody wash you down with a garden hose, carefully spray the clothes, boots, gloves and gas mask hood, with water followed by a water and soap solution.  Then dry under a wood or plastic box and bag for the next use.  If you use a gas mask, mask filters must be rated for chemical, biological, radiological (dirty bomb) and nuclear (CBRN).
Note: You can get military decon kits and protective clothing on the net and Ebay, but use caution as a lot of fraudsters sell junk on Ebay (Over the net sources…Centerfire Systems is a good place to buy as is Maine Military Supply).  The best affordable gas mask to buy are the Finnish Nokia M61 with 60 MM filters or the Yugoslav M1 or M2 masks (made by Nokia).  You can get 40MM adapters so you can use the plentiful supply of 40MM filters available.  I recommend at least six filters per mask and a gas mask hood to go with the mask.   NATO protective clothing is all good.  I like the Finnish masks and the German, American and British protective clothing.
One sign of chemical (chem) agents being used are strong fruity or almond odors and birds dropping dead off trees or out of the sky.  You do not want to stay in an area including your home if chem agents are being used.  That is why a bug out bag with protective clothing and protective gear is a good investment.  It will allow you to get out of the area to safe ground.  Decon your vehicle and passengers upon arrival in the safe area.  Don’t go back until the all clear has been announced and it is safe to do so.  Some chem agents are persistent and may linger in the area for days or months.
In any mass casualty terrorist scenario do not expect to be able to go to the store or to use water on tap.  Utilities may be the target.  We know that terrorists have planned to poison water reservoirs.  Thus knowing how to purify water and to use bleach as a cleaner and decontamination agent is very important.  It’s not  hard to do.  The Sawyer mini water filtration kit is the best I have seen…  It will filter thousands of gallons and is available for a modest 20.00 at Amazon or Walmart.
Note: stock up on micro coffee filters and use these to filter sludgy water, followed by boiling, or using bleach, or a dedicated water filter to purify water for personal use–excellent little item.  You can use coffee filters with rubber bands and tape as improvised face masks.  Burn or bury them after using.
Sawyer Products Mini Water Filtration System : Sawyer Products SP128 Mini Water Filtration System : Camping Water Filters : Sports & Outdoors
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Jihadists, ethnic gangsters, and cartel dudes like to use bombs, machetes, and of course, AK47s.  When I was in Ciudad Juarez a couple of years ago, cartel assassins ambushed a rival in his car right in front of me as I stood on the sidewalk.  It was neatly done.  Two cars, one in front and one in the rear blocked the victims car.  Then six shooters carrying AKs jumped out and opened fire from both obliques, riddling the car and the victim.  The perpetrators fired about 200 rounds, packed up, and calmly drove away.  It did not faze Mexican civilians as they had seen that over and over.  End of story.
If we have a Jihadist terrorist attack in America, they will most likely go for the most dramatic venue possible.  The gun, the bomb and then random and horrific instances of edged weapons will be featured.  That is their style…blowing people and shit up, followed by mass gunfire, and beheading victims, while filming the event for media release.  First and secondary responders, as we saw in Mumbai will be targeted.  This means responding police, firemen, National Guard, EMS personnel are likely to become victims.  A bomb will go off causing mass casualties.  Responders will arrive and then a series of bombs or gunfire ambushes will take out first responders.  Delayed fused or command detonated bombs may go off and take out secondary responders.  If one bomb goes off, assume that there will be others.  Shooters always operate in teams.
You are not helpless.  Avoid places likely to feature a mass casualty event, and go about armed.  Be ready and determined to evade and hide, if possible.  If not then you have to take out active shooters, when you can or if you get trapped in the line of fire with any weapon available… knife, rock, club, or automobile.  Knock down a shooter and then take his gun and ammunition.  These bastards hardly ever expect for people to resist them.  If you surprise them and take them out, it unnerves them and you have a very good chance of escaping.  Just don’t play the hero.
Their favored targets are bus, and train stations, malls, airports, and sports stadiums.  Hotels and public places and government buildings are also targets.  Conveyances such as buses, trains, ships, and airplanes may be attacked with guns, bombs, or with RPGs (rocket propelled grenades) and MANPADs (portable surface to air missiles).
Note: A lot of terrorist weapons are Russian in origin.  The former USSR armed many terrorist groups with Soviet weapons because it was in their interest to do so, just as we armed our proxies in the Cold War with our weapons.
One last thing, do NOT expect the police to help you, as they will be too busy saving their own asses or engaging suspects.  You are on your own.  Don’t be an asshole and add to the confusion by freaking out or impeding first responders during the situation (we saw that all the time).  And do not buy into all the media BS blaring during an event.  Remember, that media lie all the time and like to feature gore as it drives up ratings…”If it bleeds it leads.”
If you stay calm, use your head and work in little groups to mutually assist each other, you have an excellent chance of surviving.  Do not become a road bound refugee and avoid going to a FEMA camp if you can help it.  They are not nice places.  I know from direct experience.
Following a mass casualty attack you have about 30 minutes to leave before police and military lock down the area and enact martial law contingency plans.  You do not have any rights in a martial law scenario.  Thus, do what many people are doing now.  They have their bug out bags and emergency gear ready to go in their vehicles with spare gas, food, spare cash, water, maps and travel plans.  If you can get out safely within the 30 minute window, then do so and stay off the interstate or main highways.  They will choked with slow moving vehicles, panicky drivers or stalled vehicles.  Police or military road blocks will shut down all road travel.
Travel to your safe place by using secondary roads.  People living in rural areas already have an advantage over their urban fellows.  If you cannot leave within the 30 minute window, then shelter in place and stay home.
I like this manual as it is uncomplicated and has excellent advice for most scenarios civilians are likely to encounter.  Cody know his stuff.
Exposure of health workers weakens Africa’s Ebola fight

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Chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear decontam…

J Pharm Bioallied Sci. 2010 Jul-Sep; 2(3): 220–238. doi:  10.4103/0975-7406.68505 PMCID: PMC3148627
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