Major Water Crisis: impacts on Life, Culture, Politics and People

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By Quintas Dias:  Several days ago, a major life-threatening water crisis suddenly erupted in Northern Ohio and in SE Michigan.  The water is unfit to drink due to toxic algae blooms in Lake Erie.  The steady pace of water crisis’ in America appears to be spreading quickly as a quality of life issue.  We have seen just months ago potable water issues spring up in three northeastern states (WVA, VA, PA) due to fracking and chemical spills.  My sources in ND report extensive ground water contamination due to fracking, and population pressures from “boomers” moving in with the oil industry, that are straining drinking water supplies in the state.

Water is life and we are now seeing major corporations claim that that you have NO RIGHTS to water.  They do.  Nestle, one of the several monopoly food corporation with major market shares in food products sells water obtained from Indian reservation springs, and makes millions off of this.  We just recently saw Oregon jail a man for collecting rainwater.Oregon Man Jailed for Collecting his own Rainwater | GreenJoyment

Oregon Man Jailed for Collecting his own Rainwater | Gre…

Could you really go to jail for collecting your own rainwater? One Oregon man did. Who does your rainwater belong to?
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The Southwest is under enormous water supply pressure.  Drought is deepening in CA, CO, AZ and in parts of TX and NM.  Farmers have had their crop water supply cut off.  The city of LA is exacting 500.00 fines for violating their draconian water strictures.  Crop failures are expected to be massive in the San Fernando valley, one of America’s richest agricultural areas.  This is likely to spike food prices already escalating like crazy.  The bummer man’s (Obama) administration is allowing China to buy water from the Great Lakes.
The UN is getting involved not only in the illegal immigrant issue created by this administration to cause sociopolitical chaos to maintain a strategy of tension in America, while pursuing its agenda of socializing the United States, and driving policy in the water resource issue.  The mantra behind this is climate change.  The UN wants to move or migrate people out of California.  Keep in mind that California produces about 65% of our domestic food supplies.  Moreover, there is another disturbing trend.  Dams control and supply irrigation water to California farmers and towns in rural California.  Most of these dams are owned by Warren Buffet a fervid globalist, along with his psychopathic buddy George Soros, who appear to be scheming to buy up abandoned or condemned California farms denied water by the federal government or by the dams Buffet.

The UN is the spear point of global government, a world army and global police.  It seeks total domination of the world’s people in all spheres of life.  There is to be no opting out.  The UN is a communist party construct.  Soviet dictator Josef Stalin in league with American and British communists planned the UN as the harbinger of world government prior to WWII.  People today do not realize that the communist party is globalist and totalitarian in outlook.
Intelligence signifiers and trends indicate that the globalists controlling events behind the scenes are using the climate issue as a red herring and Trojan Horse to force massive and unnecessary changes on peoples and states to collectivize humanity, and to extinguish private property rights.  This includes the rights to grow your own food and to own property to do so.  This trend is exemplified by the Gestapo and SS like militant actions of the BLM and the EPA in conducting armed raids on American citizens.An EPA goon squad claimed that citizens in the town of Chicken were violating terms of the Clean Water Act.  WHAT THE FUCK?  Chicken only has some 100 residents and most of them are gold miners.  The EPA used armed agents to seize an older Land Rover from its astonished owners and has proclaimed it will seize your assets, including your finances for alleged violations of EPA regulations.  Obama’s  EPA sounds like a cross between the Soviet NKVD and the Nazi Gestapo.

Not to outdone by its EPA cohorts, the BLM has been active in seizing land, cattle, and other private resources to drive home AGENDA 21.  We just recently watched a gripping armed standoff between BLM agents and SWAT teams in their attempt to seize Nevada rancher, Cliven Bundy’s land and cattle.  Then we discover  a BLM/FBI SWAT team confronting the residents of the town of Blanding over alleged cultural artifact thefts.
SWAT teams all over the United States are raiding organic farmers, terrorizing them and destroying their lives.  Justification for these Gestapo like operations are based on alleged drug cultivation operations, FDA violations, and code enforcement.   The raid business is a good business to be in if you are tax farming.
The point to all of this, is that armed militarized federal police along with their state brothers are using military weapons, dressed in combat gear and apparently operating under military rules of engagement (ROE) are conducting war on the American people over food, water, and land rights.  That is huge and few realize it.
Massive SWAT Raid Seizes Organic Okra

A small organic farm in Arlington, Texas, was the target of a massive police action last week that included aerial surveillance, a SWAT raid and a 10-hour search.
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EPA SWAT Team Raids Remote Alaska Community | FreedomWorks

Chicken, Alaska is a tiny community 30 miles west of the Canadian border and about 300 miles east from Fairbanks.
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EPA Uses DHS SWAT Team To Seize Couple’s Land Rover!?

File this under Police State. Oh, and Posse Comitatus? What’s that?Ahh, don’t worry your pretty little fetters about it. Latin is just a language folks no longer us…
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An analysis of the underlying nuance of these actions discloses a globalist focus on stripping Americans of their rights to own land, to use water to sustain their land’s bounty to sustain themselves, and to control their own lives.
But how can this be?  The answer to that question rests on Agenda 21 and its underlying notion to concentrate human population in very narrow urban areas so that they can be easily controlled, then  blowing up and razing every human town and city outside of the containment zone to prevent their habitation.  An adjunct objective, is to reduce the world’s population concentrated in these huge prisons at their leisure through violent crime, disease and eventually, through mass executions caused by biological vectors, chemical vectors or by guillotines (death by guillotine facilitates human organ harvesting).
Agenda 21 as a UN inspired treaty construct originated with the Club of Rome in the 1960s.  The Club of Rome is a globalist driven think tank that studies issues favored by the globalists, such as world government, collectivization of wealth, people, and resources, and population reduction.  The Club also fixates on the destruction of the US economy and elimination of the bulwark provided by the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights.  Moreover, it drives globalist policy concerned with eliminating undesirable population in the Third World.
A disquieting realization, is that the UN’s Agenda 21 with its enormous life changing implications intends to reduce the American Middle Class and its marvelous entrepreneurs to poverty and political impotence.  It envisions the destruction of an entire culture and its attendant economy, and most likely, as we saw with the Soviet Union, the physical liquidation of the Middle Class as enemies of the people.  Another disquieting fact about Agenda 21 is that the United States never agreed to the treaty or to its ramifications.  It is being implemented under the radar screen by the bummer man’s steady stream of illegal and Unconstitutional executive orders.
Therefore, it is within expectations for the globalists to seize now on the water issue, to ultimately control all of humanity.  Why you might ask? To reiterate water is life.  You can only live for three or four days without water.  Water sustains everything associated with human development, progress, culture and existence.
Consider also that the American government and some of the most barbarous governments on Earth have signed on to Agenda 21 and are manipulating tribal people to accept its provisions regarding land use and the environment.  Recently, at a G77 summit in Bolivia, over a hundred states, including some of the most barbarous and radical states signed a declaration with the grandiose title “Toward a New World Order to Live Well.”
This radical document calls for a global centrally planned government, massive wealth redistribution and resource allocation (water is a natural resource) and advocates redressing tribal land and water issues under sustainability constructs to achieve Agenda 21.  Tribal governments in the United States own huge allocations of rich resources: water, fisheries, arable land, minerals, and enormous stands of timber.
Think that is all just grandstanding and dramatic verbiage?  It is not.  In one of the Obama Administration’s most egregious actions yet, the EPA decided unilaterally to give the town of Riverton, WY, a town of 10,000 people to the Indians, thus, jeopardizing resident’s land claims, their homes and private property.  Under federal law Indians do not have to recognize white land deeds or claims.  Moreover, the EPA without concern redrew the boundaries of a sovereign state.  The EPA refuses comment over the issue, citing it as a fait accompli and expects to carry out similar actions in the near future.  Consequently, anyone living on federal land, on an Indian reservation, or within a jurisdiction where land claims where decided previously by Congress can be kicked off their land, extinguishing your private property interests without a court warrant or a magistrate’s examination.  The Mafia must be drooling at their mouths.
Finally, let’s examine what one of the world’s largest food supply companies, Nestle said about water ownership.  Peter Brabeck, Chairman of one of the largest food product manufacturer in the world, says it should own every drop of water on the planet — and you’re not getting any unless you pay up.  This implies that the poor and others without means to pay for privatized water will die from thirst and hygiene related issues.  Bravo Brabeck, you goddamn psychopathic murderer.
This fits in beautifully with another notion that I have been aware of since the late 1990s… The Politics of Scarcity dividing the haves and the have nots in a murderous conflict over life sustaining resources.  The Politics of Scarcity is driving quality of life issues in the south.  Taking a quick look at India, for example, scarce resources are now adversely affecting education, living and transportation across the subcontinent.  India’s wealth, health and progress is heavily dependent on agriculture and existing arable land and water.  Unfortunately, the penetrations of Monsanto is drying up the supplies of native seeds, and fertilizers, while capital for land improvement and farming operations are drying up, forcing desperate farmers to extortionate money lenders.  Farmers in India are facing a scarcity of agricultural products and capital to sustain those products. The scarcity of food is negatively affecting the health of 40% of India’s children, who suffer from persistent malnutrition.  Government food benefits cannot meet the demand from India’s poor.An observer of the ripple effect of scarce resources in India bluntly stated that…” Suffice it to say that there is not a single item required for a decent life of an average Indian, which is available in sufficient quantity at affordable cost.” This implies psychological strain, persistent socioeconomic dislocations and eventually conflict over diminishing resources to sustain life.

And it brings us full circle to confront the most insidious question of all regarding the politics of scarcity, and the crisis associated with natural resources, such as water.  What if these events are being deliberately orchestrated to drive forward covert political objectives, such as conflict to fracture a state or population groups, and political restructuring, which can be manipulated in certain directions cementing further the power of globalist fronts and contributing the the horrible deaths of more “useless eaters?”

How could these events be orchestrated by hidden power centers?  Is this impossible, the dream of some lunatic scientist or power happy psychopath?  Not at all.  Examine what the seminal AIR FORCE 2025 document has to say about controlling the weather.  In brief, the US Military says that by controlling the weather and the forces of nature associated with extremes of weather, such as tornadoes, hurricanes, droughts, earthquakes with present and emerging technologies, a targeted state can be slated for destruction by using the quantum energy associated with weather as a force multiplier. In other words, with suitable technology a hegemon seeking power over other states can flood, freeze, burn, starve, and dehydrate the enemy with suitable scalar weapons technology, thus destroying its people and the coherence of its society.  Forget nuclear weapons… a thunderstorm has the destructive power of up to several Hiroshima type atomic bombs.

I am calling on the international blogging community and for libertarians all over the world to bring these issues to the fore and to provide fair and objective discourse in alerting people to the nature of the threat of either the deliberate degradation water resources, or of elite control over all sources of water as the ultimate enslavement tool to control mankind.

We do not need the globalists and their front agencies such as ICLEI, and the UN to interfere in our domestic affairs.  Once that happens, we loose all notions of sovereignty.  Instead of being a free people with avenues to accommodate our own self-determination, and destiny, we become lick- spittle serfs for the global imperialists in their quest to dominate all spheres of life and all entities in the world.

If this analysis is correct, we are going to see a plethora of life threatening water issues suddenly erupt to confront bewildered Americans.  Water your lawn, go to jail.  Use too much water for your household, go to jail.  Wash your car on an unauthorized day, have your car confiscated and you sent to jail.  Spit in the water, go to jail.  And God forbid, should your septic system back up and pollute a stream, you will face execution.

Meanwhile, global corporations that drive America and control their national politicians will be busy with high tech divining rods all over the United States filing patents on all sources of water, tapping artesian wells, blowing up dams and destroying private irrigation systems, selling water from rivers, streams and the Great Lakes to farmers and ranchers at exorbitant prices, collecting rainwater and snow in huge storage systems, and issuing you at cost your daily one gallon allotment of water for you to live on.

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California drought will cost thousands of farm jobs: stu…

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Politics of Scarcity – Fair Observer

The scarcity of  food, water, education, and transportation is negatively affecting both urban and rural populations in India.
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