Spanish Celts and Amazigh

CALLING THE TRIBES TOGETHER "Sleepers if I bid you rise, would you stand before me and be counted among the strong? From the shadows of time we live once more, that our cauldron may succor a world in need; a world of great potential.  We be of one blood thou and I." ~ The whisper heard between the ancient feminine archetype to its modern counterparts.
CALLING THE TRIBES TOGETHER “Sleepers if I bid you rise, would you stand before me and be counted among the strong? From the shadows of time we live once more, that our cauldron may succor a world in need; a world of great potential. We be of one blood thou and I.” ~ The whisper heard between the ancient feminine archetype to its modern counterparts.

We have noticed something profound – a lost kinsman may be found.  

Conversation thread from email…most recent first.  Reproduction by permission.

August 29 of 2014  Bendigo Cruz to Contact at MessagetoEagle

Links between Spanish Celts and the Amazighs of North Africa
Dear Sirs,

I have been following your series of articles on Message to Eagle Forum with a great deal of interest, which brings me to the subject at hand.  I was raised in Spain and lived there for many years.

I am of Celtic descent, related to the Campbell and McCloskey Highlander warrior clans of Scotland. While in Spain I lived at times in Galicia.  I became aware of a similarity in customs, dress, and origins of the Galicians to the Gaels in Ireland, and in Scotland.  Many of the Gaels in the UK and in Spanish Galicia appear to be redheads.
However, I am on a quest to know more about the original inhabitants of Spain, Los Berberos or the Amazigh people.  My research indicates that the Berbers of Spain are related to the Amazighs or Berbers of North Africa.  They share similarities of music tradition, instruments, singing styles and physical characteristics.  The Amazighs claim Hannibal as one of their own.  We know that Hannibal and his father, Hamilcar had deep roots in Spain, and that many of his warriors were from Spain.  Moreover, we also know that Hannibal, and the Carthagian warriors were greatly feared by the Romans.  Additionally, the Amazighs hint at some relationship with Atlantis.
There appears to be a credible body of evidence to suggest that the Berber culture of Spain fused with the later arriving Celts and produced a rich and unique new civilization in Spain.  Yet, much of the history of this fusion has been lost.
Today, the Amazighs of North Africa, from Egypt to Morocco are emerging from the shadows of history.  They are reaching across borders in North Africa and across the sea to their relatives in Spain in an apparent quest to become a nation.
Many Spanish researchers and Amazigh scholars have noted the similarities in physical appearance, dress, icons and symbols, and red hair between the Amazighs and the descendants of the Celts in Spain.  Moreover, the Amazighs tattoo their bodies, paint their faces in blue paint, and retain many of the horned helmets and other decorative fixtures found among the ancient Celts of Britain.
Consequently, many are asking if the Celts and the Berbers are the same people.  If they are, then this poses implications of enormous importance.  First, the Amazighs claim they are not Arabs.  Moreover, they claim that Islam was forced upon them.  Third, they also view the Arabs and their functionaries in present day Egypt, Algeria, Tunisia and in Morocco as interlopers, much the same as the white French, English and Spanish colonial overlords in North Africa.  Finally, they are being persecuted and abused in North Africa, and there is a growing irredentist movement among them in North Africa, which may erupt in violence.

Do you have any knowledge about the Amazighs and their possible relationship to the Celts of Spain, Ireland, Wales. and Scotland?  Any information you may have will be much appreciated.  We are looking to contact researchers interested in links between the Celts of Spain, the UK and the Amazighs of North Africa.
Thank you for your attention to this matter.  I am looking forward to hearing from you.
Bendigo Cruz
Naconah to Cyrellys
August 28 2014
WOW!  You hit the jackpot…can hardly wait to get into this.  TY for sharing!!!!

From: Cyrellys
To: Naconah
Sent: Wednesday, August 27, 2014 11:44 PM
Subject: Re:

On the subject of the ancient Celts and the last technological civilization, and the cyclic cataclysm, here’s some links on the topic from today’s haul that you will find a remarkable combo:

according to the vid Smithsonian is on the scene and the detailed diagram of the find will not be released until Sept 9.  Gee, I can guess why if the contents as they claim reveal the site to be inhabited continuously for 10,000 years or more.  That makes it antediluvian (pre-flood or in the time frame of the flood/cyclic planetary cataclysm that took out the global civilization during its civil war).  Now see the quotes from the next link below in regards to this….
Quote A:  The results offer a completely new look on how the American continent was populated and confirm that the cultural similarities between ancient peoples on different continents might be much more than just a coincidence. Scientists try to explain these facts with new theories about the population of the New World. They believe that the Solutreans of Spain might have crossed the Atlantic using the southern Equatorial current and entered the Caribbean and Central America between 18,000 and 12,000 years ago. They would then become known as the Clovis hunters of America. Clovis, with its distinctive biface, blade and osseous technologies, is the oldest widespread archaeological complex defined in North America, dating from 11,100 to 10,700 years before present (13,000 to 12,600 calendar years bp).
QUOTE B:  The recent genetic findings mentioned above suggest also that the people now known as Gaelic speaking Celts (including Irish, Welsh, Scots, Basques and Berbers) are a remnant of a group of people who also left Spain between 18,000 and 12,000 years ago and spent 6,000 years isolated from Europe before returning, bringing the Megalithic culture to coastal Europe.
(My family oral history states the ancestors of the Aes Dana, those referred to as Dannan ‘came out of the sky of the west in a cloud of smoke to land once more in Eire’.  This is the Return, post cataclysm.)
QUOTE C:  The Paiutes, a Native-American tribe indigenous to parts of Nevada, Utah and Arizona, told early white settlers about their ancestors’ battles with a ferocious race of white, red-haired giants. According to the Paiutes, the giants were already living in the area.
Interestingly, this corresponds to an Egyptian popular, allegorical legend that seems to report the war-like conflicts between the gods and an evil red-haired race. The legend influenced Egyptian Afterlife traditions and led to the human sacrifice of red-haired people. Later on, as already stated in previous articles, Egypt suddenly had a red-haired king. And while this is a fact that researchers accept saying “the customs had changed in the new kingdom”, one wonders what may have happened to make Egyptian people worship a pharaoh who seemingly was the descendant of their lethal enemy.
Other tribes on the American continent describe the people that their ancestors found at their arrival on the continent as mythical beings with super natural powers. This corresponds to important legends of Central and South American peoples.

QUOTE D:  The Mayas and POMA0106vAztecs recorded their encounters with a race of giants that lived in the north, and everywhere in the populations of the Andes Mountains we find the same legend of a tall, bearded man with fair skin who appeared coming over the ocean. He arrived in times of great trouble when the sun had disappeared and flood had devastated Earth. They called him Viracocha.

You really need to read the WHOLE article…
And about the age of the celtic symbol ‘the spiral’the symbol commonly held as representing the ‘creation of the Universe’….
they give a notation about remains being rare in the time frame of the 4000 to 5000 time period….Didn’t the link at the beginning of this missive talk about there being a disappearance of the genetic markers of this period?  And isn’t this the time frame in which the civilization X descendants – the Celts – return from overseas or wherever?  Gram said at the time of the return the world was still settling.  This means the sloshing and rumbling was not wholly abated.  If the project to map the world’s new position and relation to the cosmos began in this time, and it makes sense by archaeology then it would have been necessary for surviving the after effects still in play.
On Wed, Aug 27, 2014 at 5:48 PM, Naconah wrote:

Agreed on that… you see their defiance, not only to the Europeans, but to the Arabs.  Lets contact them at that web site and open a dialog.  I find them fascinating and so do a lot of Spaniards.  One of the things that is so inspiring is that Spanish musicians and artists are reaching out to them seeing commonalities between them.
Juan Pena, el Lebrijano (the dude from Lebrija) is one of them.  I am trying to get his home page to translate to English, but can’t maybe you can…he is a very interesting man, a Spanish gypsy.
One of the things I noticed, is that if the Amazighs can create associations to revive their culture and ancient knowledge, then why can’t the Celts?  So, I went looking and I found this…in a university.  My sense is that there is a very real danger in a host academic sponsorship of Celtic studies.  Here is why.  The host (the university), is tied into the cabal’s Carnegie education system and will try to steer the narrative and discourse, and eventually corrupt the outcome.  That is why I am no longer a professor of criminal justice.  Celts need to sponsor their own university and studies projects.

“CFP for Cornering the Snarket: Sarcasm and Snark in Medieval Literature, an anthology of essays. Co-Editors: Alan Baragona and Elizabeth L. Rambo
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Celtic Studies Association of North America

Celtic Studies Association of North America, CSANA
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El Lebrijano – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Juan Peña Fernández, also known as Juan Peña “El Lebrijano” or simply El Lebrijano (born 1941) is a Spanish Gitano (Roma) musician, the nephew of Perrate de Utrera.
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From: Cyrellys 
To: Naconah

Sent: Wednesday, August 27, 2014 4:47 PM
Subject: Re:

The bio of that musician on the site is interesting.  His rebellion is understandable in the context given.  My personal opinion on the use and maintenance of their hereditary language is that they should not acquiesce to the umbrella culture’s attempts to marginalize or outlaw it.  They should simply continue to use it even if it ends up being strictly among themselves.  Someone can only take your free will from you if you cease using it.

On Wed, Aug 27, 2014 at 3:32 PM, Naconah wrote:

You are beginning to sense the same thing I was…a nagging that there is a connection here.  This wonderful exposition of yours needs to go on Manticore and on Pinterest.
Look at what I found!!!!
Amazigh Cultural Association in America

Amazigh Cultural Association Website
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From: Cyrellys 
To: Naconah  
Sent: Wednesday, August 27, 2014 2:43 PM
Subject: Re:

​​​​Ah ok, I have a little time…feel free to forward this to any Amazigh for their thoughts on this…there’s more I could add but hands have become fatigued.

Where to start!  I was looking over the Amazigh images with great interest.  I can definitely see the ancient ties to Old Irish / ancient celtic culture.
There are symbols they’re using in their body art which are the same as some of the astronomical symbols in the old star charts or in calculations for ancient astronomy or geo-location.  Also that they paint such symbols on their bodies, specifically.  Both Ancient Irish and Ancient Scandinavian traditions do this.  Our family paints black or blue symbols on our faces and arms at Samhain – the end of harvest tide and the celtic new year when the hearths are symbolically relit for the coming year, and a candle is put in the window for the lost ancients to find their way home (origin of the european tradition of candle on the stoop and the jack-o-lantern).
amazigh symbols
compare to:
both norse and oghamic symbology has overlaps and there are instances where you can find both melded like in inscriptions found on stones and other items discovered in North America, i.e. Minnesota, Maine, Arizona, Oklahoma and Colorado.
        – a nice list of the different ones including mention of the Cosainne Ogham writing discovered in Colorado.
(I can confirm “Grian” is the name for the sun – note I specify THE SUN not some sun god!  Freaking anthropologists think everything has to specify some goofy deity; ugh!).  The weird part is to think of a ancient irishman worshiping.  Celtic culture strictly forbade religion until the coming of Christianity.  But sailors have been known to pick up strange habits when removed from their people, culture, customs, and social structures while out at sea.  The ancient irish were not foreign to joining foreign expeditions as navigators, and this documented example could be a navigator with a foreign crew helping them find the proper alignments for other crew members who practice that religion for their observances, etc, etc….sort of like looking at an engineer’s notes scrawled in the margins of various documents pertaining to something he’s working on.
Celtic Constellations
I mention this because the ancient celts were well aware same as the Dogon of the total number of stars of the Pleiades.
now see what looks suspiciously like representations of the seven stars below:

​amazigh symbols.   Maybe they’re just geometric designs but most traditional markings are held in the stasis of tradition because there is something important about them to be remembered.  Celts spend a great deal of time culturally obsessing over their origins.  Whether that is familial origins, recent origins, or ancient origins especially.  The further back the origin detail goes the more sacred the holding and expressing of that information becomes even if the definition or meaning gets forgotten.  If the Amazigh are culturally related in some way there is good cause to suspect they’d do the same in the effort to preserve information about their origins.  Women were often history keepers in the oral tradition…so to find such markings adorning a female, is to me not surprising.

​Celtic stars from stones at Newgrange.  (Courtesy of

door decor ?:
Amazigh door from pininterest…and beside it a celtic door (above).
Below link to many celtic doorways…kindred obsession anyone?

​Doors are sacred objects because they imply a boundary between worlds.  In celtic mythology they have taken on otherworldly rules and proportions while mediating the interconnection between life and beyond.

there is an iron age helmet in the British museum that is horned.  “Ancient celtic warriors also wore horned helmets and helmets with horse tails (snip) and in order to create a more fearsome look.”  Source:
and then there is this old tale dating from the period when the Old Way was being squelched by the Norman Franks and the Roman version of Christianity which was at that point holding power:
Notice in the story about the “horned women” how they are defined as Fenian.
“The name derives from the ancient Irish Fenians, a professional military corps that roamed over ancient Ireland (c.3d cent.) in the service of the high kings.”  They were equally referred to as the Fianna.
In the book Fenian Heroes and Martyrs, you may find the following quote:
“The Fenians, called by the Irish writers Fianna Eirionn (The Fenians of Ireland) are mentioned in the Four Masters, under the title of Fene, or Feine, which according to Doctor O’Conor, signifies the Phoenicians of Ireland, and they were probably called so says McDermott, from the tradition that the Phoenicians came to Ireland in the early ages.  Their Mode of life would seem to give some warrant to the conjecture that the name was as likely to come from Fiadhach (Feeagh), a hunt and to mean an order of hunters.  Thus the German Light Cavalry Corps, Jagers, means hunters.  The Fenians seem to have done nothing but hunt and fight*.
The leader of the Fenians was Fingal.  Dr. O’Donovan says, “This celebrated warrior, who had two grand residences in Leinster, one at Almhaim, now the hill of Allen, and the other at Magh Elle, now Moyelly, in the Kings’s County, was son-in-law of King Cormac, and General of his standing army…”
The general organization of that standing army was after the fashion of the ancient Roman Legion in Britain.
​What the book will not tell, is that a high percentage of the Fenian were ‘Old Irish’ (trans. CG).  To have the designation Feine or Fein or Fene after your hearth was a designation of great honor which you were obligated to uphold.  It is how the Dannans of the period sought to uphold their promise through participation in the scribing and translating of ancient documents (doc preservation) and as Feine….see the designation in my ancestral home “Feara Maighe Fene”.  This means the Old World inhabited the Fianna and like Artorious ap Pendragon this did not ingratiate it in the latter Roman Catholicism that came to dominate the culture in period of the Norman conquest in particular which began in 1050 a.d.
Anyway the point of mentioning this is that we find the wearing or possessing of horns present in the celtic culture and of course since it belonged to the survivors of the antediluvian epoch opposed to the then version of the cabal, it is of course on the [expletive] list and the ‘acceptable’ mythology accommodates it as evidenced by the story.
Certainly appearances can be deceiving but where there is smoke is also usually fire.

On Wed, Aug 27, 2014 at 7:45 AM, Naconah wrote:

I love Pinterest…

Pinterest is a visual discovery tool that you can use to find ideas for all your projects and interests.
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FW:  Introduction and Invitation
On Monday, August 25, 2014 12:02 PM, Bendigo Cruz wrote:
Dear Guy,
A good friend, who has followed your reports and comments for various publications recently suggested that I contact you.
I am an author, former academic, and criminal intelligence analyst.  Currently, I contribute articles for several blogs and E-journals.  I’ve declined offers to contribute articles for mainstream publications for several reasons, such as myopic insularity and prejudice.
 I am of Celtic descent and lived in Spain for many years, speak Spanish fluently, and still have family in Spain (Ibiza, Santander).
My research specialty is in deep state politics, political warfare, and the Breakaway and Parallel Civilization (4th Reich).  Today, I write for Manticore Group ( a fast growing blog here in the United States that covers a variety of subjects from deep state politics to globalism.
We are very concerned about Spain and would love to have a journalist/blogger from Iberosphere to present views on Spanish politics for our growing readership here in the United States, especially on Catalan nationalism, Spanish disenfranchisement, and what it means for Spain and Europe.

One of the issues that concerns us is that ISIS has targeted Spain.

Moreover, we are also interested in the apparent deep dissatisfaction Spaniards have with their present government and with the EU.  Additionally, we are very  interested in exploring links between Spanish Celts and the Celts of Ireland, Wales and Scotland.
You may be aware that that there is another highly significant ethnic population in Spain.  They were present before the arrival of the Celts in Spain.  These are the Amazighs, or the Berbers.  The two peoples fused and produced an amazing and very rich interdependent culture that few know about.  Currently, there is a deeply rooted and growing ethnic movement among North African Berbers seeking a nation to be and they are reaching out to their kin in Spain.   This yearning for nationhood based on commonalities of ethnicity, language, and history may lead to an irredentist movement with political trajectories leading to Spain, which is likely to be fiercely resisted by Spanish elites.
A political union between the Berbers of North Africa and the crypto Muslims of Spain (Moriscos), the Amazighs of Spain, and Islamic reunification with the Al Andalus has vast geopolitical implications not only for Spain, but for the world.  Especially so, if Islamic radical groups, such as ISIS manages to infiltrate and hijack any reunification movement.  The world needs to know about this new trend in identity politics and cultural geography.
If this appeals to you, please advise and I will put you in contact with my editor.  We would also be interested in collaborating with you on issues of mutual interest.
Warm regards y un abrazo.
Quintus Dias

Cyrellys to Bogeydriver  August 25 of 2014
we’ve been wondering why the ptb have been so fearful of the Spanish
rediscovering their Celtic heritage….

Naconah to Cyrellys  August 25 of 2014
Re: Spanish politics.  Now you are getting a look at the real Spaniards.  They have a saying over there that only the God or the DEVIL knows the souls of Spaniards.  They admit to being [expletive], and take pride in it.  But if you read between the lines of the article you can spot the codewords relating to the cabal.  There are three Spanish areas of interest that if I were a national security analyst I would focus in on.
One is in the north with the Basques (ETA terrorist group).  Those dudes had a close association with Carlos the Jackal and the IRA.  I remember when the ETA blew up a Spanish Admiral, a perfect bit of wet work.  ETA and Sein Finn were training each others bombers, ran guns back and forth, and used each others remote locations to hide out in.   Ireland used the US for the same purpose: raise money, procure guns, recruits, and to kill off noted English personages over in the States.  England had MI6 kill Irishmen in the states after agreement with Roosevelt and Wilson during their administrations.  The Irish hated Wilson and Roosevelt for turning on them.
The second Spanish area of focus of course, is Catalonia, arguably the most progressive and richest province in all Spain.  Catalans are an extremely gifted and hardworking people.  Catalonia is Celt country.  And typically, the prevalent attitude is hurray for me and fuck you!  Anarchism, again another Spanish political fixation is rampant in Catalonia.  Madrid has tried to poo-poo Catalan independence for years.  However, after the recent independence resolution, the government got serious, and threatened to invade with troops-not good.
The third and perhaps the most important area of focus IMO rests with Al Andalus or Andalucia.  Again, Andalucia is fabulously wealthy and rich.  The people there are Amazighs, Spanish Berbers.  This is the geographic location of the fabulous Caliphate of Cordoba during the Arab golden age.  There are many crypto Moors (Berbers and Jews) for that matter in southern Spain, after all, it was their homeland.  The Jews came in with the Moors and the Arabs as court administrators and functionaries for the Arab suzerains, who were mostly Syrians.
What makes this area so important is that ISIS and revanchist political extremists espousing a neo-Caliphate order in Europe want it back.  The ancient Caliphate was a vast area, including most of Iberia, parts of southern France, all of North Africa, parts of Italy, Sicily and the Levant.  The driving force behind all of this IMO is Saudi Arabia, which bears watching.  The Saudis are deep inside the cabal.  Consequently, if ISIS gains a foothold in Spain and the black ISIS banner establishes itself in North Africa, then it is not an Arab thing or even a Muslim thing.  What it is, is the cabal fronted by the Rothschilds through Israel.  I expect the Spanish will react fiercely to prevent another Muslim foothold in Spain.  But then again, Spain is not Europe…Spain is different and anything is possible.
What does religious and political trouble mean in Spain for the world?  In one sense nothing.  It would be nothing but a settling of accounts among the Spaniards–very dramatic and bloody.  On the other hand, it means a likely Spanish and North African war which could fatally undermine the EU and NATO.
Moreover, a drawn out conflict in Spain and North Africa also meets cabal objectives of reducing population, eradicating native peoples from resource rich lands that the cabal wants, and serves to ignite a deadly Muslim and Christian war which they want to use to destroy both of these major world religions.  People tend to forget that the cabal is at war with Christians, Muslims and with Orthodox Jews.  They are Luciferians.
Consequently, we can already see the chess pieces begin to align and position themselves on the board.  We could very well see a new Game of Thrones about to be played, but this time in Spain.

Cyrellys to Quintas Dias   August 25 of 2014
That makes a tremendous amount of sense to me….it literally rings
true.  The wrench in their works is if these people are related to the
ancient Irish and other Celts, i.e. descendants of Atlantis and the
last global war….against the forefathers of those we today know as
the cabal; the luciferians.

If that realization of kinship materializes fully then ISIS et al
Cabal have zero hope of succeeding there and may well loose all of
Europe to the great awakening.

Quintas Dias to Cyrellys  August 25 of 2014
A deep current of dissatisfaction underscores Spanish politics.  A new political party, Podemos (We Can) has emerged with overtones of an Obamacist inspiration.   You have to be really careful with Spanish politics, as you don’t know whether political movements are inspired and driven from the left, the center, or from the right.  Spain has a very deep love affair with anarchism, one of the driving forces that set off the Spanish Revolution back in the 1930s, serving as a preview for WWII.  It appears that the Monarchy is becoming more and more irrelevant to Spanish national life and we could see the end to it.
A cursory glance at Podemos suggests a typical Spanish amalgam of rationality, leftist politics, and anti-government sentiment that is mixed in with Spanish fantasy and populism…typical Spanish optimism combined with deep despondency!
IMO we cannot ignore the left.  To do so is to court disaster, as hard core extremists bent on implementing a communist state in Spain with aims of massacring political opponents and Christians like they did in 1936 is always a possibility in Spain.  Nor can we ignore rightist reaction.  Falangism or Spanish Fascism is also a very powerful force.  Both are mutually exclusive and seek the total eradication of the other.  The interaction, conflict and inability or unwillingness of Spanish political forces to reach an equitable accommodation was one of the ingredients that ignited the Spanish civil war and served as precursor to WWII.  WWII, arguably started in Spain.
Your thoughts?
“Spain is Different”: Podemos and 15-M

Pablo Iglesias in debate, February, 2014. Demotix/Nacho Goytre.
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Quintas Dias to Cyrellys, Bob, and Patrick  August 23 of 2014
This is extremely worrisome.  ISIS is setting sights on Spain.  Spain is of enormous geopolitical importance, as it is the guardian to Europe, the gateway to the inner Mediterranean and Middle East, North Africa and the Atlantic.
The Spaniards are in ferment searching for their roots.  Spain’s rising economy was deliberately crushed by the cabal.  There are many crypto Jews and Muslims in Spain.  ISIS is an Israeli/Anglo-American construct, which may appeal to dissatisfied Muslim elements in Spain.
The mainstream Spaniards will fiercely resist any Jewish or Muslim encroachment on their territory.  However, with Spain in socioeconomic chaos there is great opportunity to wreak further havoc in Spain and to destabilize the country to the point of civil war, or to provoke Spain to attack ISIS affiliated targets in the Middle East.  Thus, if this trend continues, Spain then could very well be a flashpoint for a regional war.
When ISIS talks about establishing a revanchist Islamic Caliphate, it is indirectly citing the glorious Caliphate of CORDOBA, which produced one of the richest civilizations known to man.  No Muslim Caliphate can exist without Muslim SPAIN.  That is the objective…  ISIS intends to project power from Spain after they kill off all the Christians.  We need to get word out to our European and to especially our Spanish and Portuguese friends.
Finally, any analyst would do well to look into who really would control the so-called neo Muslim Caliphate in Spain if it were to emerge as a political state, and what would the impact of this be on Europe.  If the Jews cite their diaspora as an impetus in seeking retribution and or reconciliation, then the Muslims can justifiably cite their own diaspora…they too were expelled from Spain and left behind a rich culture, language and descendants.  Spain was the crown jewel in the Caliphate.
Additionally, consideration should be given to the original inhabitants of Spain.  The Amazighs, or the Berbers who are related by culture, language, and custom to the Berbers in North Africa.  The Amazighs are a culture of dispersed people looking for a nation to make.
Can Celt, Berber, Jew, Christian and Muslim co-exist?  Yes, they did so for centuries in Spain and got along very well, indeed.  However, the loyalty of each is going to have to be Spain as nation and not to the levers of power in Israel, London, or in Saudi Arabia.  That would work as long as a Spanish multicultural government seeks to accommodate, and to tolerate each others religion and customs.  Spain, then contextually would be much like the poly cultural United States, and could like the United States produce its own unique civilization.
I doubt that the cabal would tolerate that for an instant if it could not control Spain’s destiny.  My sense would be to look at Israel and Saudi Arabia for links to ISIS targeting Spain.
Jihadists prep for takeover of Spain

A Free Press For A Free People Since 1997
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The Caliphate of Cordoba, Al-Andalus – Arabs in Spain | …

The Caliphate of Cordoba. One of the greatest political achievements of Moorish Spain was the creation of the Caliphate of Cordoba by Abd ar-Rahman III.
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Muslims Demand “Right of Return” to Spain

Muslim groups are demanding Spanish citizenship for potentially millions of descendants of Muslims who were expelled from Spain during the Middle Ages. The gro…
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Quintus Dias

Spanish Ancient Warriors (review)
Naconah to Cyrellys  August 18 of 2014
A couple of reasons not to [expletive] off Spanish warriors.  In modernity, they sang a mournful death chant going into battle considering that death was their wives and girlfriends.  “La Novias de la Muerte…”
The swords and the falcatas of the iberian warriors

THE IBERIAN SOLDIERS By: Jos I. Lago. The old authors describe to the iberos soldiers dressed in white short dress with borders purple and their beras falcatas in the hand.
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The falcata is a curved sword from the Iberian Peninsula. It is the Close-Range weapon of…
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Ancient Iberian Warriors

The Iberians were in great demand as mercenaries throughout the western mediterranean. They were a tribal people, and Iberian men valued martial prowess above all.
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Amazigh Blogger in Morocco
Quintas Dias to Cyrellys, Patrick (Eire)  Aug 15 of 2014
Been doing some investigating… I found this site and interview with an Amazigh blogger from Morocco.  Very interesting interview.  This may open some leads on the significance of these people and why the Illumines want them written out of history.  As I mentioned to you yesterday, some of my contacts think they may be the remnants of the Atlantean civilization or descendants of the Celts with no memory of who they originated from.
I will try to contact this person and see where it goes.  As I said, Spanish Celts, the Celts from Ireland, Wales and Scotland need to sit down with the Amazighs and have some long discussions.  What I am seeing is dialog between Amazighs all over North Africa, but not too much with their relatives in Spain or any dialog with Celts.  Hannibal and the Carthagians are key to a lot of this.  Tsarion alleges that the Phoenecians were Celt ancient mariners.  Carthage was settled by the Phoenicians as was Cartagena in Spain.  Hannibal and his father, Hamilcar are linked to Spain.  Cadiz is an ancient Phoenician city
Morocco: Interview with an Amazigh Blogger · Global Voic…

Jillian York sheds light on the message and struggle of Moroccan Amazigh and activist Bouba, who blogs at Ghasbouba. Who are the Amazigh? What is Bouba bloggin…
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August 16 of 2014 Additional Confirmation of Atlantis:  Bucegi
Lee Ho to Cyrellys, Patrick (Eire)
Take a look at this, when he began narrating, the first thing that came to mind was the film Prometheus and the second was Hitler’s expeditions to Egypt and to Tibet.

Lee Ho

The Secret of Secrets – Tunnels in Bucegi mountains displaying our true history discovered in 2003 | Alternative

The Secret of Secrets – Tunnels in Bucegi mountains disp…

The Secret of Secrets Tunnels in Bucegi mountains displaying our true history discovered in 2003 In the summer of 2003, in an unexplored area of the Bucegi mounta…
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From Cyrellys to Lee Ho

I saved an html file of the page.  Cy

August 18 of 2014  To Cyrellys
What is the Celtic mind and why do you think it is rising now???
August 18 of 2014
It is stirring.  Unless it can finish coming to self realization, like what the people in Spain are doing, the Rising will not fully emerge.  The first ones are out there asking questions about themselves, their past and struggling to envision their future.   The Celtic Mind is a cultural style of perceiving; an application with its roots in the various strands of surviving cultural subgroups or a conglomerate of several.  Cy
August 18 of 2014  Naconah to Cyrellys
Then you are delineating a global resistance potential based on Celt total resistance to tyranny and capabilities to rise up, and deal militarily with tyrants seeking to enslave them.  That is what people want to know and why would the Celts be the ones to do this?  What makes them so special?  Where in history can this be supported?
LOL…just go read Caesar’s accounts of the Gallic war and what Tacitus had to say about the Celts in Britain…BOUDICCA, and what the English found out about the Irish and Scots in innumerable wars.
Look at the Spanish Falcata…that wasn’t meant to cut steak, but Roman soldiers.
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August 18 of 2014 Cyrellys to Naconah
Lol, precisely…who upon this Earth loves truth and justice more than a Celt?  Who could find a greater cause to stand against tyranny?  Why would we who are children of the revolving door of lifetimes fear the threat of death?  Simply to live?  Any fool can survive, but to live hand in hand with great cause; great purpose, is to be a Celt of any brand.  WE are one titanic instantiation of the interplay between self and totality!  To lose that integral set of characteristics, by which we define our meaning in living, is to lose the components necessary in the interplay. This place of myth and dream is thus a mirror image of us.  It is a metaphor of who we are.  When the evil descends, our people rise.  From behind every blade of grass we will rise.  And then those who would destroy will discover what a true dragon is.

In the words of Alexei Kondratiev, in The Apple Branch (1998), saying that in “Celtic religion… everything interpenetrates everything else, and nothing is only itself” (p.156)

What makes a Celt so special?  What makes the stuff of dreams into a home; into a nation based on the concepts described as our greatest virtues and ideals any man or woman could hold?  What makes the ancient smith not only a sword maker at the forge but an artisan molding the steel beneath the runes of the bard’s finest saga?
The Freedom no one can command…all down the blade did the old runes ran; a warning plain to see!…The runes read I serve but the good, of Life and Liberty!   (verse source Arizona Sword by Leslie Fish)

August 14 of 2014
Ceile De
Naconah to Cyrellys
I am enjoying the site you sent me.  I wish I had looked into my origins before.  Today, I find the experience of knowing about my roots like finding out I have a brother I never knew about…bittersweet.  I am finding the Celtic tradition simply amazing, like their reverence for nature and natural beauty.
I would like to see the Spaniards, Portuguese, Scots, Welsh, Irish open up dialogs with each other and then with the Amazighs of Spain and North Africa.
Politically, I am watching the Amazigh narrative.  They have a trans border collective consciousness awakening and they are beginning to reach out to each other across Africa, and the sea to Spain.  I was delighted to see Spanish flamenco singers and guitar players begin to share their musical traditions to find they have deep and common roots.  Spanish musicians are now working across the sea with musicians from Morocco, Algiers and Tunisia exploring the roots of their music.  I am listening to a fusion and it is truly beautiful and original.  The Moors brought the guitar to Spain.  Some unknown Spaniard added a sixth string, perfecting the instrument which the Spaniards mastered and call their own.
Some of this fusion music resembles Gaelic music.  The Amazighmusic is happier and livelier in tone than the Spanish.  The Spanish is uniquely melancholic twisted in personal anguish.
There is an orchestrated and hostile backlash coming from the cabal about this exploration for roots and commonality between Spaniard and Moor…big time.  Actually, it is quite racialist and hostile.
Wondering why, I am beginning to trace a possible cause.  North Africa sits on the largest fresh water reservoir in Europe.  The rest of Africa sits on the world’s largest known oil reserves.  You can follow the dots from there.

…et finis:
They say the sword vanished clean away
For none has heard of it since that day
But seek it wisely and find ye may
Take care o would be lord
Beware ye tyrant beware ye fool
for who is the master and who the tool?
You may well serve but you shall not Rule!
The Arizona Sword

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