Dialog on Fw: PLEASE READ…May Apply to You

Naconah.   Note this event…we are likely to see more of it…nobody is addressing this issue but are forcing it on the public.

From JC via Email on October 7th of 2014.

This is important.  Suspected E patient taken into protective custody and remanded to psychiatric hospital.
1.  Is the hospital level 4 certified?
2.  Does staff have the appropriate training and means to supervise infected patients?
3.  Does hospital have adequate security to confine patient and to prevent escape or contact with non hospital staff?
God, I am sick of this and cannot keep up with it…


Reply by Cyrellys.   October 7 of 2014.
Why on earth would they send an E-patient to a psych hospital?  What, they trying to disappear people who contract the disease?  And is the patient a health care worker?  Or someone else?  Link?

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