Quintas Dias Hints on the Bush Family

U.S. Nazi Dynasty …. the Bush Family | Politics

Bush Family is Nazi Dynasty in the U.S. | LaRouchePAC The British Empires operation to launch Jeb Bushs presidential candidacy has to be shut down now, as fast as…
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What a bunch of scumbags…I can attest that according to our sources the Bush family have been involved in narcotics and Satanic rituals and other heinous crimes for a very long time.
See Barry Seal and the Bushes.
See the Franklin Coverup and the Bushes.
See Dope Inc.
See the Soong Dynasty.
See George H.W. Bush, the unauthorized biography.
The Bushes were involved with railroad magnate Harriman since the Robber Baron era.  George Bush put LaRouche in prison on trumped up charges.

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