Negative Tipping Point Approaches America

Cyrellys Geibhendach. Hey Everyone! I have a emergency message to relay to everyone. As many of you know I maintain a lot of fishing line. The totality gives a pretty interesting view of the depths of our paradigm. Today I have a very important message that comes from one of those for you that is requesting your assistance. If you are reading this message then the request applies to you!

Please forward. Please make viral. Confidential Source says America and the World is evaluated approaching a tipping point. The recent deaths in Dallas and other locations are false flags! The blood was manufactured, intended to be impetus for race war, national collapse/martial law, and subsequently thru following transnational conflict, total civilization collapse. Source says we must get this stopped! Source is requesting assistance from Manticore Group and anyone else who hears this message to assist in preventing this. Source requests UNIVERSAL STAND DOWN.

We’ve known for a long time that our deep water ship was approaching the brink. Folks, we are at that brink. We face a choice. We can either self destruct and go the way of ancient Camelot and Avalon OR we can get our act together, reach out to our neighbors and communities, and ‘get this stopped!’

None of our ancestors wanted the likes of race-baiters, illuminists, three-letter acronym agencies, or attention seekers to destroy the remarkable construct that they helped to build for all of us…a nation whose stated principles were toward uplifting ALL HUMAN POTENTIAL! This nation was intended to be inhabited by those who would lead the charge in setting the example to follow by an entire world. The viciousness out there right now IS. NOT. IT!

Ladies and gentlemen, all walks of life…I’m sending out this relay to all of you to lend your weight to this effort to turn the ship from the cliff.

It can be done…you must “remember who you are!”

Sithchain (Old Irish, “peace”)



4 thoughts on “Negative Tipping Point Approaches America”

  1. Cyrellys: This evil work being laid upon us is a deliberate attack to destroy our once-beautiful country, and as you say, “This nation was intended to be inhabited by those who would lead the charge in setting the example to follow by an entire world.” What is taking place today is NOT a part of that example, and it is our DUTY to stop it and return to the benevolent people that we were created to be ! –Bob Bowen

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  2. Agreed! What does it take to get everyone to care as you and I do? In the after math of WWII Germany people said why didn’t any warn them and how did it happen…today we think it can’t happen here. It can. It IS happening here. And obvious the confidential source is thinking the same thing we are. There are likely thousands or hundreds of thousands, maybe millions around this country like us. Connecting the links in the rescue chain to the anchor we all espouse is the hard part. Where’s the ironworker with the giant crimper? Someone call that man to the front of the line!


  3. Im Irish and i care …some people may look at it like “not their” problem but i have to say wake up and smell the coffee……what happens in America filters around the world like a wave basically its a demonstration of power and whoever is orchestrating it is saying to the rest of the world “look what we can do in plain daylight” , you are next… example of this cause and effect is quite simply , in one part of the world say there is some fracking going on , well in another there is an earthquake its connected………

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