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Mil Gear Update: certain mil equip items are becoming scarce or escalating in price

By Naconah:   Here is another trend.  Certain mil equip items are becoming scarce or escalating in price.

a.  Bunny boots
b.  Rain Ponchos, tripled in price
c.  Mil sleeping bags, MSS combo are getting hard to find and are going up
d.  Mil back packs
e.  Tactical gear, vests and load bearing equipment going up
f.  Poncho liners, doubled in price
g.  Mil gauntlets, doubled
h.  MREs
i.  Esbit stoves and fuel tabs, tripled in price
j.  Canteens and mess kits
k. Camo BDUS, doubled in price!
l.  Cold WX goretex parkas and pants…getting hard to find and price is going up

Best price points are on Amazon and evil bay.

Best winter mil clothing for the money is German and Swedish…The Swede M90 insulated parka and insulated pants are exceptional (Centerfire systems has them).

The only good thing I have to say about mil gear is that it is much more rugged than equivalent civilian gear and cheaper, but bulkier and a lot heavier