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China: PLA Gone Rogue?

 “… States in foreign affairs do not have friends, only INTERESTS!”  Henry Kissenger.

Quintas Dias.  I have been studying China, its military, military thought, intelligence agencies and history for years…Ever since I learned how deeply China had penetrated American infrastructure (neck deep in the Chinagate affair and ‘Bubba’ Clinton), the role of the Triads, China’s organized crime, and its “chopmen” serving as assassins, I was certain that China was likely to create “Chaos under Heaven” at some time in the future to pursue its interests and to split apart the West’s containment ring around her periphery.  Bubba Clinton lied to China.  Bubba is a pathological liar.  China should have known better than to listen to that bullshit artiste.  Hell, China could have asked Americans on the street if Bubba was someone to trust, as Clinton opened wide our industry, even our military to Chinese spies.  My point?   Bubba’s engagement policy with China that built up China’s coffers and plundered ours was a chimera.  Bubba’s engagement was a thinly disguised containment strategy.  My point?  It’s simple.  Chinese greed and need to modernize was a perfect opportunity to get China to buy our debt, and then at some point in time to break the one way economic stick off in China’s ass and bring her crashing down around the Illumines ankles.  So, solly, fools.
There is some speculation that China’s new strongman, Central Committee Party Boss Xi Jinping is concerned that certain elements of the PLA have gone rogue or are following Mandarins bent on becoming regional warlords.  China’s history is replete with factionalism and with puppet masters suddenly assuming the status of regional war lords.  That is one reason why China was plunged into over one thousand years of continuous warfare, giving rise to a series of brilliant military thinkers, such as Sun Tsu.
Many people do not understand Chinese politics and throw up their hands at all the factions competing for power and influence.  The best way I can describe it for you, is to consider premiers like Xi Jingping as emperors, but Red emperors.  That implies that communism is just an expedient.  A useful tool in order to leverage China’s military and industrial power to offset the preponderance of western power in Asia.  Following on, then consider Xi Jinping as the “BOSS OF ALL BOSSES.”  That’s right Chinese politics is very similar to American organized crime.  Why do I say this?  It’s simple.  The Triads are the Chinese state.  Very much like the Mafia is the American state.  Moreover, China has been linked to the Venetian Bankers and intelligence operatives since well before Marco Polo (An operative for the Black Nobility).
Additionally, consider that China’s way in foreign affairs is based on kowtowing to the Emperor.  That is, acknowledging that China is the megalodon in the Asian sea and the Tyrannous Rex on the landmass.  All that is required, is for vassal states in the region is to kiss the emperor’s ass, pay the tribute, and all will be well in the Middle Kingdom.  If not, then China’s likely response is to flatten the vassal, his state, his family and to absorb it.  Contextually, North Korea is a vassal state and does nothing without China’s approval.  Korea is the false flag front that China uses to supply WMDs to Islamic states.  Korea serves the same function for Pakistan (oh, no!)  Fuck, oh, yes.  Care to guess which Islamic states besides Pakistan has nuclear weapons?
By now you should realize that a deadly game is going on between China, Russia, India and the West.  it’s been going on since England doped up the Chinese people and waged war against China, ripping off her wealth and exacting tribute from her at the point of the Royal Navy, 12 pounder guns, and English mercenary soldiers hired out to the EAST INDIA COMPANY.  The experience left the Chinese profoundly bitter and upset that their focus on spiritual power was insufficient to overcome the West’s supriority in material power.  Thus, China was slated to be the perpetual ‘Sick Man of Asia’ as the Ottoman Empire was in the Middle East, inferring that China was open for exploitation and a subservient role to Western Imperialists.
Consider why China is in Africa.  Consider why China is in Tibet.  Consider why China is making probes against India and at times swatting those pesky Viets.  Then consider why China despite all the warm fuzzies associated with the West making China the chief of medium quality manufacturing in the globe has openly declared in a series of White Papers that the United States is is chief enemy.  Why has China entered into a deep strategic treaty with Russia?  Could it be that all is not well in the Chinese partnership with the Illumines, such as China wanting a bigger slice of the pie?
Thus, is Xi demanding from China’s military total loyalty to him as the latest emperor on the scene?  Are we seeing a new Maoist cult of personality emerge in Chinese politics, or is this a subterfuge, which China is famous for.  If it is, then we could expect a Chinese invasion of Taiwan, war with Japan, a Chinese assault on the Philippines and even a full military incursion into Alaska with the idea of China severing Alaska from the US and holding it hostage to American concessions.  At some point in time, then we could expect China to hold its military and geographical gains while blaming it all on ROGUE elements in the military.  So, solly, dudes, but we are open to negotiations if you want Alaska back, grins.
Nuke China.  Uh, no.   We are not likely to ‘glassmake’ China if she does any of those things.  China has ICBMs with nukes and we know that she intends to position nuke subs off the US coasts and to maintain a presence in Mexico, while her agents inside the US are stealing our secrets like craze, and drugging our people.
So, WTF is this all about?
Frankly, I don’t know for sure, and the fuckwads in the CIA or SIS are not telling us.  My best advice is to never take your eye off the Chinese junk peacefully sailing in your swimming pool.  My second best advice is to open a back channel to the Viets, scrape, bow low, and ask for help in understanding the way of the Red Dragon.  The Viets are the best military fighters and minds in Asia, and have had centuries of experience in dealing with China and her perfumed gardens.  Oh, BTW, the Viets have never kowtowed for long to the emperors in Beijing…not their style.
Quintus Dias
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