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Ebola Update – December 9 2014

Quintas Dias.  If you have noticed that Ebola has dropped off the radar screen in the US–good job.  You have eyes to see with.  However, despite some estimated 400 cases under surveillance in the US and two new people undergoing tests in Phoenix, AZ and in Seattle, WA, Ebola has not gone away, especially in Africa, where it has killed two more doctors.  We have no idea of the number of people with Ebola in the US, how many are sick or those listed as dead.  The reason?  Obola and his crew have buttoned up the news media.  Does  this mean there is nothing to worry about?  Hell, no!  Obola still allows infected persons to come to the US for treatment and still allows people from the hot zones to enter the country.

Spain has been declared Ebola free.  So they say…
The latest…what you are not being told is that it has been confirmed that Ebola is transmittable through the air by vomitting, coughing, and sneezing, and can linger on surfaces for quite some time.
Ebola: What We Are Not Told | Ebola

The World Health Organization has issued a bulletin which confirms that Ebola can spread viaindirect contactwith contaminated surfaces and…
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