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Pivot to Asia

By Group August 2 of 2014

Europe:  This is good ….


Yes, excellent and relevant article.  Couple of things…pivot to Asia, lies, harassment, threats of force, character assassinations, instilling global hegemony, creating choke points with intent to disrupt commerce, are more consistent with the acts of a criminal mafia than a legitimate government.
What is the intent behind pivoting to Asia?
Is that preventing the rise of China, severing ties between China and its neighbors, creating choke points to sever commerce between China, Japan and Australia?  Again, that appears to be a Mafia “bust out” operation, whereby the mafiosi move in on targeted businesses and then announce to the owners at the point of a gun that they have a new partnership in effect.  Once they subdue any opposition, then the wise guys loot the business, choke its revenue streams from sustaining the business by diverting funds into their own pockets, and then sell off all assets as the business goes under.  The point is that the destruction of one formerly profitable business will cower others into submission and make them glad to pay protection money to avoid being the next target.  If a rival gang moves in and starts doing the same thing, then the shooters start shooting and take the rivals out.
Then once they have sucked out all of the wealth from the neighborhood, the goombahs pivot elsewhere to set up the next bust out operation.
You can see the same type of strategy applied to American foreign politics under the cover of High Diplomacy.