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Harney County Meeting 1-19-2016 Review | Quintus Dias

ghost_of_an_eagle_by_dmelges-d4edqclQuintus Dias.   After watching the proceedings at the community meeting so-called in Burns, Oregon, on 01-19-2016 at the Harney Co. High School it was obvious to me that it was staged and manipulated to deny the people of Oregon and the United States an opportunity to hear dispassionately the issues at hand.

The mafia clique in Harney County did not disappoint.  The issues surrounding the Hammonds, who are widely believed to have been railroaded into prison, the extinguishment of ranching as a way of life, the loss of so many jobs, the preponderance of the BLM, and government in the lives of Harney County residents and how Harney County became the poorest county in Oregon, when it was formerly the richest residents was neglected or lost in a new version of the Kansas City shuffle.
Instead, we heard about the fear of kids in the schools, the closing of schools, the presence of unruly and suspicious outsiders raising hell, and the crime scene activities of unrestrained insurgents at the refuge.  We heard about invaders.  We heard calls for the cops to stop being so nice to outsiders and the necessity to kick ass.  We heard of elephants poking their long noses into Harney County.  The elephant rested on Aamon Bundy and company.  BUT there was only a few lonely voices that brought up Susie Hammond, her family and the rights of other people, who the mafia clique running Harney County have in the past, or who are presently abusing.  Sad.
Mafia?  Yeah, mafia.  The mafia has evolved to be the various governments in the United States.  We have a mafia government at large and must recognize that and deal with it.
Was the effort by the protesters to engage in dialogue in vain?  No.  The protesters in Harney County and the American people must consider the way of Jesus and his example.  Jesus talked to any and all along his journey.  It was a terribly hard road.  We are seeing the same road in search of truth unfold before us.
The meeting presented the American people with a first-hand view of the very real evil forces now loose among the American polity and in the long run, that may be a positive thing in prompting people to understand that something is very wrong in America.
The population of Harney Co, Oregon is about 7500 persons.  Did the people at the meeting really represent Harney County?  No.  We saw a lot of people concerned about the environment, the Malheur refuge and the presence of outsiders stirring up shit.
Judge Crasty, by his own admission says his main focus is forming partnerships with ecological organizations to create jobs for Harney Co.  Uh, judge how does forming alliances with ecological organizations bent on collectivizing the land and driving farmers and rancher off the land benefit Harney County?  Kindly explain that.
Moreover, when police throw out dissenters or those who voice opposing views, what does this tell you?  When you have hecklers present preventing free expression, what does this tell you?  When Judge Grasty has his pre-selected responders step up to the podium with obvious canned speeches, what does that tell you?  When the Judge interposes himself between attendees only allowing certain subjects to be discussed, what does this tell you?
Well, it tells me that Boss Tweed is alive and well in rural America and is operating just like he did in New York City–taking bribes, having his political opponents crushed and the promise of jobs, benefits, and public notoriety overriding civil liberties and justice.
Heil, Boss Tweed.  Boss Tweed?  Yeah, big boss Tweed and the political machine is alive and well in Burns, Oregon.   Judge Grasty has learned his lessons well.
Oh, let me be a real asshole and tell you that the New York Police Department really got its professional start under Boss Tweed, who hired for the most part, Irish (the Dead Rabbits, the Five Points Gang, the Plug Uglies, the Whyos, and so on) and other ethnic gangs to police New York City.  Gangstas as coppers?  Yeah, there you have it.  In the long run, cops who act as thugs are nothing more than street gangsters dressed in blue.
Do you get it?
Quintus Dias

Few know that he (Gratsy) is an elevated mason and affiliated with the globalist Nature Conservancy.  So, who is he  flying to Washington to see?

Xmas probabilities and 72 DHS on WatchLists

280,000?!!! Seriously?

Cyrellys Geibhendach.  Jack Sarfatti sent out an article and a question to his readers list today.  He asked, “What is the probability of more San Bernadino type attacks during Xmas?”

He included the following two links:



Heartily tired in general of propaganda pieces on watch list mania, I responded with the following:

2 things.  What is the probability?  I’d say guaranteed.
The second item is that a Terror Watch list is NOT a conviction in a court of law and someone cannot be denied employment, right of travel etc Constitutionally via some Watch List put out by who?  Are they saints these creators of the Watch Lists?  Dig deep enough you’ll find these creators involved in embezzlement to fund Deep Black projects, with associations to human trafficking, drug running, and more to fund the Deep State and Shadow Gov.  So Watch Lists despite the propaganda have another side where babies have been discovered on them, and that there is no way to challenge an inclusion, there is no date in a court of law to eliminate suspicion…its Weimar Germany all over again despite the well-meaning fear ensconced justification.  Are there real terrorists and infiltrators out there?  Yes but those are usually not on Watch Lists and the part of them that has associations with being intelligence operative proxies is usually remiss in all the mainstream news media.  So when I hear pieces below like that about the Watch List, and despite the fact I DO have a low opinion of the honor of DHS, I qualify the outcome of the use of such tools as just adding to our nation’s primary issue with corruption rather than solving or giving us a legitimate buffer.
Keep in mind if you participate publicly in discourse about the Founders, liberty, history pertaining to the founding of this nation, examine the history and philosophy behind ‘nature and nature’s God’, if you are veteran returning from a theater of conflict either declared or undeclared, if you own a gun, are a Christian, support something different than the controlled two-party politics, and if you live outside the now heavy handed reach of the System, you are more likely to be on that Watch List than a legit terrorist.  What does that tell the reasoning person?
What’s wrong with this picture?  Oh well.  This is what passes for normal.  The Jews in Germany probably told themselves this 24-48 hours before being crammed into cattle cars to the nearest concentration camp to be slave labor till they keeled over dead of starvation for Germany’s military-industrial complex producing Victalen and other essential components for things like the kraftstrahlkanone (translated as the ‘anachronism gun’) and the vaunted Raumschiffs with their Hans Coler triebwerk tachyonators.  But truth is now left field and ‘really out there’.
Lol.  Cynicism grows from the jading of truth over long periods of time.