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Covert Report 01-09-2016 Redemption in Burns OR and Updates

Editor.   Susan Lindauer on the Covert Report on Saturday January 9, 2016 interviews both Cyrellys Geibhendach and Quintus Dias of Manticore Group about the Burns OR situation and their use of the Committees of Safety.

A week ago, the dramatic stand off in Burns, Oregon erupted suddenly, without warning over Dwight (73) and Steven (46) Hammond’s court order to surrender to prison for a second time, on charges of “terrorism”, as punishment for a controlled burn to offset a lightning fire which accidentally jumped over to BLM lands. What BLM decries as “arson,” ranchers consider healthy land management practices to prevent the sort of large scale forest fires that have destroyed thousands of acres of lands elsewhere in Oregon and California. The rest is history: After a public protest, Ammon and Cliven Bundy took over the Malheur Wildlife Refuge. The situation appeared so dire that Oathkeepers and liberty activities feared the protest might spark a second Waco conflagration with federal authorities. That’s when they invoked “safety committees”— and changed the whole dynamic of the confrontation, as today’s guests, Cyrellys Geibendach and “Quintas Dias” from the Liberty Community relate.. For the most part, elected officials have stayed away, but real community leaders have stepped into the leadership void, and have been hearing grievances and working out better strategies for making sure the Hammonds’ nightmare ordeal in prison doesn’t occur again. In the process, we’ve learned that 100 RANCHERS in Eastern Oregon have been pushed off their lands by BLM technocrats. It’s a lesson in successful civic action that everybody needs to hear.



AIRED: 01-10-2016

Dwight Hammond (73) of Burns, Oregon is likely to die in prison because of double jeopardy and double talking on terrorism, in pursuit of civil forfeiture of ranch lands. Today’s guests, terrorism analyst Scott Bennett and Michael Jay Anderson, challenge the outrageous notion that Constitution-loving, flag-waving, cowboys in boots have been attainted as “terrorists” for espousing limitations on federal authority. This is a great show, which confronts the hypocrisy of U.S and European demands for multi-cultural support for Islamic refugees pouring over the borders into Europe, while exposing the public to real dangers and violence from young Islamic men, as witnessed in Germany, Sweden, Austria, Spain, Norway…. the list goes on. Europeans are filing permits for guns and tasers at record rates for self protection. Meanwhile, in the good ole U.S of A, Ron Paul bumper stickers and controlled burns on private ranch lands (to prevent massive wildfires in the West) are equated to acts of terrorism. Come listen to the global craziness as world leaders try to defend open refugee policies, and clamp downs on local activists. You won’t like it, either!
By the way, The Bureau of Land Management has admitted that it does not subject its own employees to arson charges when they’ve made mistakes during prescribed burns, so the punishment for the Hammonds was excessive, Hammonds’ attorney points out.
“To treat them as terrorists, we think, is horribly unjust and secondly, hypocritical,” he said. “Why does the federal government need to get more?”
And check out “Shell Games” by Scott Bennett.



Updates II:

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3% Idaho joins Bundy in Burns, OR. So who runs 3% Idaho? – LINK

New insight that BLM might have started the controlled burn blamed on the Hammonds….LINK



Quintus Dias.  Attempts are being made to resolve this issue.  Distrust of fedgov  is so deep, that the presenters were armed when they presented their resolution.  Sheriff Mack and others have been contacted to see if they can use their influence to peacefully end this incident.  If bullets fly, we all loose.  Bundy and his people have made their point.  Now it is time for Oregonians to deal with this and for the Bundyites to go home, as they have succeeded in alerting people in Oregon and across America as to the nature of the problem.  Americans do not like martyrs-of any kind, nor do they like hidden agendas, or being put on the spot.  Bundy and his people put Oregonians on the spot.  All right, they made their case.  Now go home.

Recon mission: Armed patriots swarm makeshift FBI compound in Oregon, present ‘Articles of Resolution’ to Special Agent in charge


Defusing the Situation

More attempts to defuse the Harney Co. situation.
Note by Cyrellys Geibhendach, from email January 11, 2016. 

They had a representative at the Saturday 9 2016 Committee of Safety Meeting in town.  Dressed in civilian clothes at the time and very polite and courteous even beyond the short speech the rep made.  That however was before the information about the fedgov sending in the professional killers SOD-X and Delta Force was widely known.


Insurgency and Tyranny

By Quintus Dias

I agree with a lot of the elements delineated in this article.  Simply put, it is not enough to lead or be part of a political movement in opposition to tyranny.  You must control all aspects of resistance to tyrants: economic, military, information, education, logistics, and spiritual (spiritual or soft power must be included with hard power), or fail.
Imperial France developed a very effective counter-insurgency strategy to cope with numerous insurgency movements during the heyday of the French empire in Asia and in Africa.  They tested the strategy in the Spanish Peninsular War, and in North Africa during the so-called Rift wars.  It worked-for a time.
This strategy can be used against tyrants equally well.  What must be understood, is that it is all inclusive.  You cannot ignore any of the elements listed below.
1.  Military (recruitment and training)
2.  Logistics (hard power: weapons, ammunition, sources of supply and manufacture and delivery of military equipements or accessories to project power)
3.  Control (and development) of the local economy
4.  Education
5.  Spiritual realm (includes hearts and minds)
6.  Information (deep-rooted information and counter-propaganda)
7.  Leadership (at all levels)
8.  Building and maintaining alternative infrastructure (services: trash, police, taxes, waste, power, water, medicine, government, industry, education)
9.  Time and fighting over generations (the fight may be over protracted time or become trans generational)
The strategy centers on the oil-drop concept.  Simply, it rests on dropping a succession of oil drops representing centers of opposition to tyrants across a geographical area.  Consider the geographic area a table cloth.  Each drop or resistance movement contains elements 1 through 9.  Once the movement has secured control of its area of operations, another drop of oil or resistance movement is dropped on the so-called tablecloth representing geography to be controlled.  Ultimately, the outcome, if applied correctly is that the tablecloth or the area you wish to control becomes one big oil stain.  This strategy was used by the very competent Polish resistance movement during WWII.  It was also used by Ho Chi Minh and the Vietminh and later during the Vietnam war by the Viet Cong.  You can also see elements of it used by American patriots during the Revolutionary war.
Moving forward, during the 1990s, elements of the same strategy was used by Constitutionalist political operatives to overturn and drive out hard core leftist groups from the Pacific Northwest.  These forces destroyed Hilary Clinton’s political base in the Pacific Northwest.  It worked-for some time.   However, the success was not permanent as everyone went back to sleep!  And this is one of our big failings.  After having destroyed or defeating the enemy, Americans tend to go back home thinking the fight is over with.  History shows us that the fight to remain free is never over with.  NEVER!

Breaking. Attorney, Erratic Behavior

Quintus Dias.

FYI…In fedgov speaks this means “looney tunes.”

Cyrellys on the Covert Report with Susan Lindauer January 2 of 2016

Editor.   Cyrellys Geibhendach was a guest on Susan Lindauer’s The Covert Report on January 2, 2016 in the early morning.

The audio of the interview can be found here:


Download Link is:  http://truthfrequencyradio.com/podcasts/covertreport/covertreport.2016-01-02.mp3

The topic was the outlook for 2016, current projects, and the state of the paradigm.

Cy’s Desk Notes 11-08-2015

Cy’s Desk Notes 11/09/2015

Courtesy of http://sigalonhowtodoit.soup.io
Courtesy of http://sigalonhowtodoit.soup.io

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Hate PDFs? Then you’ll love PDFBuddy and I’ll tell you why

This one is a hidden gem among internet sites.

Cyrellys Geibhendach.  I’m rarely one to write about commercial endeavors or comment much on business.  Economic business dealings have always been a necessary evil in the scope of my life.  I grew up in a time when organizations were walking away from customer service and quality products, in order to squeeze their bottom line into a financial statement that functioned so efficiently, that it became profitable to produce trash, and that trash soon populated everywhere you looked.  But there are instances where the now seemingly standard experience of poor quality services and products are over-run by a resurgence of the older business model which sought to build an empire of true satisfaction across the realm of customers, quality, and vision.  I’m writing tonight to tell you I ran into just such an organization this week; that wonderful exception in a sea of disappointment, PDFBuddy.

 I was roaming the net because I was saddled with a set of those obnoxious excuses for documents we all know as .pdf files.  Yeah, they’re the ones that start life as a scrap of paper that finds its way onto the net as an image which cannot be written on, signed, or modified unless you bend over backwards, twist your computer into a pretzel, and sell your first born for access to software capable of giving you the ability to fill out those pdf forms as you would an Open Office document or some other change friendly format.  After fiddling around with several freeware versions of pdf editing or converting software I took my hunt deeper into the cloud and searched for a service I would not first have to download and install to my laptop.  I looked at several services but most of them only let you edit the size or shape or orientation of the document.  I needed one where you could write directly on the pdf and sign it digitally without having to go through all the manual steps of download, print, modify by hand, re-scan, and then send on to its final destination.  This is how I discovered PDFBuddy.

 Now I want to say, that PDFBuddy was precisely what I was looking for.  No need to download or install software that would eat up space on my computer and only get used once or twice a year.  And it had not just one option for writing on pdfs, it had loads of options!  You could put shapes, colors, text, and freehand drawing, as well as Signatures.  It has an incredibly easy interface.  A kid in school could handle working with its features.  It was clean and not so cluttered with miscellaneous advertising that you’d have to look hard to find your work, as many sites are these days.  The icing on the cake was it offered three tiers of service.  A free service for if you only dealt with pdfs once in a blue moon, another for those with more frequent pdf afflictions, and then one more for the poor sods literally buried in PDF insanity. Their pricing was very reasonable and it was obvious the aim of the service PDFBuddy was offering is truly about helping those stuck dealing with pdf documents that really need personal modification for some future purpose.  It is an impressive service from the very start.

 There is however, another little bit about PDFBuddy which makes it truly 110% special.  I mentioned that I grew up during an era where customer service was waning mostly because companies were seeking to improve their financial standing.  I remembered listened to several family members who worked in service departments for a number of different companies and I heard first hand how corporations and sole proprietorships both big and small either did not or could not care any longer about quality customer service and quality products or services; how they were stripping service departments and leaving customers with no recourse in the event of problems or difficulties.  Well, in the course of plowing my way through my little stack of pdfs, I ran into some difficulty.  As it turned out, it was a problem on my end.  However, what I’m here to tell you is that PDFBuddy went that extra mile and spent real time investigating what that problem might be.  Was it something on their end or something else?  What actually was happening as I attempted to use their service?  We emailed back and forth, they worked with me as I gave it another go-around and took screen-shots of what was happening, and we used a screen share program to ferret out the cause.  It turned out I was having problems with my satellite provider’s service which was interfering with my ability to use their site service.  What is more important here than my access issues, is that

…they cared enough about their site and the service it offered to take the time to investigate and demonstrate they cared about the end product and their customer.  That is truly a rare commodity in business models these days.  

It is like seeing in action those old commerce giants from my childhood back before they became empty shells, more name and little substance.  That’s the sort of thing I want to spend my hard earned dollars on.  Someone with not only a product, but a face and an ethos…I want products and services from companies that really care about what they’re doing.  I discovered that at least one company out there has created that kind of mojo with its site and site management.  I’m a hard person to impress.  I admit that.  And I’m here to tell you tonight that PDFBuddy managed to impress me.  I highly recommend their site for I just experienced their high standards.  A company willing to go that extra mile is worth spending your time and money on; a great quality service that produces a great end product and shining mojo to top it all off.  Check them out.  I really believe you’ll like PDFBuddy.com.

 My hat tip to Yarin Kessler in Brooklyn, New York of PDFBuddy.com who ran that extra mile.  You and your site were awesome man, and I’m telling all my friends and all my social networking associates who hate PDFs and miss dealings with quality organizations as much as I do.

 Cyrellys in Montana



Three followers of wisdom: imagination, purpose, and endeavor. — Irish Triad

Cyrellys is a member of the internet based research and analysis think-tank Manticore Group.  As a member of the research community for over a decade, she has participated in many cutting edge dialogs and research projects.  Among her notable works is the creation of the association of exopolitical mediators, Compass Morainn, which provides support and networking resources to mediating individuals and groups working with parties addressing sensitive issues including intergroup communication, selective disclosures, cross-pollination, analysis and acclimation disputes.  From Montana, Cyrellys writes and participates in private party dialogs on diverse subjects related to the global paradigm, including whistleblower testimonies, sensitive documents, and historical comparisons, as well as national and global events.