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Death of Dave McGowan 2015

EDITOR:  Late information received at Manticore Group:  Dave McGowan died November 22 at 12:47 PM of massive sudden Cancer.

QUINTUS DIAS:   Apparently, investigative researcher, Dave McGowan who did notable and important work related to serial  killers, mind control programming and the illumines’ control of rock stars and the counter-culture in the 1970s is dead from a sudden cancer.

I talked to Dave several times and warned him about this.  Infecting people with cancer is a favorite method used by the cabal to get rid of people they want gone.

Dave was approaching a very dangerous threshold…He was beginning to see that the Vietnam War, the counterculture, hippies, pornography, drugs, rock music was all part of a massive psyops designed to do away with resistance to the emergence of a Satanic New World Order in America and elsewhere.  In that context, the Illumines murdered an entire generation of American and Vietnamese kids.

Dave was a difficult person, but his heart was in the right place.

Salute Dave!