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Henderson: bin laden the 9-11 illusion pt iii secret societies masterminds

Also note that OBL was never wanted by the feebees for 9/11.  He was wanted as a suspect for the embassy attacks in Africa circa 1996.  So how does he become prime for 9/11? Did he actually go rogue or was it setup to take him out cuz he knew too much?  I heard he kicked the bucket back in 2002 or so from kidney failure. I also knew a female attorney that said she had met him on a train in Holland back in 1996.  He was on his way to Dhubai.
I knew about the remote control pilot command system, as Ryan aircraft drones were flown remotely over Vietnam by RB66 Skywarrior command ships.  As a pilot, I thought the notion that pilots with little heavy equipment time could fly precisely into the Twin Towers was bullshit.
From Email:  N to Cyrellys July 28 2014