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Everything’s Fine: Ebola afflicted locations

Europe.  Everything’s fine-Keep drinking the Kool-Aid.

(A message from your caring and sharing Govt. of scumbags)

See list of Ebola afflicted locations quoted from link below:

Below is a list of countries that have confirmed cases of Ebola: Is Mainstream media facilitating mass murder by omitting facts?

Below is a list of countries that have confirmed cases of Ebola:
· Every country in Africa
· Spain
· Italy
· France
· Germany
· Poland
· Greece
· Turkey
· Saudi Arabia
· Yemen
· Oman
· Iran
· Kuwait
· Vietnam
· Myanmar
· India
· Indonesia
· Australia
· China
· Brazil
· Venezuela
· Mexico
· United States
· Canada

What you’re seeing here is the initial global footprint of the Ebola virus. It is most likely that each one of the above countries has more than one case; and, they are struggling to maintain the public’s confidence. We should see a second global wave of Ebola cases following a brief incubation period. The secondary global outbreak will be under-reported, as well. Around the end of October/beginning of November, during the tertiary wave, it will become apparent this is a global pandemic that has spiraled completely out of control.

At this point, economies will start to falter, airline travel will decline rapidly, and governments around the world will blame each other for lack of truthfulness.

One may appropriately expect the spread of Ebola through the international community to look like the spread of Enterovirus-68 in the United States:

1. Initial outbreaks played down and under-reported.
2. Initial reporting suggests the government and health agencies are responding appropriately.
3. Spread has reached several states.
4. Number infected suggests it is completely out of control.
5. Confirmation that it is completely out of control.
6. Increase in morbidity and mortality.
7. Public panic ensues.

It is possible the spread of Ebola will burn through the population like the flu-both have similar infection mechanisms and life expectancies in the external environment. Let’s pray this assessment is completely wrong!

Oct 6, 2014


Population Reduction Measures in India via GMO…The Food and Water Agenda

Farmers committing suicide in India is right in alignment with Kissenger’s NSSM 200, which delineates using food as one means to commit genocide.  There is an inference in the literature related to population studies that starvation was one of the most viable methods for the dark knights to use to kill off the numbers of people they wanted gone.  Moreover, there were inferences that the world’s food supply and distribution was to accomplished through a monopolistic network centralizing food in just a few global corporations.  Cargill, Lever Bros, Monsanto, Nestle,  Archer Daniels Midland, and a handful of other megacorporations control all of the world’s food supply.  The CEO of Nestle just announced that you have no rights to WATER, but they do.
Over the past several years, the United States appears to be criminalizing private farms, gardeners, small scale farmers and ranchers.
The UN is attempting to criminalize possession of non-GMO seeds.  GMO seeds and crops is an intrinsic part of our foreign policy.  Either you use Monsanto seeds and products or there is no aid or trade credits.
Nearly 300,000 suicides in India so far from GMO crop fa…

The Western media is steeped in denial about the true damage being caused by genetically modified (GM) crops, especially in the developing Third World. But despite …
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I have seen malnutrition and pervasive hunger and starvation cases here on Indian reservations, in Mexico, El Salvador, in Italy and in Germany, when I was a child right after WWII.  In Germany and in Italy, we always saw the night dead… people who had died during the night, usually of starvation or from severe cold.  It is an ugly and wrenching sight.  The dead from starvation always had swollen bellies, rickety bird like legs, and appeared listless.

And these rotten sonsofbitches have no problems in killing people through any means possible, because their god demands it.

Keep in mind that in the event of a major crisis here in the United States, I have been aware through my work in emergency services that domestic food chains only have between a 3-5 day of food stocks on hand.  Once that is gone, that is it.  Resupply will be problematic if there is any resupply at all.  Draw your own conclusions as to the outcome.

Our forefathers always seemed to have a three to six month stock of food supplies on hand.  You read about it from journals, diaries, and in the literature of the day.  They stored food in root cellars and had means for long-term preservation.  Of course, back then most Americans had land patents and could grow their own food.  However, America, although a land of plenty was subject to extremes of weather, and I have read of New Mexican ranchers feeding their cattle and themselves in bad harvest years CACTUS roots mashed to a pulp to survive.

Today, the federal government has published criteria identifying possible terrorist suspects.  Under that criteria, anyone making bulk food purchases is a possible terrorist and there is legislation to criminalize anyone with 7 days of food or more.

I know from my sources that in event of martial law or a major crisis that Obummer from the power given to himself through illegal executive orders will seek to confiscate all private sources of food, water, medicine, radios, SUVs and of course weapons.

My sources have told me that survivors from disasters living in FEMA camps run by the Red Cross were reduced to one meal a day and sometimes that was stale bread and boiled potatoes or rotten food served up by government contractors.  People complaining about the situation were kicked out.  Let’s not forget that many Indian tribe revolts were caused by government contractors serving up no food or rotten rations, causing starvation or sickness among the tribes.  That situation was one of the reasons the Apache chief Victorio went on the warpath and conducted a masterful campaign against the US Army for over a year.  Contractors were starving his people for profit.

So, what to do?  You still have the ability to store organic seeds, provisions and water to provide a cushion in the event  of a food or water emergency.  Just do it quietly.  The rule of threes applies to life in this scenario.

1.  Three minutes without oxygen
2.  Three days without water
3.  Three weeks without food

Finally, you do not want to become a refugee or to go to a camp, if you can help it.

Schiller Institute- Kissinger’s 1974 Genocide Plan- NSSM…

Schiller Institute Food for PEace Movement– Kissinger coimmits r Genocide Using Food as a Weapon -NSSM200- 1974 plan for population reduction exposed.
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By Rady Ananda In his latest book, The Raw  Milk Revolution: Behind America’s Emerging Battle over Food Rights, David Gumpert details several cases of malicious…
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BREAKING: European Commission to criminalize nearly all seeds and plants not registered with go…

BREAKING: European Commission to criminalize nearly all seeds and plants not registered with government
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The Privatization of Water: Nestlé Denies that Water is …

The current Chairman and former CEO of Nestlé, the largest producer of food products in the world, believes that the answer to global water issues is privatization….
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Feds Label Bulk Buying of Food a Potential Terrorist Act…

Paul Joseph Watson | Despite the fact that FEMA itself spent $1 billion dollars on storable food last year alone.
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Government Denied Water to New Orleans Residents Du…

“I’m sick to death of hearing things from uptight narrow-minded pigheaded politicians. All I want is the truth. Just give me some truth.” – John Lennon
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