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Ebola Bioweapon, Possible Cure: Nano Silver and Sugar For Wound Care

Quintas Dias.  FYI.  Do some research on the use of silver in fighting bacteria and other types of illnesses with the use of colloidal silver that started in the 1930s.
There is considerable evidence that silver particulates have been known to be effective in fighting bacteria and viruses for thousands of years.  Also keep in mind that Napoleon popularized the use of sugar to treat wounds in his army.  Note the effectiveness of healing wounds and burns by using sugar/honey/grease that goes all the way back to the ancient Egyptians.
As a young man, I was seriously flash burned on my lower legs from an explosion and had to undergo the painful process of surgical debridement.  My nurses were wonderful and did such a good job that today the scaring from the wounds are almost indistinguishable.
The sugar/honey/cooking oil treatment does not require debridement for burns.  You do NOT want to undergo debridement or be confined to a burn center.  What is debridement?  It is the cutting away of damaged flesh by the use of surgical scissors and scalpels.  Snip, snip, cut, cut, snip, snip.  Major hurt and pain.  Back in the day they did not have lasers.  I was in hospital for four months.
Nucleus factsheet image
This is one of the reasons we have a huge and bitter divide between allotropic and osteopathic approaches to healing.  One uses synthetic drugs and the other natural compounds.
Keep in mind that like with the CDC, the FDA represents big biz and Big Pharma.  Colloidal and nano silver, if effective would undermine the huge antibiotic industry.  Big Pharma holds monopoly positions in the drug industry and do not want competition.  This is the same type of hostility found between monopoly capitalism and entrepreneurial capitalism…they are mutually exclusive.
World’s Oldest Antibiotic Also Shows Promise as an Anti-…

World’s Oldest Antibiotic Also Shows Promise as an Anti-Cancer Therapy
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Sugar for Wound Care – The People’s Pharmacy

by Richard A. Knutson, MD • WHAT IS SUGARDYNE? Sugardyne is a specially-formulated dressing composition suitable for use on a great variety and number of wounds, burns and ulcers. It was developed in its earliest form by the battlefield surgeons of ancient Egypt some 4,000 y…
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 Quintus Dias

Health Tome: Nano Silver Ebola Cure?

By Quintas Dias: I have heard about the remarkable curative powers of nano silver for years…This is a formerly classified study on a cure for Ebola. Why it was ever classified is beyond me. You may want to get this to our European friends and to all in your circle.
The doc can be downloaded via PDF.

You can get certifiable nano silver at health food stores…however, I am also hearing rumbles about criminalizing its possession… you know where that is coming from. Friends from the black world that we talked to about Ibogaine 11 that was being used in covert ops told us that the Illumined make damn sure there is a cure for everything they unleash on us and then keep it buried from public knowledge. So, here’s to you Bill Gates…may Ebola reduce you to a blob.

More info coming out about Gates links to a biowar lab in Africa. Might mention that Jon Rappaport helped us with his knowledge of missing children and what and who was behind their disappearance back in the 1990s. Like AIDS there is little doubt in my mind that the Illumined weaponized a natural occurring virus to use for the purposes of waging biowarfare, which is against international law.

What are US biowar researchers doing in the Ebola zone?, page 1

Espacenet – Original document


What are US biowar researchers doing in the Ebola zone?,… What are US biowar researchers doing in the Ebola zone?, page 1
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Espacenet – Original document Original document: CA2526150 (A1) ― 2005-01-06 | In my patents list |
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