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We live in a world where the divorce of dreams and their practical implementation is almost complete

I kindle my soul at the forge of the Soul-Smith, spark of life, spark of love, spark of light, companion my quest this day till I come home at twilight.

I am consciously striving each day to improve the circumstances of my world.  It is a walking journey along a route most people drive but do not strive to leave some trace of their passing, not intentionally anyway.  Survival takes up the bulk of everyone’s time.  I am as a land sovereign; an Earth sovereign, constantly considering my relationship to the world and with the world.  It’s not always about kindling a more harmonious relationship between other people and the world.  The manifestation of that relationship allows me to measure all the plans I participate in throughout life…are they on target, realistic, achievable?  Is the music those plans create, reverberating across the plain a geantraigh (joy strain), that leaves the heart of the land and the collective soul of man a little brighter or a little lighter?  Have I unlocked the doors of souls around me and drawn them further toward truth where they may construct their own wisdom?

I am in the place between sun and moon, where the lightning flash strikes ~ Ross Nichols.

All spiritual traditions have their mediators, who “stand between sun and moon”, but the world does not usually know them.  While the work is not secret, it is usually performed behind the scenes.  Great mediators do not produce many manifest works.  Instead their works are like a satellite, which receives signals and transmits them to the world at large.  For most of us the function of mediation is to be in the right time and the right place simultaneously.  The purposes of spirit are not known to us, but we do sometimes have the feeling of being at the place where lightning strikes, the sense that we are called to conduct a feeling or meaning that is greater than our personal comprehension.  It is then that we briefly stand in the shoes of the mediators.  ~  Caitlin Mathews on The Art of Mediation.

My conscious striving as a product of the Soul-Smith entails the bridging of realities for the greater needs of the world and the peoples within it.  If the need is there and I am called, it is less my place to ask why than to apply all my words and movements with intention rather than for effect.  The rest takes care of itself!

Before sleeping hold your inspired plans and visions in your heart as you recite the following prayer.  The goal is to subsequently be attentive in the days that follow to the clues, intuitive inclinations, and relational pathways that open to your dreaming:

Dreams grow holy put in action,
Work grows fair through starry dreaming;
But where each flows on unmingling,
Both are fruitless and in vain.
May the stars within this gleaming, 
Cause my dreams to be unchained.
~  Caitlin Mathews, Celtic Devotional.
I know that every intention produces an effect.  I don’t have to focus on producing an effect, only on properly constructed intention through the energizing grace of spirit.  I believe in the energizing grace of the spirit, thus I am manifest in every step of intention.  The workings of the world are not half as complicated as many people make them out to be.  If you think; if the cogs inside your mind turn with or without grease, then you are participating in that working whether you realize it or not.   This means it is worthwhile to put a small effort into thinking well.
FiOs.  Cy