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Hate PDFs? Then you’ll love PDFBuddy and I’ll tell you why

This one is a hidden gem among internet sites.

Cyrellys Geibhendach.  I’m rarely one to write about commercial endeavors or comment much on business.  Economic business dealings have always been a necessary evil in the scope of my life.  I grew up in a time when organizations were walking away from customer service and quality products, in order to squeeze their bottom line into a financial statement that functioned so efficiently, that it became profitable to produce trash, and that trash soon populated everywhere you looked.  But there are instances where the now seemingly standard experience of poor quality services and products are over-run by a resurgence of the older business model which sought to build an empire of true satisfaction across the realm of customers, quality, and vision.  I’m writing tonight to tell you I ran into just such an organization this week; that wonderful exception in a sea of disappointment, PDFBuddy.

 I was roaming the net because I was saddled with a set of those obnoxious excuses for documents we all know as .pdf files.  Yeah, they’re the ones that start life as a scrap of paper that finds its way onto the net as an image which cannot be written on, signed, or modified unless you bend over backwards, twist your computer into a pretzel, and sell your first born for access to software capable of giving you the ability to fill out those pdf forms as you would an Open Office document or some other change friendly format.  After fiddling around with several freeware versions of pdf editing or converting software I took my hunt deeper into the cloud and searched for a service I would not first have to download and install to my laptop.  I looked at several services but most of them only let you edit the size or shape or orientation of the document.  I needed one where you could write directly on the pdf and sign it digitally without having to go through all the manual steps of download, print, modify by hand, re-scan, and then send on to its final destination.  This is how I discovered PDFBuddy.

 Now I want to say, that PDFBuddy was precisely what I was looking for.  No need to download or install software that would eat up space on my computer and only get used once or twice a year.  And it had not just one option for writing on pdfs, it had loads of options!  You could put shapes, colors, text, and freehand drawing, as well as Signatures.  It has an incredibly easy interface.  A kid in school could handle working with its features.  It was clean and not so cluttered with miscellaneous advertising that you’d have to look hard to find your work, as many sites are these days.  The icing on the cake was it offered three tiers of service.  A free service for if you only dealt with pdfs once in a blue moon, another for those with more frequent pdf afflictions, and then one more for the poor sods literally buried in PDF insanity. Their pricing was very reasonable and it was obvious the aim of the service PDFBuddy was offering is truly about helping those stuck dealing with pdf documents that really need personal modification for some future purpose.  It is an impressive service from the very start.

 There is however, another little bit about PDFBuddy which makes it truly 110% special.  I mentioned that I grew up during an era where customer service was waning mostly because companies were seeking to improve their financial standing.  I remembered listened to several family members who worked in service departments for a number of different companies and I heard first hand how corporations and sole proprietorships both big and small either did not or could not care any longer about quality customer service and quality products or services; how they were stripping service departments and leaving customers with no recourse in the event of problems or difficulties.  Well, in the course of plowing my way through my little stack of pdfs, I ran into some difficulty.  As it turned out, it was a problem on my end.  However, what I’m here to tell you is that PDFBuddy went that extra mile and spent real time investigating what that problem might be.  Was it something on their end or something else?  What actually was happening as I attempted to use their service?  We emailed back and forth, they worked with me as I gave it another go-around and took screen-shots of what was happening, and we used a screen share program to ferret out the cause.  It turned out I was having problems with my satellite provider’s service which was interfering with my ability to use their site service.  What is more important here than my access issues, is that

…they cared enough about their site and the service it offered to take the time to investigate and demonstrate they cared about the end product and their customer.  That is truly a rare commodity in business models these days.  

It is like seeing in action those old commerce giants from my childhood back before they became empty shells, more name and little substance.  That’s the sort of thing I want to spend my hard earned dollars on.  Someone with not only a product, but a face and an ethos…I want products and services from companies that really care about what they’re doing.  I discovered that at least one company out there has created that kind of mojo with its site and site management.  I’m a hard person to impress.  I admit that.  And I’m here to tell you tonight that PDFBuddy managed to impress me.  I highly recommend their site for I just experienced their high standards.  A company willing to go that extra mile is worth spending your time and money on; a great quality service that produces a great end product and shining mojo to top it all off.  Check them out.  I really believe you’ll like PDFBuddy.com.

 My hat tip to Yarin Kessler in Brooklyn, New York of PDFBuddy.com who ran that extra mile.  You and your site were awesome man, and I’m telling all my friends and all my social networking associates who hate PDFs and miss dealings with quality organizations as much as I do.

 Cyrellys in Montana



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