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Everything’s Fine: Ebola afflicted locations

Europe.  Everything’s fine-Keep drinking the Kool-Aid.

(A message from your caring and sharing Govt. of scumbags)

See list of Ebola afflicted locations quoted from link below:

Below is a list of countries that have confirmed cases of Ebola: Is Mainstream media facilitating mass murder by omitting facts?

Below is a list of countries that have confirmed cases of Ebola:
· Every country in Africa
· Spain
· Italy
· France
· Germany
· Poland
· Greece
· Turkey
· Saudi Arabia
· Yemen
· Oman
· Iran
· Kuwait
· Vietnam
· Myanmar
· India
· Indonesia
· Australia
· China
· Brazil
· Venezuela
· Mexico
· United States
· Canada

What you’re seeing here is the initial global footprint of the Ebola virus. It is most likely that each one of the above countries has more than one case; and, they are struggling to maintain the public’s confidence. We should see a second global wave of Ebola cases following a brief incubation period. The secondary global outbreak will be under-reported, as well. Around the end of October/beginning of November, during the tertiary wave, it will become apparent this is a global pandemic that has spiraled completely out of control.

At this point, economies will start to falter, airline travel will decline rapidly, and governments around the world will blame each other for lack of truthfulness.

One may appropriately expect the spread of Ebola through the international community to look like the spread of Enterovirus-68 in the United States:

1. Initial outbreaks played down and under-reported.
2. Initial reporting suggests the government and health agencies are responding appropriately.
3. Spread has reached several states.
4. Number infected suggests it is completely out of control.
5. Confirmation that it is completely out of control.
6. Increase in morbidity and mortality.
7. Public panic ensues.

It is possible the spread of Ebola will burn through the population like the flu-both have similar infection mechanisms and life expectancies in the external environment. Let’s pray this assessment is completely wrong!

Oct 6, 2014


Ebola Update: Information available between 1AM MST and 9AM MST 08052014

1 man being tested in Saudi Arabia

6 being tested in NYC

1 in Tennessee

7 in the Philippines returning medical personnel with symptoms from Sierra Leone

1 man from Liberia dead in Morocco

and 1 man showing symptoms undergoing testing after landing at the airport Guarulhos (and here) airport in São Paulo, Brazil in the central region.

Ebola feared on plane at Gatwick England

Reston Virus  demonstrated the ability of ebola type virus to mutate, jump species, and transmit without direct contact.

2009 US files patent on Ebola
CDC page on Ebola with their updates


From Naconah:

The amoral sonsofbitches profiting from human misery.  My investigator’s mind smells one helluva dirty rat regarding patenting human diseases.

From Cyrellys:
Ebola Patients Flee, Tellewoyan Hospital Shut Down | AboveTopSecret – LrdRedhawk
~ A Real Life Zombie Apocalypse:  Monrovia – The streets of Voinjama City, the provincial capital of Lofa County, on Tuesday witness a scene of panic with residents running helter-skelter when dozens of suspected Ebola patients ran from their holding room in the main hospital’s compound and started loitering around other wards that hosted several patients with different medical problems.

The Monsanto Sponsored Ebola Vaccine Will Kill More People Than the Ebola Itself


Monsanto, or Monsatan as many call them, has partnered with the Department of Defense to use a proxy third party company to develop a vaccine against Ebola.
The seed money began at $1.5 million. The value of the deal could grow to an estimated $86 million dollars. The company’s name is Tekmira Pharmaceuticals Corporation (TKMR) (TKM.TO), a leading developer of RNA interference (RNAi) therapeutics. “TKM-Ebola, an anti-Ebola virus RNAi therapeutic, is being developed under a $140 million contract with the U.S. Department of Defense’s Medical Countermeasure Systems BioDefense Therapeutics (MCS-BDTX) Joint Product Management Office”.  As breaking and shocking of a news story as this has the potential to be, the real story is that this is not the most important part of the Ebola threat which has invaded the United States.
Late last week, I reported the following:

A desperate search is on to find the hundreds of passengers who flew on the same jets as Sawyer (i.e. Patient Zero). A total of 59 passengers and crew are estimated to have come into contact with Sawyer and effort is being made to track each individual down. There is an inherent problem with this “track down.  Presumably, some of the passengers connected to other flights, which known to be the case. Let’s just say for the sake of argument that only 20 people, a low estimate given the nature of the airports that Sawyer was traveling in, were connecting to other flights, the spread of the virus would quickly expand beyond any possibility of containment because in less than a half a day, nearly a half a million people would be potentially exposed. Within a matter of a couple of hours, Sawyer’s infected fellow travelers would each have made contact with 200 other passengers and crew. Hours later, these flights would land and these people would go home to the friends, families and coworkers across several continents”.

>>> From Quintas Dias to Cyrellys August 4 of 2014

We are hearing this from several different sources…thus, there is some credibility that it may be factual.  As I said before, the US Government appears grossly and criminally negligent in not running these individuals thru a security and health status check, and keeping them confined in a facility close to the point of apprehension by the border so they can be quickly returned to their place of origin.  Or  this is being done deliberately, as a means to bring the USA down via a deadly pandemic, very much like we saw with Stephen King’s THE STAND.  This is just one likely scenario of many.  Others focus on the emplacement and detonation of backpack nuclear munitions, or in triggering a spectacular terrorist operation or a series of terrorist operations.  As a former security professional this is a major RED FLAG.  Nobody who knows anything about infectious diseases and security would stand for this.

Central and South America have large populations of African plantation workers brought in during the 18Th and 19Th centuries by the Spanish, English, and the French to work the sugar, sisal, coffee, and banana plantations.  Thus, if West African saboteurs or illegals carrying Ebola and other infectious diseases are in place in the Northern Hemisphere, it would be very difficult without precise documentation to ascertain their true origin.  Border security officials know about the African populations in Meso and in South America, so that in itself is not cause for alarm. However, if some one is teaching them Spanish and them shipping them north, that is a major RED FLAG.  English is the lingua franca of the United States.  That infers they are to blend within Hispanic communities in the USA, much as Cubans and Puerto Ricans do.  It also infers that if the intent is to cause harm, a well organized criminal or government agency is behind this.
I am totally disgusted and OUTRAGED over this chain of events.  The Obama regime is imperiling the people of the United States.  Obama is violating his oath of office to protect the American people and to prevent invasion by foreigners.  Additionally, it appears that the Congress of the United States, and certain public officials, and military officers who may be involved are accommodating this chain of events, and are violating their oaths of office.  They are committing treason against the people of the United States.  It does not matter whether illegals are bringing in military weapons to wage war on us, contextually, deadly infectious diseases that can wipe out a population serves the same purpose.  Thus, you may consider this an act of war.  The only thing that will stop this is the American people rising up to stop it.
As we discussed before, the last thing we want to do is to panic or to cause panic.  Once that happens people crazed by fear are and can be a deadly weapon, and there is no stopping those under the compulsion of extreme fear or blind panic.
So, what should we do?  These are my thoughts…
1.  Develop links with trusted blogger and prepper communities and exchange information.  Disseminate relevant information to cyber and electronic communities globally.  This will serve as a tripwire to alert us of incidents and trends to analyze for relevant intelligence.
2.  Prepare our own families and friends in our own communities.  Develop contingency plans for: alternative medical treatment, protective clothing, supplies, and organize personnel accordingly.  Prepare to resist forced dislocation or detention in any type of confinement facility.  My research on this issue suggests that once confined you will never leave.  Identify drugs, substances, and mechanical means, such as nano silver generators that can build immune systems and that can combat hemorrhagic fevers, such as Dengue and Ebola.  A quick survey of literature suggests that people confined to disease detention facilities are left on their own to die.  Those that are alive and well and that are also confined to detention facilities suggests two things. 

TRACK 1:  They are being confined as victims to assist with the deliberate spread of the disease to become easy casualties to further a population reduction agenda.  The term SOFT KILL applies here.

TRACK 2:  They are being confined as a prophylactic measure to determine if they can be released after the time frame of the disease’s known incubation…20-24 days.  This is logical and consistent with good medical and security practice.

TRACK 3:  They are being confined for some other ulterior purpose, such as to clear the way for the military and police still left alive so as not to impede with their operations, or for evaluation.  Those deemed acceptable to live in a dystopian world will be released to a reeducation camp.  Those who are rejected will be liquidated in place.

Consequently, I would suggest you my dear friend add your own analysis to this and farm it out to your circle for input, and then, if agreed get it OUT TO ALL, and to prepare for very difficult times.

We may have several months left to prepare before a major pandemic takes root here in the United States.  Finally, I am hoping like before in my experience that some moral people in the black world will step forward and tell us how we can cope with this.  The Illumined want to survive and not become victim to their own destructive devices.  Thus, we have been informed that they prepare antidotes to insure their own survival for anything they weaponize.

I have some thoughts about what to do to maintain people alive under survival conditions, but this the focus for a subsequent posting.

May God bless and help us.

Quintus Dias