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MH17, Racheting up Spectrum Dominance

Update:  This is getting curiouser and curiouser.  As the author asserts, it does parallel what we know about Operation Northwoods and it also fits the Revolution in Military affairs paradigm and fundamental elements of Total Spectrum Dominance (TSD), whereby media, imaginary, psychotropic drugs, and selected information are used to create a false but believable reality to deceive the enemy.  Additionally, TSD can be used to gain credibility, and political traction with mass audiences, thereby deceiving them to legitimize the deception and to go along with its intended objectives (Hitler used a artful strategm in having SS troops dressed as Polish infantry attack a radio station, with gunshots resounding over the air in the background to deceive Germans that Poland had attacked Germany, and was responsible for starting WWII).
Full spectrum dominance as a concept is nothing new.  In fact, it is an elemental part of warfare.  It is grounded in deception.  Thus, witness the Greeks using a “Wooden Horse” to deceive the Trojans and launching an unexpected attack that destroyed Troy.

Moreover, Air Force 2025 envisioned linking all battlefield commanders’ brains in a Borg like hive fusion via satellites and brain chips implanted in these officers’ heads to leverage perception management and intellectual capability to facilitate the information spectrum matrix.

Moreover, anyone with a knowledge of PDF systems, Adobe, photoshop, and propaganda techniques can set up shop, create scenarios designed to inflame passions or to confuse observers and practice information warfare over the Internet.

And that is what we are seeing associated with the MH17 crisis…  Perceptions to dominate  and influence observers downstream from the Ukraine.

A final thought.  Putin and Russia’s freedom of action and global legitimacy are at stake here.  My sense is that Putin for whatever reason has come under unbelievable character attacks to discredit him and Russia.  Contextually, MH 17 was aimed directly at Putin.  The inference is obvious.  The brutal and venal Putin’s  missile/s destroyed MH17 and therefore he is a direct threat to world peace and must be stopped and Russia contained.  The West is setting into motion measures to contain Russia, and to limit Putin’s influence on the world stage.

A series of devastating internal attacks launched on Russia’s infrastructure by ISIS/Al QAEDA from Chechnya or from Afghansnitan will turn Russia inward and serve to isolate Russia from the world stage, allowing for NATO to absorb the Ukraine within its orbit.  Moreover, should the US unilaterally declare the Ukraine an ally and partner it will severely affect Russia’s ability to maneuver.

Who benefits?

The New World Order CABAL does, and this sets the stage to march toward launching a some point in the near future a preemptive annihilating strike at Russia.

This eliminates the talented and crafty Mr. Putin, destroys Russia as a military power, allows access to Russia’s and the Ukraine’s rich resources, and reduces significantly the world’s population through the use of mass weapons, which meets simultaneously known objectives of the cabal.

To further these objectives, watch for further demonization of Putin and Russia, attempts to restrain Germany and Spain and  Norway or Turkey from defecting from NATO and cutting off Putin’s access to global media.

Busted! MH-17 Was in Fact the ‘Lost’ Flight MH-370

When it was first announced that flight MH-370 disappeared without a trace, there had been voices suggesting that the same plane will be later used in a false flag …
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…In [Joint Chief’s chair] Lemnitzer’s view, the country would be far better off if the generals could take over.
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Note:  This is a chapter from Air Force 2025 which discusses the Borg like hive and brain chipping personnel to leverage intellectual capacity and to facilitate inter person communications with command and control (C2) to gain advantage in the information matrix.
AF2025 v3c2-4 | Information Operations: A New War-Fig…

AF2025 Final Report: Vol 3; (Ch 4) Information Operations: A New War-Fighting Capability
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>>>  Source:  Email July 27th 2014.   Posted by permission.
REPLY:  From europe July 27, 2014
This is a VERY GOOD analysis.
I must say its compelling and I feel its accurate. Still leaves the sister Boeing 777 in an Israeli hangar to be used in an overt  MH370 (i.e. when they want it to be found) in a later FF.


*FF = false flag