Remember this the next time you find yourselves mesmerized by the antics of the 2016 presidential candidates or drawn into a politicized debate over the machinations of Congress, the president or the judiciary: it’s all intended to distract you from the fact that you have no authority and no rights in the face of the shadow governments. — John W. Whitehead, Rutherford Institute:

The Deep State: The Unelected Shadow Government Is Here to Stay

Mandatory Read: The RMA – Revolution in Military Affairs

Revolution in Military Affairs
What does RMA stand for? RMA stands for Revolution in Military Affairs.    Recommendation from Naconah.  READ:  RMA: Revolution in Military Affairs

This is an extremely important document…its implications are vast, as it underscores the creation of manufactured crisis, the manipulation of perceptions and illusions to further power, to facilitate regime removal, and the electronic remote tracking of people. You kind of have to read between the lines…

Common Wisdom Says: before you criticize someone…

Common Wisdom says before you criticize someone you should run a mile in their shoes, that way when they find out their being criticized you’re a mile away and you have their shoes!

Or you could just rewrite the story and so turn the table around to face the other direction…

Conspiracy theorist dreaming of chasing eugenicists…

Concept: Cat vs Over-sized Vermin.


marxist leaning eugenics collectivist with hemorrhoids….


I’m coming for you dog!




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Spook circle comment: understanding American culture is like…

Europe writes:  Just heard this in an exchange with a spook circle……

“understanding American culture is like watching three John Wayne movies”.   One of the best descriptions I’ve heard.

Cy laughing, replies:  Or game of thrones, dad says to daughter “you know how to use that?”  Daughter replies, “yeah, stick ’em with the pointy end.”

Dad goes and hires a foreign sword master to teach her properly.

Tom cautions: watch your trained response

As Clif High over at HalfPastHuman eloquently puts it ….

( )

(Clif is a crazy old fart who I have followed for years, but despite his weird style,he is VERY smart and awakened, and well informed…. his views are not always right (whose are?) but this comment below in past days rings true and bolsters what I had written….. Be well. Tom

A whole lot of negative language about USA out-and-about these days. Much of the worst of it coming from USA residents. It is kind of irritating. ALL of the negative language about gov’mint is deserved, and we should heap more on it, but, the citizens have to watch their *trained* response of identifying with the officialdom.

It is not ‘we’ that have caused wars, ever. It is the frack’n gov’t. Officialdom here in these united States of America has been seized by criminals and is running batshit out of control. So, please watch your language, you are NOT the gov’mint. And the gov’mint is NOT the USA. It is merely the criminal cabal TEMPORARILY in charge. Also note that focusing on getting rid of the predatory criminal class here in these united States is NOT isolationism.

If you let them control your language, they will control your view of world and make you their slaves (again).


The Yankee Sails Tonight

The Yankee Sails Tonight – John O’Connor

Down from the Carolina shore
The Yankee sails tonight
Carrying soldiers, guns and more
Down below, the Yankee sails tonight
The order’s in and the trading’s done
The Yankee sails tonight
To put an end to the revolut-i-on
Down below, the Yankee sails tonight
Oh, she blows with the wind
It’s a bloody end
That she has for the rebels’ fight
When there’s money in the banks
There’s hoodlums in the ranks
Down below, down below, the Yankee sails tonight

The Yankee once was a ship so bold
She sailed for freedom not for gold
But tyrants stole away the ship
Now she robs from the poor for the greedy rich

Where do your hard-earned taxes go?
Down below the borders of Mexico
And where are the tyrants’ orders from?
From Wall Street and from Washington

Do you think it’s for democracy
When they practice common butchery
So sing a song for the FSLN
And bring the Yankee home again

Back in the land of liberty
That’s where you’d like your home to be
But where did you get your freedom from?
You fought your own revolut-i-on


In the shadows

It always starts with advisers.  Putin is not going to like this ~  N to Me.

Europe to Group:  Yep, typical playbook. But will not work as Putin is on home Ground and sane ethnicity. The US is clueless as usual.

Bard to Moon Child:  The undead primate is lurking somewhere on the ship…. Check your peripheral vision – his shadow is about holding the key to the chest

M to Me:   So, does this mean that those in current administration that are associated with MB are complicit ?

N to Group:  Hildebeeste is gonna be pissed…her chief go fer is allegedly part of the MB.