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I can tell you where America has gone

by Cyrellys Geibhendach.

~ A Response to Randy Conway’s: Can Anyone Tell Me Where America Has Gone?

Source:  Q-Alerts – by Randy Conway

Can anyone tell me where has America gone?
I can’t seem to find her. Has she gone away?
Can anyone tell me where America has gone?
All that was familiar seems now so far away.
Dear Randy.  I can tell you where America has gone.  She has not gone away.  But you will not find her in the halls of governance, as you in your piece infer.
I remember learning of integrity and courage
America was never a government or about government.  Government is only a consequence; a hobgoblin which trails along after our shadow.  Please do not mistake government as America.  The Constitution was created to rein in government; to keep it small and sane.  It is not surprising that government, having taken on a life of its own, escapes its bounds contradicting all restraint upon it.  It’s foolish consistency is why we retain the right to ourselves to cleans it of that consistency in times when its decor and profanity becomes intolerable; when it wages illicit war in our name; when it steals from our our children; when it works to cause more harm than good.
It is a mistake to assume our depth of silence as an absence of integrity and courage.  This assumption blurs the record of our character.  No man can violate his nature.  Always scorn appearances.  If the nature of governance appeals to a lack of integrity and courage, assures that nature by extensive use of tyranny then it illustrates a division in the population, for a good nature will gravitate to structures of virtue and where none longer lay in scattered, motifs will stand in stoic solitude.  Therefore the America you seek is not to be found in or near government despite its claim to represent our people.  A man of integrity and courage needs no one to represent him, for he stands at the fore of society in every individual endeavor and many collective applications.  If you cannot find him in governance it is because he has abandoned the company of dissonant men who inhabit it.  It does not mean he, himself does not exist!
I remember men of honor held in high esteem
We are here.  If every true man is a cause then it is true he is also a country in and of itself.  A man of honor can be found by his small deeds moreso than his great ones.  Great ones are happy accidents, where the small are frequent, more illustrative works of soul effort.  Step away from your perusal of titled representatives.  Walk among the silent ones in your community.  Look left and right upon the small deeds and more thoroughly consider those.  Small deeds accumulate a soul credit that few great deeds can achieve.  Modern men like to focus upon the spectacular and rate all else against that quality, missing where the original acts of gentlmen uphold the true virtues of society.
I remember when hard work and ethics flourished
We are here.  Come with me into the fields and factories; into the coffee shops and retail stores; into libraries and toolers; into laboratories and garages, into classrooms, offices, and kitchens.  It is in the places we devote our time to.  These small gardens of human endeavor and character, where the twitch of a lace cover or the steady hand over a sample upon which an accurate diagnoses depends, holds within each a spirit not recently acknowledged.  When acknowledgement falters for gravitation to a more demanding crisis, this does not negate the existence of the other.  It is in the small things that life resides.  All else are distractions.
I remember when the unsightly was kept unseen.
Can anyone tell me where America has gone?
We are here.  A raving lunatic is just that — a demonstration of no restraint.  Does lunacy in one man or ten men, define the whole?  Which is worse, seeing a lunatic pass by or the man who assumes by proximity all men are the same?  The frequency of the unsightly has always been there, but never before have we been expected to be our brother’s keeper.  Could it be the attribution of responsibility is what has changed?
As a population increases, so too does the number of lunatics increase.  Like gravitates to like until it reaches intolerable levels in any given space.  Some philosophies will teach the young to judge a society by its worst members.  If this is true then the cup of life will ever be half empty rather than half full.  Is this the way you would proceed?  Let’s instead entertain a greater force of character in a light united, bypassing the loudness of the unsightly, for if it cannot garner the attention lunacy seeks then it will be more likely to choose a more productive path which WE steer by not giving the unsightly a time of day.  Turn not your head toward lunacy for this sanctions it; qualifies its acts; and promotes it, producing more.  This promotion has a great deal to do with why there is so much present at this time…many have forgotten that what you promote, you gain.
Can anyone tell me where America has gone?
I can’t seem to find her. She is now a long forgotten song.
I thought our government was established for the people
Now it seems the government is elite and we are but the sheeple.
We are here.  You have sat on the terrace at a lonely table.  We are not the government.  We however do recognize its condition and acknowledge your frustration.  We have ever been near; these other tables you have yet to notice.  Come among us and take not your instruction from would-be kings.  The original scale of men and of things, upon which true America was built, yet resides here beside us, for we are IT.  In your perception of the battle we have not yet weighed in.  Come away from the corruption and join our more ancient sight.  Do not pay the corruption with money or honor but rather stand in your own and represent integrity, law, and justice in the protection of the rights of every man.  Join us.  Be what you seek.
If we are silent it is for the strength we project; liberty is a fiercely silent hunter.  These things you seek need no fanfare upon a mountain, for they are vibrant light; an essence of genius, of virtue, and life.
We used to spy on our enemies those we saw as a threat
Now we spy on our citizens and we discard our vets
Can anyone tell me where America has gone?
Judge me not by my governors.  Had you come directly to me, you’re experience would be different.  Had the vets come to the same physicians who service America rather than the governors, their experience would be different.  It is important that each man studies carefully the merits of the paths laid by others.  Any path taken willy-nilly without thorough consideration is likely to land you in quick-sand.  What power has a governor who can garner no followers upon the path he lays?  Bring away, from those who spy and who discard the just due; bring away those men suffering and set them among us that they may be more properly  attended.  Gather together the virtues so seemingly lacking and administer them freely, to the best of any meager or vast ability you can muster.  This is the contradiction to every evil!  In so doing we reset the product of our shared conformity.  Be what is necessary.  This is where I, America, am to be found.
Are there any left who for righteousness still long?
The New World Order is now the America of today
The patriots are becoming weary, worn and frayed
We are here.  The NWO cannot compare to us.  But it attempts to circumscribe our position.  Place not upon us limitations of style or good time.   Place not upon us limitations of gender.  Place not upon us limitations of denomination.  Place not upon us limitations of size nor shape.  We have listened to the recent patriots on the shield wall and our offers of assistance have been met with every imaginable condition which has wittled that offer down until precious little was left.  The exhaustion you experience is one of your own making.  Expect not the square to match the circle…we are each unique and it was in the ancient past that very uniqueness which first brought us together and built a nation.
Scorn not the anonymous child of the ancient Celt; that long lost drui whose verbal record and private libraries first brought you shared recognition of Natures God despite the name not clothed in the same precise southern terminology of the biblical Christ.  They are one in the same.  The founders knew this.  Yet this has been forgotten.
The justice you so adore was once the wisdom of the old Brehons, who held civilization not hundreds but thousands of years in the minds of the People, after the fashion they were first bound in service to do, but you insist on changing our history and heritage in thoughtless breaths, to attributions of latter-day illumined paganized dabbling in ritualism, or conscript it to claim it hebrew, based on a theory which claims theological ownership of “dan” spread across place names from Turkey to Eire, when our history is a western history instead.  How is it you can praise the scholarship of our founders in one breath and cherry-pick  it in the next?  We were once united, the Celtic and the Christian.  Yet I have heard this scorn, and so you walk alone.
It is not entirely your fault for the desire of peaceful anonymity denied you the alternative histories, and now you travel, your lives burdened by the palatable histories of the Illumined with its confusion and endless questions that carry no answer.  Seek not opinion, but rather truth.  And whatever you find, give it the grace of opportunity to stand on its own or fall aside.
The many groups and individuals who comprised the founding of this nation brought all the elements of the best of mankind’s ancient and classical world-view, history, belief and culture together to assemble a nation based on those commonalities to stand as a structure designed to guard the potential, that greater excellence, in each individual the same as the collected whole.  You rightly seek the restoration of the image, the supporting construct and the shared intent, yet in the next breath you scorn the broader components, failing to acknowledge their presence and necessary contribution.
Scorn not the worker in his fullness of time.  Though his freedom from the endless quest of earnings is small, it is within him the personal integrity, and ethic of honest work for honest pay resides.  His is the construction of survival; the products upon which once better matters may be reconstructed.  Yet I have heard this scorn, and so you walk alone.
Scorn not the artist nor the academic in their illustration.  It is through the creativity and mechanics of logic, bridges are built and new innovations bring wealth and prosperity to a people.  To any fight these intellectuals bring wisdom and improbable sucess.  Yet I have heard this scorn, and so you walk alone.
Scorn not the craftsman whose martial experience and paradigm knowledge is nill.  He can see the dissonance in America by those without integrity or honor.  He is not oblivious.  But his is the hammer and the drill to build with skills you have not asked for.  You assume his ignornance, and by assumption alone you cause offense.  I have heard this scorn, and so you walk alone.
Scorn not the woman whose ‘place’ you callously describe as the slave of your every necessity.  Her endurance is greater; her patience is greater; and her fury is unmatchable in creativity and ferocity.  I have heard this scorn, and so you walk alone.
Scorn not the youth in his thoughtless vigor and inexperience.  Ignorance is more a consequence of lack of good teachers than it is an inequity of the portrayer.  For every finger you point in complaint three face back at the origin.  Yet I have heard this scorn, and so you walk alone.
Scorn not the elder in his memories.  He may shy from the crack of brass in iron, or be slow to come to the fore, but what he has stowed in that lifetime of circumstances is a treasure you will be forced to win once more if you pass it by.  He is a wealth in and of itself, and no finer teacher can be had.  Yet I have heard this scorn, and so you walk alone.
Allow us to assist, and when necessary lead, and we will infuse your cause with fresh energy, for it is a just cause.  Take off the habit of conditions, and swing wide the door.  We are here.  America consists of more than men who speak.  The vast majority are the silent ones, why do you not recognize this?  When will you accept who we are?
These are the so-called sleepers whose part the watchmen on the wall would exclude.  I could call them to arms tomorrow, but they will not go where they are not wanted, and you cannot have one without accepting all for we are America.
The black robe regiments are but stories of yesterday
And the pulpits are devoid of truth and men no longer pray
To the one true God of all creation
Why do you require a black robe regiment in the first place?  Why do you require the services of a second parent?  Can you not provide for yourself truth, in this time of tremendous tools and capabilities, by study and by discovery?  Can you not make good utilization of your own direct connection to the one true God of all creation?  Why do you seek that which you are already capable of?   Stand up man!   God gave you two legs, two hands, and a mind of your own with eyes to see!  Use them and seek not your sustenance at the hand of some other!  This concept of American which you have been bequeathed was built by men who stood upon their own two feet and applied themselves as I have bid you to do.  It will only be regained in that same manner.  Begin today, and you will begin to rediscover that which you seek.  You were never alone, nor are you now.
We prefer to pander to our own sensations of it
And America is no longer one nation under God
America is the habitation of lies and the home of fraud.
Can anyone tell me where America has Gone?
The corruption of government not withstanding, the larger body of the people are very much one nation under God.  Each person has slipped away from Churches that recite policy rather than teach truth and has taken in hand that individual path the Source has laid before each.  How can any person judge a body of God’s children solely by institutions?  Is it the dischord of the judge or the noise of the empty hearted?  America has never ceased to exist.  She was and still is a compilation of the people.  Yet you address the structures and the government rather than they; rather than us.  Come away from the dischord and see us.  We are here.
Thank God for the watchmen who have warned for so long
I pray these servants have the support and prayers of the remnant
Because the demise of our way of life is now dangerously imminent.
Yes the watchmen have been pouring everything they have into their effort.  And so too is it true that our way of life is imperiled.  However, it is a mistake to assume we do not see this or that opposition is not in play.  A great wave sits poised over corruption.  It continues unabated ensuring the judgment of its People.  When we rise there will be no mistaking the cause.  The Rising will be a consequence of deviation from the nature laid out for this nation.  Such a rising was seen by our founders as an inevitability and provided for in our founding documents.  But it was also laid out with the understanding that it was an action of last resort.  Thus the feared demise and a rising, travel the same path.  They may only be seen in the same paradigm.
Where is America?  We are America, as are you.  And in any battle it is for us to choose the time and place, not the enemy we decry.  If we step to the side as the sword of the lesser contestant sings past our head, it is because we hold the greater skill and the greater cause.  This is not evidence of extinction.
Where is America?  Seek us not in the hand of the enemy but rather in the genius of the silence.  We are here.
Cyrellys.  I am ROAR.
For Further Reading:  

Three followers of wisdom:  imagination, purpose, and endeavor. — Irish Triad
FiOs ~ “Vision, Memory, Dream” Berla Feini (old Irish), “Knowl

A picture is worth a thousand words

from Definition of PENUMBRA. 1. a: a space of partial illumination (as in an eclipse) between the perfect shadow on all sides and the full light . b: a shaded region …

Three Kinds of Knowledge:  the Nature of each thing, the Cause of each thing, and the Influence of each thing.  ~ Celtic Triad

“We be of one blood thou and I” ~ Rudyard Kipling. There is no “color” or “racial divide” definition in “We the People”. To pursue such a divide, in any manner, is anti-thematic to the intent upheld and confirmed within the document.

Three Manifestations of Humanity:  affectionate Bounty, loving Manner, and praiseworthy Knowledge.  ~  Celtic Triad.

Situational Awareness: name all the ways re-education is at work in society. Re-education camps become unnecessary when an illicit power gains the ability to alter the roots of society and its structures.  When if ever has intellectual deceit been counted as an act of honor?

Three things must be united before good may come of them:  Thinking Well,Speaking Well, and Acting Well.  ~  Celtic Triad

It most certainly does matter.  Those who forget history; who throw away the achievements and the purposes for which lives strove and fought, doom themselves to repeat it all.

Three ways to lose Excellence:  to become a Servant to one’s passions, to not learn from the Examples set by others, to indulge in Excess.  ~  Celtic Triad.

Source: Rainbow Resource. When these signers were called, what did they accomplish? When you were ‘called’ what did you accomplish?

Three things by which Excellence is established:  taking all things in moderation with Nothing in Excess, Abidance to Oaths, and Acceptance of Responsibility.  ~  Celtic Triad.

What falls, can be set upright once more – but that takes more than words.  Image Source:

Three gains of those who heed the advisements of the Old Ones:  Illumination, Wisdom, and Clarity.  ~ Celtic Triad.

For a People who cannot envision the value of what the Constitution represents and is designed to sustain, their memory loss; their identity loss becomes painfully apparent.

Three Purposes for the Return of Souls to this world:  to collect into the soul the Properties of All Being, to acquire Knowledge of All Things, and to acquire the Power to Overcome Chaos.  ~  Celtic Triad.

“…Another idol has replaced me.” “What idol?” “…a golden one.” “There is nothing on this Earth more terrifying to me than a life doomed to poverty! May I ask why you condemn me with such severity the honest pursuit of substance?” “…you fear the world too much Ebenizer. You’ve changed.” “Changed! Perhaps grown wiser, but I have not changed towards you.” “…Our contract was Old when it was made! When we were both poor and content to be so. When it was made, you were another man. I release you Ebinezer.” “Have I ever sought release?” “…in words no. In another atmosphere of life. In everything that made my love of any worth in your sight. Tell me Ebinezer, if the conflict had never been between us, would you seek me out now?” “You think not?” “…no. I would think otherwise if I could. If you were free today, would you choose a penniless girl?” ~ metaphorical conversation from the movie Disney’s A Christmas Carol.

Three things most precious to Humankind:  Health, Liberty, and Virtue.  ~  Celtic Triad.

Remember who you are.

Cyrellys.  I am ROAR.  Stand and be counted among the Strong.




Obama’s Kabuki Theater: a disaster waiting to happen

By Quintas Dias.  After spending days studying data, in reviewing assorted incident reports, and in talking to people all over the United States regarding the illegal issue, there can only be one conclusion.  Obama’s immigration policies, non-enforcement, and dispersal of illegals carrying highly infectious diseases is a disaster waiting to happen.  An enemy state conducting war on the United States could not have asked for a better heaven sent opportunity to conduct a deadly war on America.  Please keep in mind that in this instance, the weapons used will be silent and non-visible weapons…Microbes and nano-sized virons from viruses.  They are very potent and lethal weapons.

The possibility of illegals carrying Ebola is very high.  However,  that is not the only deadly infectious disease Americans  have to worry about.  There are valid reports of illegals carrying the following:

1.  Infectious TB (lethal)
2.  Dengue (lethal)
3.  Scabies
4.  Chickenpox
5.  Flesh eating Staph infections (lethal)

6.  Chagas (lethal)
7.  Malaria (lethal)
8.  Hantavirus (lethal)

The fact that these people are not being medically inspected or quarantined is highly significant.  Anybody with a measure of common sense or who knows anything about emergency medicine and disaster management would never allow the entry and subsequent dispersal of these people all over the United States.  That is simply criminal and malfeasance, and misfeasance of office.  They are being dumped unsupervised in town and cities far and wide and pose a first class medical disaster waiting to happen.  You do your medical screening and prophylaxis protocols at the point of entry and not at the destination where even the conveyance can be the carrier of deadly disease.

You can only imagine the resulting disaster if we get hit with an infectious disease scenario involving a multitude of highly contagious pathogens.  Our resources at every level will be soon exhausted and crisis managers overwhelmed.

What is so absurd about this Kabuki theater is that Obama’s minions are emphatically denying any threat to Americans and have engaged official and unofficial apologists to attack anyone saying otherwise.  Then we have politicians telling us we have to submit to this because of the children and that immigration is the American way. We have seen reports of federal SWAT teams to be deployed to Border Patrol processing centers throughout America to face a rising tide of protest and dissent over Obama’s immigration policy of dumping illegals anywhere in the US.  This implies the use of force to exact compliance with not only questionable policy, but with the Administration’s flagrant breach of its own laws.  Before moving on let’s look briefly at the US disaster response system.


Overview:  The American disaster system is predicated on a cascading series of failure protocols.  Imagine a stepped waterfall, with each step cascading down to the next from the top.  Each step has its own system and SOPs leading to the next, and its own chain of command, response procedures, personnel, and C4I (command, control, communications, cyber, intelligence), supplies and equipment.  Police, emergency medical, rescue and fire are all part of this.  Some agencies may be more specialized than others due to their particular locations and threat contingencies, such as range fires, water, mountain, collapsed structure extrication, and rescue.  The overall scene and incident command is flexible.  In some instances, a police officer may be in charge, a fire official or a disaster response coordinator.  The system flows from-

1.  Local incident agencies to-
2.  County incident agencies to-
3.  State incident agencies to-
4.  Regional agencies to-
5.  Federal agencies (buck stops there)

Thus, if one level is overwhelmed the next level is tasked to respond and to cope with the situation, and is authorized to call for outside resources to assist.  Many agencies have inter-agency agreements and protocols arranged in advance as to what person or agency is to lead, and what agencies are to support.  This is a good system.  The disaster incident and response array is integrated…more or less, and operates wthin a common Incident Command System.  In sum, the American system works very well as long as three factors are present and maintained.

These are-

a.  All personnel have the required training and are competent individuals
b.  There is agreement on coordination, command and control
c.  There is exists some sort of functional government and decision maker/s on the scene

The United States in the last 20 years has made enormous strides and efforts to improve disaster response and training for emergency services personnel.  Many agencies have regular hands on training exercises, special courses, and advanced training at mock disaster scenes.  Disaster engineering is now an accepted field of study.  Disaster technology, while improving has not kept pace with other applications.  There are many lacks in lightweight portable, easy to use and repair disaster equipment.  On average, the majority of disaster responders are well trained and capable people at the field operations level.  IMO and based on 20 some years of experience, where we have real problems with personnel competency is at the top.  Careerists, suck asses, and fools abound in upper management.  Incompetents instead of being booted out are often booted upstairs and this can have fatal results.

Coordination and smooth inter-agency operations are usually achieved.  Sure, there is always some friction, some degradation of effort when working with outsiders, but generally, people strive to perform their best, as long as  you do not have some psychopathic control freak in overall command (you’d be surprised at the number of those in the system) making bad decisions and unnecessarily risking lives.

As long as some resemblance of government exists with decision makers still emplaced, the system generally works.  However the entire system is dependent on government existing with people present that are able and capable of making decisions.  If that is not present, then the entire system collapses in on itself.  This then is the key weakness.  We saw that emphatically dramatized with Hurricane Katrina and the horrible response effort from FEMA and the bitter inter-agency fighting between local, state and federal personnel.

There is one other level to a disaster response, and that is the individual and community level that can either boost or undermine the entire system.  Officials because of stupidity, arrogance or for whatever reason rarely include individual capabilities and resources in plans and operations.  Individuals in many, many instances have special training and capabilities and emergency gear on hand that can add to the overall relief and mitigation efforts.  This level was an active component of the former Civil Defense system (CD) during the Cold War that unfortunately has been abandoned.

Note: This may surprise you, but one of the very worst disaster response agencies I ever worked with is the RED CROSS.  I would prefer to put “grandmother” who has raised some kids and has experience in running a household in charge of supplies than some of the Red Cross goofballs I have seen fuck up everything.  Like turning away supplies and food donations because it did not neatly fit their parameters.  For CHRIST SAKES!  Nothing ever neatly fits a disaster scenario.  Another little example based on personal experience.  A town was wiped out by a flash flood.  Ninetey percent of the residents had no shelter.  FEMA dispatched the Red Cross, a FEMA contractor and UN NGO. They set up shop and after some fumbling and mumbling turned around and arrogantly informed the miles long crowd of people outside, some still in their undewear, dirty, shaken and hopeless that no, they would not process any relief application without proper individual ID!!!!  You can imagine the effect on the survivors standing in line after just having their homes and everything they owned including important papers and ID wiped out by the flood?  Police had to be called to maintain order and to protect the dumbshit Red Cross dudes from being hung on the spot.

The other problematic agency that I had very bad experiences with is FEMA.  Fema has some good field grade personnel, but many of their highers are stupid jackasses and political hacks.  I found that they could not manage their way out of a paper sack or could even find their own asses with both hands.  “Uh, I have to get clearance for that.  Uh, I have to check with DC…Uh, that is not in the manual and so on and on.”


This is not the place to analyze in depth what went wrong at 9/11 or during the Katrina disaster.  However, take note of these issues and act around them at your individual level.

The key problems rested with bureaucratic incompetency and mismanagement, including no, or slow decision making, inability to absorb and to react timely to information streams, and a stupid commitment to already failed courses of action, and inability to accept help at the individual level and ignorance of local individual resources to assist with the disaster.  Like, geez “we don’t have enough boats”…Anybody bother to ask the locals to come to the party with their boats?  Duh!

As result, all three problem areas noted above FAILED.  The magnitude of the disaster overwhelmed all four disaster component arrays and stunned decision makers, leaving them befuddled, impotent, or without a clear course of action.  Government failed.  Officialdom failed.  Crisis managers failed at all levels and the people were abandoned and left to fend on their own.  And that includes you, President Bush.  You and your lousy FEMA managers failed.   Case in point and it is a little one.  FEMA spent millions for temporary shelters, buying thousands of  low quality trailers that were soon found to poison their occupants with toxic fumes from hazardous materials used in their construction.  Consequently, they were declared unfit and abandoned.  Way to go dudes!

The best agency on the Katrina disaster scene was the US Coast Guard.  They immediately acted on their own initiative and maintained a good working relationship with locals.  I have worked extensively with the coasties and from enlisted to officer ranks they are very good at their jobs.


These are hard questions that needed to be asked, and nobody at the moment is asking them.  The government is not supplying any answers.  Those responses that exist are unclear and confusing.  Keep in mind that with an infectious disease scenario we may be facing the aftermath of a KATRINA many orders of magnitude in severity.  I have attached some relevant links to help you decide on what to do and what actions to take and information regarding Katrina

1.  MARTIAL LAW.  Will martial law be imposed?  There is a very good likelihood that it will in order to categorize, segregate and quarantine the population: the ill from the healthy.  You will be ordered to shelter in place until some government official arrives at your door to conduct an inspection and determines whether you are a carrier, have been exposed or manifest symptoms.  If a determination is made that you have been exposed, or have symptoms you will be arrested and transported to an isolation area.  If your locale is determined to be a contagion area and you are healthy you will be arrested and transported to an isolation area until you either manifest symptoms or you are cleared.

A containment perimeter manned by police or troops is likely to be erected around the contagion area and nobody will be allowed in or out,  Anyone trying to leave will be shot.  Checkpoints with 30 miles of the immediate contagion area will be manned and provide outer perimeter security.  Again nobody, unless on official business will be allowed in, and those trying to evade the checkpoint will be shot.

2.  FAMILY CARE.  Who is going to care for your kids, or parents, a spouse if you are detained?  No answer.  You are probably on your own here.
3.  CONFINEMENT FACILITY DESTINATION.  Where will you be sent to?  There are regional confinement facilities for infectious diseases.  Two that I know of are in El Paso, TX and another in Artesia, NM (on lock down due to infectious chickenpox).
4.  PERSONAL CARE.  Who will care for you in a detention facility?  It will likely be a consortium of police, troops, or contractors.  And no, they have no obligation to care for you personally.
5.  LENGTH OF CONFINEMENT.  How long will I have to stay in confinement?  Apparently, this is being left to the discretion of state governors and CDC personnel…realistically, you will be confined until you either die, or survive, or the emergency resolves itself
6.  WHERE WILL I GO IF RELEASED?  If I am cleared where will I go?  No answer as of yet. probably up to local discretion and resources to transport you out of an area.
7.  MY JOB?  What about your ability to earn a living?  No answer.  Obviously, in an emergency your job does not really matter, if it is determined that you must be confined.  Tough shit.
8.  SERVICES?  If am I locked down will services function (police, gas, water, sewer, electricity)?  Most likely they will stay up until they fail in succession due to being overwhelmed
9.  FREEDOM OF MOVEMENT ON LOCKDOWN.  Will I be allowed out to make food and other essential purchases?  No answer on this, probably dependent on local discretion, availability of local supplies and protective measures to prevent contagion
10.  PAYMENT FOR SERVICES…If I cannot purchase food or pay for services, what then?  No answer.  Tough shit.  Detroit cut off water for thousands of residents because they did not have the means to pay.  California is expected to do the same resgarding the drought

There are related worrisome issues to an epidemic of any infectious disease striking the United States.  Ask yourself how are you going to earn a living with mandatory travel restrictions and entire communities on lock down.  Get back, that’s BS you might say.  Well, I wish it was.  However, Obama has just signed a series of new executive orders without major news coverage.  These mandate that anyone suspected of exposure to or carrying a respiratory illness is to be arrested and confined.  Moreover, the healthy are to be kept quarantined as are the sick.  This implies a massive economic dislocation and disruption.  It will obliterate the remaining economic capability and viability of the United States.  If this is implemented on a national scale, the United States faces collapse.  Note: Obama is skirting like usual, the law making provision of the Congress without any input from the legislature.  Politely, this is called dictatorship.

Additionally, how are you going to feed yourself and buy needed things for your household if you are locked down?  What about water and gas, electricity?  Water, gas, electricity are provided by utilities in a grid network.  How is the grid going to function in the face of a wide scale epidemic?

There are reports that the CDC has been given dictatorial powers to even detain healthy Americans against their will.  In other words, absent any signs of disease, if you are suspected to have traveled through a contamination zone or have been exposed to contact, you will be detained for such a time period until you either manifest symptoms or your body produces evidence that you are disease free.  In the case of Ebola, that means confinement for 3 to 4 weeks.

Finally, if you have kids, are you and your family safe from disease carried into American schools by illegals?  Hardly.  There are rumors Obama is prepared to sign an executive order mandating school districts to accept illegals within your schools.  This is sheer folly and evidence of gross malfeasance.

The fact that these people are not being medically inspected or quarantined is highly significant.  Anybody with a measure of common sense or who knows anything about emergency medicine and disaster management would never allow the entry and subsequent dispersal of these people all over the United States.  They are being dumped unsupervised in town and cities far and wide and pose a first class medical disaster waiting to happen.  You do your medical screening and prophylaxis protocols at the point of entry and not at the destination, where even the conveyance can be the carrier of deadly disease.

What is so absurd about this Kabuki theater, is that Obama’s minions are emphatically denying any threat to Americans and have engaged official and unofficial apologists to attack anyone saying otherwise.  Then we have politicians telling us we have to submit to this because of the children and that immigration is the American way. We have seen reports of federal SWAT units ordered to be deployed to Border Patrol processing centers throughout America to face a rising tide of protest and dissent over Obama’s immigration policy of dumping illegals anywhere in the US.  This implies the use of force to exact compliance with not only questionable policy, but with the Administration’s flagrant breach of its own laws.


As a former disaster responder and incident commander I have this to say.  The Obama Administration is a failure…a CLUSTER FUCK.  You are on your own.  You must prepare for a local infectious disease outbreak at best, and at the worst get ready for a national epidemic.   This is not that hard to do.  If you do it, you are in charge in some aspects of your life and not entirely dependent on some political hack.  Stay alert to what is happening around you.  Obtain emergency supplies and keep them well stocked (this is an excellent source of informatrion–  Talk to your neighbor, arrange a community meeting and identify leaders, make plans and open dialog with others.  An infectious disease kit can cost under 100.00.  You will need at least four months ( six would be better) of food, water, and sanitation supplies if locked down in your own home.  You are not incompetent or unable to manage your own life.  In fact, your skills and qualities can help save others and go far to mitigate  a very bad situation.  See the map link below.  Obama is dumping illegals many of whom have infectious diseases in these areas.  This means you could be exposed.  You are NOT totally helpless.  There is a lot you can do to prepare for this.  The key is to do it NOW, while supplies are still reasonable and available (do not forget that in case of a disaster grocery stores have only a 3-5 day food supply on hand)…


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Deadly diseases crossing border with illegals

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MAP: Where feds are trying to relocate illegal border su…

Since the border surge gained coverage from the mainstream media last month, the Obama Administration has tried to relocate tens of thousands of newly-arrived ille…
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Pandemic preparedness

Quintus Dias

Pandemic preparedness

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MAP: Where feds are trying to relocate illegal border su…

Since the border surge gained coverage from the mainstream media last month, the Obama Administration has tried to relocate tens of thousands of newly-arrived ille…
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Quintus Dias

Intuition speaking….

I have this itch that suggests a very close eye or ear rather should be monitoring the scanners for Atlanta…that this place, among the first to receive illegals should be observed closely for signs of outbreak.
Realistically, probably all the places who’ve taken them in should have the scanners monitored.  Early alert to emergency conditions may be the only warning we get to this.
I think states and communities need to be prepared to lock out or self contain themselves for their own protection.  But like the failure to provide for their own community self-sufficiency, communities will probably fail at this token effort too.  Without self-sufficiency infrastructure, a community that locks out the world for its own protection is likely just going to starve or freeze to death together.
Which lays out the need to become self sufficient once more.  Its the only way to ensure any kind of emergency readiness or solution has a chance of being effective.  And three to four weeks is not long enough as I understand it with this ebola….quarantine requirements is in excess of 8 weeks!  8 weeks is the minimum.

From Email:  Quintas Dias to Cy August 13 of 2014
I didn’t consider that the states would consider shutting down their own borders to protect their people, inasmuch that most state governors are Illumine sell outs.  But it could happen… I suspect the feds would attack that state.

From Email:   Cy to Quintas Dias August 13 of 2014
CC.  Montana Governor; this one is also for you…
 The feds serving the depopulationists, I don’t doubt they would attack the state…in fact, I’d fully expect it and be prepared to meet such a challenge to state authority.  See, I wouldn’t be an Illumined state governor.  A good many things would be different here in MT (If I were Montana Governor), if I were calling the shots.  I’d already have put quite a few things in action.  Considering what we’re facing…it would be prudent.

  • Construction of facilities, that could disinfect shipments of goods being delivered to destinations in state, at the state border.
  • Trucks would deliver to the facilities, shipments would go through a routine disinfection of packaging, then the receivers or internal trucking companies could pick up the shipments and deliver to the intended destinations.
  • Since there’s already 30 cases in the country, the feds would have 24 hours to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that the disease was fully contained.  Outside debate in this would be welcomed to ensure all bases covered.
  • In the event they cannot prove containment then the state would be locked down.  No one who doesn’t already live here comes in.  Anyone who does live here and is returning home, goes through health inspection and an 8 week quarantine at the end of which they are free to go home.
  • Health kits would be required in all businesses and homes.
  • Communities would be mandated to begin cultivation of acreage commiserate with their population of food stuffs.
  • Communities would be mandated to begin construction or accommodation acquisition of buildings to house community food and supplies.  I’d build till we once again possessed three years of food and supplies for the average population.
  • The same for water.
  • A state policy would be produced allowing small livestock (rabbits, chickens, goats) in all city limits within appropriate livestock pens.
  • A state owned production facility for mass production of vermiculture would be started in each region.  Produce would be distributed to communities to improve soils for food production.
  • funding packages would be produced to create private alternative energy plants at each community.
  • state, federal and unclaimed lands owned out of state, would be reclaimed and a land grant system established for state residents of three years minimum residency or more (snowbirds need not apply).
I could probably come up with a lot more but that’s where’d I’d start and expand from there with entrepreneurship, self-sufficiency, tooling, and any general improvements I could come up with to bolster the area.