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How Should I Be? – Advice for the sovereign individual on leadership | Cormac mac Airt

Many people study today’s paradigm in depth and have a good working knowledge of our situational landscape.  However, when we pause to consider solutions we often struggle to articulate what it will take to assemble an alternative course that upholds the moral and reasonable high ground.  If we harken back in time to the Celtic Christian concepts of our Founders, we have only the recollection of their Protestant philosophical roots to draw upon which was sufficient for the tyranny of their time where right and wrong, identity, and purpose was more clear cut.  Today after nearly a century of psychological operations upon the people, the very identity of the People is marred and our course and history is less clear.  Our understanding of the paradigm may be clear but who and what we are on both an individual and collective level is more difficult to grasp.

In this we find it more necessary to delve deeper into our roots for a restoration of that once majestic core identity woven into our human potential.  Thus out of the annals of the most ancient history, come whispers of what the Founders may have at one time known and protected carefully…via a promise of anonymity.   It’s time to remove that anonymity and uncloak what was protected for a new generation in dire need of that small facet of their history.  At this moment the direct provenance is less important to explain than to spend the effort to introduce the content and set the stage for the full restoration of identity.  Through old Laconia, a voice calls you to listen first to the words of the 2nd century Old Irish High King Cormac mac Airt as he spoke to his son Cairbre on the eve of his stepping down from the leadership of Ireland (Eire); his son to step up to that leadership, untried but conscientious of the degree of wisdom he would find needed.  Those words are about leadership and what it takes to be.

In terms of ancient Celtic culture the formulation of Being for the sovereign individual, occurs over many years and with highly detailed training via exposure to knowledge passed down generation after generation.  The words of Cormac comprises not only his own hard earned wisdom over the time of his life, but also that of all leaders and scholars of leadership of every manner and kind who went before him.  This is part of the heritage that was closely guarded by our Founders and in this time of confused identity, is most necessary to resurrect.  The following is but one small excerpt of the advice Cormac gave to his son.  It’s a starting point, not the whole of your inheritance.

QUOTE from the book The Counsels of Cormac: An Ancient Irish Guide to Leadership – A New Translation from the Original Old Irish by Thomas Cleary:

A question, said Cairbre:  How should I be?

That’s easy, said Cormac

Be intelligent to the intelligent, so no one may dupe you by means of intelligence.

Be proud to the proud, so no one may be over you causing you to quiver.

Be humble to the humble, so your will may be done.

Be talkative to the talkative, so you may be respected.

Be silent with the silent when listening to information.

Be hard to the hard, so no one treats you with contempt.

Be soft with the soft, so everyone doesn’t attack.

Cormac also said this: 

One is intelligent until one sells one’s inheritance.

One is foolish until one acquires land.

One is friend until it comes to debt.

One is a judge until it comes to children.

One is slothful until getting married.

One is virile until becoming religious.

One is respected until being defeated.

One is hospitable until refusing.

One is a nomad until homesteading.

One is a servant until one resides in one’s own abode.

One is sound of mind until becoming drunk.

One is sensible until getting enraged.

One is well-behaved until committing sexual misconduct.

One is calm until fostering children.

One is confident until quarreling.

One is free until being denounced.

One is cheerful until misfortune occurs.

One is bold until refused.

One is a pedestrian until one is a charioteer.

All music is noble through the harp.

One who is prosperous is dignified.

One who is wretched is unseemly.

The sweetest sleep is lying together.

The sweetest ale is the first drink.

The sweetest music is music in the dark.

The sweetest person is the worthy one.

A young person who is tractable, humble, obedient, earnest in conscience and confession, will be beloved in youth, esteemed in old age, true in his word, noble in his appearance, high even if lowly, mature though youthful; his destiny with God and humanity will be good.

— This was one small bit of the advice that Cormac gave his son, and it was written down for not only him, but for all people as everyone is sovereign…you were created equal; you are a leader.  Your Being is to be in good standing.

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” — The Declaration of Independence.  Jul 4, 2015
Celtic wisdom is most often given in metaphor.  Every piece embodies a subject of knowledge.  It paints a concept landscape.  The book quoted above contains 50 pages of the wisdom of Cormac on leadership.  For the individual serious about reconstructing the character of our heritage, it is this author’s opinion that the content’s of the advice Cormac gave to his son is imperative to learn and understand.  For this reason I strongly recommend the book from which this excerpt comes.  Buy two copies and give one away.   Hard copy can be found on
FiOs.  — Old Irish (Berla Feini:  Vision, Memory, Dream); modern Irish: Knowledge.
From wikipedia can be read more about Cormac mac Airt and his life.

Cormac mac Airt (son of Art), also known as Cormac ua Cuinn (grandson of Conn) or Cormac Ulfada (long beard), was, according to medieval Irish legend and historical tradition, a High King of Ireland. He is probably the most famous of the ancient High Kings, and may have been an authentic historical figure, although many legends have attached themselves to him, and his reign is variously dated as early as the 2nd century and as late as the 4th. He is said to have ruled from Tara, the seat of the High Kings of Ireland, for forty years, and under his rule Tara flourished. He was famous for his wise, true, and generous judgments. In the Annals of Clonmacnoise, translated in 1627, he is described as:

“absolutely the best king that ever reigned in Ireland before himself…wise learned, valiant and mild, not given causelessly to be bloody as many of his ancestors were, he reigned majestically and magnificently”.

The hero Fionn mac Cumhaill is supposed to have lived in Cormac’s time, and most of the stories of the Fenian Cycle are set during his reign.


Cyrellys:  For the ones who have stayed in this nation to fight the good fight; who have not given up hope. You are in the finest tradition of the ancients who left for you this trail of various bread crumbs to your inheritance; your identity.  It was for you this nation was created, not the statists, corporatists, or Illumines.  You are ROAR.

ROAR: that of an ancient and irrevocable order of things; an undeniable power drawn from the Source.

Study Suggests Conspiracy Theorists Are More Positive & ‘Sane’ Compared To Conventional Thinkers  A case study examining online commenting trends was performed by psychologists Michael J. Wood and Karen M. Douglas of the University of Kent that revealed so called “conspiracy theorists” are actually more mentally sane (reasonable & sensible) than those who are considered conventionalists.

Not that long ago, practically anyone who thought outside of the box, questioned the official stories, or did any type of investigation into certain subjects was labeled a “conspiracy theorist.” In fact, many of these people, including the majority of the writers here at Collective Evolution, are still considered conspiracy theorists by many even though the goal is simply to examine or verify the truth of something.

It is interesting how many of the people who are labeled as conspiracy theorists spend a lot of time with research and critical thinking. Sure there are always going to be more extreme people who lend a “bad name” to those who are legitimately assessing evidence, but it doesn’t mean the entire idea of conspiracy is invalid.

Many will check the facts, and look into the evidence on both sides of the coin. Generally the people who believe the mainstream idea of what is true, or is accepted as truth do not bother to look at the other side of the coin. They believe what they are told without question, and anyone who disagrees is, well, crazy, or a conspiracy theorist. Or in other words, paranoid.

The fascinating part is, it’s become some common place amongst society for people to not want to be labeled as a conspiracy theorist that anytime political leaders or the media wish to make something unquestionable, they will literally use the words “conspiracy theorists” in their speeches or reports when referring to anyone who wishes to question the story.

The Study

A study was published in July of 2013 by psychologists Michael J. Wood and Karen M. Douglas of the University of Kent in the United Kingdom, it was entitled “’What About Building 7?’ A Social Psychological Study Of Online Discussion Of 9/11 Conspiracy Theories.” The study compared “conspiracist,” (pro-conspiracy theory) and “conventionalist,” (anti-conspiracy theory) comments on various news websites.

The researchers were surprised that they found more “conspiracist” type comments than conventional ones. According to the researchers, “Of the 2174 comments collected, 1459 were coded as conspiracist and 715 as conventionalist.”

Among those who take the time to comment on news articles, those who discount official government accounts (the event’s on 9/11, or the assassination John F. Kennedy for example) aka “Conspiracy Theories,” outnumber those who believe in the official reports, two-to-one. Therefore, this means that the “pro-conspiracy” commenters are those who are now expressing what would now be considered conventional wisdom, while the “anti-conspiracy” commenters actually represent a small minority that is often shunned and discredited.

Read more at:


Hate PDFs? Then you’ll love PDFBuddy and I’ll tell you why
This one is a hidden gem among internet sites.

Cyrellys Geibhendach.  I’m rarely one to write about commercial endeavors or comment much on business.  Economic business dealings have always been a necessary evil in the scope of my life.  I grew up in a time when organizations were walking away from customer service and quality products, in order to squeeze their bottom line into a financial statement that functioned so efficiently, that it became profitable to produce trash, and that trash soon populated everywhere you looked.  But there are instances where the now seemingly standard experience of poor quality services and products are over-run by a resurgence of the older business model which sought to build an empire of true satisfaction across the realm of customers, quality, and vision.  I’m writing tonight to tell you I ran into just such an organization this week; that wonderful exception in a sea of disappointment, PDFBuddy.

 I was roaming the net because I was saddled with a set of those obnoxious excuses for documents we all know as .pdf files.  Yeah, they’re the ones that start life as a scrap of paper that finds its way onto the net as an image which cannot be written on, signed, or modified unless you bend over backwards, twist your computer into a pretzel, and sell your first born for access to software capable of giving you the ability to fill out those pdf forms as you would an Open Office document or some other change friendly format.  After fiddling around with several freeware versions of pdf editing or converting software I took my hunt deeper into the cloud and searched for a service I would not first have to download and install to my laptop.  I looked at several services but most of them only let you edit the size or shape or orientation of the document.  I needed one where you could write directly on the pdf and sign it digitally without having to go through all the manual steps of download, print, modify by hand, re-scan, and then send on to its final destination.  This is how I discovered PDFBuddy.

 Now I want to say, that PDFBuddy was precisely what I was looking for.  No need to download or install software that would eat up space on my computer and only get used once or twice a year.  And it had not just one option for writing on pdfs, it had loads of options!  You could put shapes, colors, text, and freehand drawing, as well as Signatures.  It has an incredibly easy interface.  A kid in school could handle working with its features.  It was clean and not so cluttered with miscellaneous advertising that you’d have to look hard to find your work, as many sites are these days.  The icing on the cake was it offered three tiers of service.  A free service for if you only dealt with pdfs once in a blue moon, another for those with more frequent pdf afflictions, and then one more for the poor sods literally buried in PDF insanity. Their pricing was very reasonable and it was obvious the aim of the service PDFBuddy was offering is truly about helping those stuck dealing with pdf documents that really need personal modification for some future purpose.  It is an impressive service from the very start.

 There is however, another little bit about PDFBuddy which makes it truly 110% special.  I mentioned that I grew up during an era where customer service was waning mostly because companies were seeking to improve their financial standing.  I remembered listened to several family members who worked in service departments for a number of different companies and I heard first hand how corporations and sole proprietorships both big and small either did not or could not care any longer about quality customer service and quality products or services; how they were stripping service departments and leaving customers with no recourse in the event of problems or difficulties.  Well, in the course of plowing my way through my little stack of pdfs, I ran into some difficulty.  As it turned out, it was a problem on my end.  However, what I’m here to tell you is that PDFBuddy went that extra mile and spent real time investigating what that problem might be.  Was it something on their end or something else?  What actually was happening as I attempted to use their service?  We emailed back and forth, they worked with me as I gave it another go-around and took screen-shots of what was happening, and we used a screen share program to ferret out the cause.  It turned out I was having problems with my satellite provider’s service which was interfering with my ability to use their site service.  What is more important here than my access issues, is that

…they cared enough about their site and the service it offered to take the time to investigate and demonstrate they cared about the end product and their customer.  That is truly a rare commodity in business models these days.  

It is like seeing in action those old commerce giants from my childhood back before they became empty shells, more name and little substance.  That’s the sort of thing I want to spend my hard earned dollars on.  Someone with not only a product, but a face and an ethos…I want products and services from companies that really care about what they’re doing.  I discovered that at least one company out there has created that kind of mojo with its site and site management.  I’m a hard person to impress.  I admit that.  And I’m here to tell you tonight that PDFBuddy managed to impress me.  I highly recommend their site for I just experienced their high standards.  A company willing to go that extra mile is worth spending your time and money on; a great quality service that produces a great end product and shining mojo to top it all off.  Check them out.  I really believe you’ll like

 My hat tip to Yarin Kessler in Brooklyn, New York of who ran that extra mile.  You and your site were awesome man, and I’m telling all my friends and all my social networking associates who hate PDFs and miss dealings with quality organizations as much as I do.

 Cyrellys in Montana



Three followers of wisdom: imagination, purpose, and endeavor. — Irish Triad

Cyrellys is a member of the internet based research and analysis think-tank Manticore Group.  As a member of the research community for over a decade, she has participated in many cutting edge dialogs and research projects.  Among her notable works is the creation of the association of exopolitical mediators, Compass Morainn, which provides support and networking resources to mediating individuals and groups working with parties addressing sensitive issues including intergroup communication, selective disclosures, cross-pollination, analysis and acclimation disputes.  From Montana, Cyrellys writes and participates in private party dialogs on diverse subjects related to the global paradigm, including whistleblower testimonies, sensitive documents, and historical comparisons, as well as national and global events.

Tom cautions: watch your trained response

As Clif High over at HalfPastHuman eloquently puts it ….

( )

(Clif is a crazy old fart who I have followed for years, but despite his weird style,he is VERY smart and awakened, and well informed…. his views are not always right (whose are?) but this comment below in past days rings true and bolsters what I had written….. Be well. Tom

A whole lot of negative language about USA out-and-about these days. Much of the worst of it coming from USA residents. It is kind of irritating. ALL of the negative language about gov’mint is deserved, and we should heap more on it, but, the citizens have to watch their *trained* response of identifying with the officialdom.

It is not ‘we’ that have caused wars, ever. It is the frack’n gov’t. Officialdom here in these united States of America has been seized by criminals and is running batshit out of control. So, please watch your language, you are NOT the gov’mint. And the gov’mint is NOT the USA. It is merely the criminal cabal TEMPORARILY in charge. Also note that focusing on getting rid of the predatory criminal class here in these united States is NOT isolationism.

If you let them control your language, they will control your view of world and make you their slaves (again).


Worthy Skills: Bannock Bread

Photo of Bannock Bread in cast iron skillet from

By Naconah:

I make my own Bannock bread from organic ingredients and with butter and honey it is heavenly!  Easy to make, easy to improvise and you can live off of it.