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Henderson: bin laden the 9-11 illusion pt iii secret societies masterminds

Also note that OBL was never wanted by the feebees for 9/11.  He was wanted as a suspect for the embassy attacks in Africa circa 1996.  So how does he become prime for 9/11? Did he actually go rogue or was it setup to take him out cuz he knew too much?  I heard he kicked the bucket back in 2002 or so from kidney failure. I also knew a female attorney that said she had met him on a train in Holland back in 1996.  He was on his way to Dhubai.
I knew about the remote control pilot command system, as Ryan aircraft drones were flown remotely over Vietnam by RB66 Skywarrior command ships.  As a pilot, I thought the notion that pilots with little heavy equipment time could fly precisely into the Twin Towers was bullshit.
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Readers Response:: 9/11 Airplane Affidavit By John Lear, Son Of Learjet Inventor

In regards to email:  “Readers Response:: 9/11 Airplane Affidavit By John Lear, Son Of Learjet Inventor” from Alex James forward of email From:  Anthony Lawson  “Whichever it is, the fact that John Lear flew for the CIA should make your alarm bells ring, for a start….”

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word from people I’ve spoken with is that this kind of technology does exist and they could do it in broad daylight 20 years ago.  Apparently the problem they’ve had with using it for something like a project bluebeam is folks like — identity snip —  who would rent a helicopter and take paint guns up to ‘tag’ the theoretical ‘ships’ just to see if they’re real or not.  Now with an event like 9-11, nothing sticks around except explosive residue.  See my next missive…

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I’ll get into this later.  However, there is something to consider.  Spy agencies do not forgive leaks, or those who leak, or those who embarrass them.  They fall from grace, are destroyed financially and or are killed.  Witness what happened to CIA/DEA operative Barry Seal.  They may not do the killing, but know where to go to have it done.

Lear is still walking and talking.

Witnesses in the building and on the ground…they heard explosions, a fireball of that size would leave traces of JP8 and the odor of unburned kerosene about.  Most of the fuel exploded outside the building.  There is no fuel hot enough to burn through rebar and structural  steel unless thermite or cutting demolition high brissance explosive charges or scalar weapons were used.

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